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Second Chances

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Had a more perfect male specimen ever been created anywhere in the universe?

"You know, Kurt," Ryan said in a voice full of mirth, "this whole sex thing works a lot better if both of us are naked."

"What?" Kurt frowned as he dragged his eyes away from Ryan's gorgeous body up to his face. The amused smirk on Ryan's face reminded Kurt that he was supposed to be getting undressed. He felt his face flush as he quickly stripped the rest of his clothes off and tossed them aside.

Ryan’s eyes rake over Kurt with such lust that Kurt shivered where he stood. "Now, you're talking."

Kurt squeaked when he was suddenly grabbed and tossed on the bed. He had barely finished bouncing on the mattress before Ryan was on him, pinning his arms over his head as he hovered over the top of Kurt, his mate’s hard cock tapping at Kurt’s thigh.

“You are so damn beautiful, baby."

Kurt's eyebrows shot up. "Me?"

"Yes, you," Ryan said matter-of-factly. "Do you see anyone else in this room?"

So unused to being considered beautiful, Kurt actually glanced around the room just to make sure. Ryan chuckled and lowered himself down until they were chest to chest, thigh to thigh, hard aching cock to hard aching cock.

"You will believe me before this night is through, Kurt."

Kurt didn't think so but he was all about Ryan proving him wrong any way that he could. The sensuous light growing in Ryan's eyes told Kurt that Ryan was just as excited to prove Kurt wrong as Kurt was.

Kurt felt his heart race even faster as Ryan released his hand and reach up to gently touch his throat. Ryan's hands wrapped a good ways around Kurt's throat but the man didn't grip him tight enough to cut off his breathing. Just enough to tilt Kurt's head to one side.

And then Ryan leaned in and licked a line up the side of Kurt's neck, right over his gills. Kurt shuddered as pure radiant pleasure swamped his body. He couldn't believe that Ryan had remembered how much that affected him. It was a well-kept secret among the Lakonian that their gills were a hot spot for them. Just the simplest of touches, or licks, was enough to make Kurt's cock begin to throb painfully between their pressed bodies.

Ryan slowly kissed a trail down Kurt's neck and past his shoulder. The gentle stroke of Ryan's tongue caused a surge of heat to rise within Kurt. He started lifting his hips, grinding his cock into Ryan's. He was pretty sure that Ryan could just lick him to completion. The man wouldn't even have to fuck him. Kurt would just explode.

But damned if he wasn't glad he didn't have to test that theory. Ryan's hands touched him everywhere, every touch, however subtle, was driving Kurt insane. They stroked down the sides of Kurt's body, sending a current of electricity straight through Kurt's to his shaft. Kurt was so hard he was almost afraid that one strong breath would make his cock shatter.

When Ryan moved further down, licking and kissing his way to Kurt's chest, Kurt arched off the bed and a breathless moan escaped his lips. It was guttural and sensual, letting Ryan know exactly what he was doing to Kurt. He just about lost his mind when Ryan ran the tip of his tongue around his nipples, teasing them to hard little nubs and latching on to them, sucking on each one.

"Ryan!" he crooned breathlessly. Ryan's wicked grin was Kurt's undoing. Kurt moved toward Ryan, reaching for him with his arms, impelled almost involuntarily by his own passion. "Please."

"Please what?"

Kurt knew exactly what Ryan was asking. It was in the darkening glint in Ryan's needy blue eyes. Ryan needed Kurt to say the words that would bind them together as much as Kurt needed to say them.

"Please, mate, I need to feel you inside of me. I need you to make me yours."

Ryan's eyes dilated as the man inhaled sharply. Kurt suddenly knew he had unleashed something inside of Ryan, something primal and a little bit feral. Ryan might not have been a shifter or an alien species, but his basic instinct to claim his mate had just suddenly taken over the man and it looked like nothing was going to stop him.

Not that Kurt wanted to stop him. He was thrilled beyond reason to see the need to stake a claim in Ryan's eyes. Ryan knew that they were mates now and he was going to make sure that Kurt knew it too.

Kurt spread his legs, glorying in the feeling of Ryan's bigger body settling between them. He tilted his head back, barring his throat to his mate, feeling totally and utterly exposed and at Ryan’s mercy. Kurt wasn't a submissive by any means but even he knew when he was being confronted by an alpha male. Ryan needed to be in charge right now.

Maybe Kurt could be in charge next time.

Kurt reached under the pillow, hoping Ryan still kept his lube under the pillow like he had the last time they were together. He was right. He grabbed the bottle and pulled it out, quickly popping the lid. As he started to pour some out on his fingers he hoped that Ryan would give him the time to stretch himself out. In the single minded fog that Ryan was in right now, he wasn't sure the man had the patience.

Kurt's eyes widened when Ryan growled and grabbed the bottle from him. Before he could protest, Ryan squirted some lube out on his own fingers and then dropped the bottle onto the bed.

Kurt smiled and reached for Ryan's wrist. He guided Ryan’s hand down between his spread legs to his tight little bud, not taking his hand away until he felt a light pressure from the tip of Ryan’s finger against his quivering hole.

Ryan’s wiggled his finger in Kurt’s ass, stretching his opening. Kurt grasped Ryan’s arm and held on as his ring of muscle squeezed down on the invasion. Kurt almost couldn’t breathe through the pleasure that raced through his body with the speed of light as Ryan stretched him.

Kurt hissed as Ryan rubbed over his sweet spot. He hadn't been a virgin when they had fucked before but no one he had ever been with had ever zeroed in one that wonderful pleasure button as quickly as Ryan did. It was like the man had a halo-map right to it.