Adult Excerpt
A Gentleman's Wager

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"I'm sorry for all the trouble," Steven said.

"Mmm." Chase dipped his head and kissed along Steven's jaw. "I'm sure we can find a way for you to make it up to us."

Steven inhaled sharply and then moaned when Chase ran his knuckles over Steven's hard cock. He started to lift his leg to wrap it around Chase's waist until he remembered he was still wearing his dress.

"Let me help you with that," Warner said as he moved in behind Steven. Warner started unlacing the back of Steven's dress as Chase gripped Steven's cock through the fabric and started a slow stroke.

Never experiencing sex with two men, Steven was both intimidated and excited. He'd seen how well Warner could fuck, and his puckered hole pulsed at the thought of Warner fucking him. Of course, being the consummate bottom that he was, he also wanted Chase to fuck him.

"When you get in costume, you go all the way," Warner said. He pressed his chest into Steven's back and gripped Steven's ass. "How many layers are you wearing?"

"Strip him and find out," Chase said as he worked his lips over Steven's throat.

Chase stepped back long enough for Warner to help Steven out of his first layer. A smile surfaced over Chase's face when he saw the pantyhose. He ran his hand up the length. "Very nice, darlin."

"How do you breathe in this corset?" Warner asked. He stood there and unbuttoned the bodice, Steven shivered when Warner ran his fingers over his bared back. "So smooth."

"So are his legs," Chase said.

Steven was stunned when Chase Montgomery lowered to his knees. He didn’t think such a powerful man would do that. But he was glad Chase did when the man mouthed Steven's trapped cock.

"Oh hell," Steven whispered. He carded his fingers through Chase's short black hair. The strands felt like liquid silk slipping through his fingers.

Instead of removing his stockings, Chase simply lowered the garter belt. Steven's cock sprang free, the head leaking precum. He sucked in a deep and sharp breath when Chase slide his finger over the head, and then stuck the finger into his mouth, moaning.

Warner nipped at Steven's ear. "Chase loves to have a dick in his mouth."

"And Steven loves having his dick in someone's mouth." Steven felt his face flush. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Both men chuckled, and damn if those sounds weren't wonderful.

Steven's breath caught when Warner began undressing. He levered himself up on his elbows to watch, 'cause, damn, it was quite the sight. By the time Warner had dropped the rest of his clothes and sauntered over to the bed, Steven was panting with want. Warner knew how much swing to put into his hips to give off just a bit of a sexy sashay.

When Warner stopped at the end of the bed, Steven was ready to scream. "Warner!"

"I'm coming, baby. Don't get your pantaloons in a wad." Warner chuckled as he climbed onto the bed. He moved over to the spot on the other side of Steven from Chase.

Steven liked this positioning. He was surrounded by miles of luscious rippling muscles. He reached up and placed a hand on Chase's chest and then one on Warner's chest. His fingers stroked over each man's heated flesh. He could die a happy man right now, and never regret a thing.

"So, how do we do this?" he asked. Steven had fantasized about a threesome many times. He couldn't think of anyone who hadn't. He'd just never followed through on that fantasy, until now.

Chase as he started stroking Steven's cock. "I have a few ideas."

Steven whimpered as he humped his hips up, thrusting his cock through Chase's grip. He was all for ideas, the visual and the verbal.

Chase chuckled as he leaned over to lick the pre-cum off the top of Steven's hard cock. He leaned up and kissed Warner, sharing the taste of with him. The hitch in Warner's breathing as he groaned told Steven that the man was just as aroused as he was.

"Oh my god, do that again…that thing with your tongue…oh god!" Steven pleaded when Chase ran his tongue around the rim on the head of Steven's cock before sucking on it as hard as he could.

As Chase sucked, he repeatedly ran his tongue over the slit in the top as fast as he could, pressing in as he did, then around the edge of the mushroomed head.

"He's pretty good at that, isn't he?" Warner chuckled. "Chase could win an award for cock sucking."

Steven had absolutely no doubt about that. "I've never felt anything like it," he whispered. He swallowed tightly, his body buzzing with arousal.

"Just wait. He gets better," Warner assured him as he began licking Steven's hardened nipples.

"Better?" Steven whimpered. "He gets better?"

Steven wasn't sure he was going to survive better.