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A Moment in Time

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Grayson captured Apollo’s lips in that very moment, stealing all thoughts from Apollo’s head just as he stole the breath from his lungs. The kiss was brutal, crushing, and Apollo could taste the metallic flavor of blood in his mouth.

After his initial shock, Apollo responded to the kiss with hunger. He groaned into the kiss as Grayson scent filled his lungs. His body tightened involuntarily, every bone and muscle in him reaching for Grayson mouth, the hot draw of his lips, the moist wash of his tongue.

Eagerly, Apollo's tongue mated with Grayson's, his body arching as he tried to get closer. Grayson arms went around Apollo, blunt nails scraping along his arms as Apollo twisted closer. A hunger unlike anything he'd ever experienced shook his very foundation.

Apollo stared into Grayson's eyes and felt the shock clear to the soles of his feet as his tongue continued to lick at Grayson's lips. The man was looking at Apollo with nothing short of worship in his eyes.

“I need to have you,” Grayson whispered in his ear, his voice husky and growly. “Tell me I can have you again, mi amor.”

As gorgeous and delicious as this man was, Apollo wished he could remember the first time. "Yes."

An animalistic sound rumbled in Grayson’s throat.

He lay back on the counter and let Grayson have his way. Grayson began to work on Apollo’s pants, ripping them down Apollo’s legs. His movements were wild, unforgiving, and dared Apollo to interfere, to stop him.

Apollo didn’t do a damn thing but watch.

He whimpered when he felt a large, smooth, hand slide up his chest until Grayson’s hand was loosely wrapped around Apollo’s throat. He should be terrified that he had a huge shifter hovering over him with sharp canines gleaming in the low light and a hand wrapped around his throat, but oddly enough, Apollo wasn’t.

It was turning him on big-time instead.

Grayson’s eyes gleamed like glassy, volcanic rock as he looked down at Apollo. His tongue peeked out, sliding across his bottom lip as his fingers tightened around Apollo’s erection. Apollo groaned, and then his head fell back onto his shoulders as Grayson’s fingers ran up and down his length.

“Feel how your body responds to my scent, my touch,” Grayson said in a rough tone that rode roughshod over Apollo’s skin. Grayson’s deep husky voice was branding him, making his own claim—again—and Apollo was so turned on that he was about to explode. “Mine alone.”

 “Yes.” Apollo moaned the word as he reached down and opened his jeans. He lifted his head to see Grayson drop down to his knees in front of him.

“You were made for me.”

Apollo gasped when Grayson leaned forward and deep throated him. He nearly tumbled off the counter, caught off guard by Grayson’s ability to even do something like that. Apollo was no slough in the size department. Not many men could take all of his length.

“Damn, baby,” Apollo groaned, his hands sliding through Grayson’s hair, holding on as he shuddered and savored every second of what the man was doing to his cock.

Grayson pulled back and licked and sucked with genuine enjoyment, making the sloppiest sounds imaginable, hot sexy sounds that drove Apollo insane. When Grayson looked up at him from under his thick, black lashes, all Apollo was able to do was gape at him in amazement.

The man was so goddamn beautiful kneeling in front of him with Apollo’s cock in his mouth.

“Shit!” Apollo shouted when Grayson began to hum around his dick. The vibrations were felt all the way to his toes. Grayson’s tongue flickered over the very tip of Apollo’s cock, sucking in the clear liquid as his lips created a vacuum seal around his shaft, nearly making him come.

Apollo was going to die a very happy man right now.

Grayson murmured Apollo’s name around his cock, sending Apollo into a wild craze. He began to fuck Grayson’s mouth in earnest, feeling the head of his prick sliding down Grayson’s throat over and over again. His thigh muscles quivered, his legs threatening to give out as his balls drew so tight to Apollo’s body that they actually hurt.

Apollo shouted as his back arched, his cock lodging in Grayson’s throat as hot jets of seed were ripped from his balls. White lights exploded behind his eyelids, making him dizzy as hell. His head was throbbing as he settled his body back down.

Apollo was gasping for air, pulling his cock free and praying he wouldn’t fall off the counter. Grayson’s strong hands held him in place as the man stood and leaned down to rest his head in the middle of Apollo’s stomach.