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Adwaka's Blade

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Adwaka could feel his mate smiling against his skin. He moaned when Blade rolled him to his stomach, kissing the top of his spine and then leaving a wet trail down his spine as Blade kissed his way down Adwaka’s back.

Adwaka wiggled under his mate as Blade got closer to his mounds. His eyes rolled to the back of his head when Blade inserted a finger into his ass. “Blade,” Adwaka murmured into the pillow.

His mate nipped both cheeks as he added another finger. “I’m punishing you for scaring me.”

Punishment? This was a punishment? Hell, Adwaka was going to run through the ship naked and hit every single damn emergency button if this was going to be his punishment. He stuck his ass out a little further, wanting to feel Blade fuck his ass with those large fingers. Gods, it felt so damn good.

Blade nipped him again.

“What was that for?”

“You’re not supposed to beg for more with your tight little ass.”

“Sorry,” Adwaka said as he jutted his ass higher. He smiled when Blade chuckled. The sound was pure liquid sex.

Adwaka grabbed the bedding when Blade straddled his hips. What in the hell was the crazy coyote doing? Adwaka jerked when he felt Blade’s fingers separate his cheeks, and the blunt head of his cock nudged at Adwaka’s hole.

He bit his bottom lip as Blade’s large cock split him wide open. Adwaka cried out in pleasure as Blade’s cock fully impaled his ass. Adwaka began to pant at the erotic feeling sizzled through his body, making his ass clench, trying his best to keep his mate exactly where he was.

“Ow!” Adwaka jumped when Blade smacked one lone ass cheek. “What was that for?” It didn’t really hurt as much as it stung.

“Your punishment, baby.”

Adwaka closed his eyes and smiled. Blade could use his body however he wanted if he kept making Adwaka feel this good. He bit his bottom lip when another hand landed on the opposite cheek, the sting vibrating throughout his lower half.

“I think you like this,” Blade growled.

“Nu-uh.” Adwaka shook his head as he tried his best to hike his ass higher.

“Yes, you do.” Another hand landed on his bottom. Blade skated his hands up Adwaka’s skin, his fingers tracing every ridge on Adwaka’s back, circling around his shoulder blades and then around his shoulders. Adwaka’s body shuddered at his mate’s touch. His ass clenched a few times with the fullness as Blade’s fingers teased the shell of his ears.

Adwaka could feel Blade’s heart beating with his, beating for him as his nails lightly scraped over Adwaka’s jaw. Adwaka began to pant, never having someone love him so thoroughly, so gently. Blade leaned forward, his breath tickling the nape of Adwaka’s neck sending shivers through his blood.

“I love you.” Blade laid a soft kiss on Adwaka’s nape before leaning back. Blade’s fingers ghosted up Adwaka’s arms and then he entwined his large fingers with Adwaka’s smaller ones. Adwaka was blanketed with Blade’s strength as his mate began to move his hips.

“I love you, too, Blade,” Adwaka cried as Blade rocked his hips in a lazy manner. Adwaka could see the punishment now. Blade was going to go so slow that Adwaka was going to lose his mind. Yeah, this was so torturous that Adwaka wasn’t going to fracture another law, ever….right.

Adwaka could feel himself getting lost in Blade as his mate tightened his fingers, thrusting a little harder as he nipped at Adwaka’s flesh. There was no way in hell Adwaka was going to survive this. It felt too good, to surreal.

Adwaka kicked his ankles out, twisting them around Blade’s as he pushed back, meeting Blade’s cock with his ass. Blade was his home, and Adwaka planned on building a fire and curling up inside of his mate.

“My Adwaka, my mate, my life,” Blade nipped his skin as he spoke.

Adwaka gasped when his cock began to rub against the bed, giving him the friction he needed and craved. He could feel the large wet spot beneath him and moved faster, trying to reach his release.

Blade bit a little harder. “Slow down.”

Adwaka gulped in air as he nodded, feeling Blade’s cock gliding in and out between his mounds. He shivered, goose bumps speckling his skin as he lifted his head, his lips parting as Blade lapped at Adwaka’s flesh.

“Bite me,” Adwaka begged.

Blade nipped a little harder, but didn’t break the skin. Adwaka tilted his head to the side, exposing his shoulder to his mate. Blade growled low as he lapped at Adwaka’s tender skin. His canines scraped from Adwaka’s ear to his shoulder.

Adwaka whimpered.

Blade pulled his cock back and then rammed forward as he bit into Adwaka’s giving flesh.