Story Excerpt
An Alpha's Pride

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Electus Daniel Everson stared across the room in shock, his entire world dropping out from under him as he watched Electus Luca Ucathya fight with Alpha Carlton Gregory. They were supposed to be rescuing Rowan, the anamchara of Electus Ucathya. They suspected that Alpha Gregory had him.

Discovering that the man Electus Luca was fighting was his anamchara was enough to stun Daniel into silence. For centuries, Daniel had searched for his anamchara. To find out that the man he had dreamed of most of his life was a wolf shifter wasn't something Daniel had been prepared for.

The alpha growled and lunged at Luca, but Luca seemed to be ready for him. He caught Carlton by the arms and tossed the man over his head. Luca swung around and crouched down, his claws extended, before Carlton even hit to the hard wooden floor.

 "Where is my mate, dog?"

Daniel was impressed when Carlton rolled over onto his hands and knees then sprang forward, a long growl falling from his lips. He winced when the  men collided like two immovable mountains and then both went crashing to the floor. That looked like it hurt…for both of them.

"Where is Rowan, Alpha Gregory?" Luca snapped, his fangs bared. "Where is my mate?"

"Rowan is mine," Carlton growled as he fought Luca. "He has always been mine."

Daniel tensed at those words. Fuck. Claiming Carlton was not going to be easy if the man was obsessed with Rowan. He would just have to give Carlton someone else to become obsessed with.


Daniel stayed out of the fight until he saw Luca raise a fist into the air. Despite the fact that his mate was a wolf shifter and could more than likely take care of himself, Daniel knew he couldn't allow Luca to hurt him. He quickly walked across the room and caught Luca's hand.

Luca bared his teeth and snapped his head around. "Everson?" Luca frowned, some of the anger leaving his face, being replaced by confusion. "What in the hell are you doing?"

"Luca," Everson said as evenly as he could, "you need to get off of him."

"Don't be ridiculous, Everson," Luca said as he stared back down at Gregory. "He knows something about Rowan and I want to know what. I'll beat it out of him if I have to."

Daniel snarled when Luca went to raise his fist into the air again. If Luca didn't stop, he'd have to step in and stop him, and Daniel would rather not fight Luca. They were trying very hard to have peace between their tribes, but Daniel would forgo the peace in order to keep his mate from being harmed.

"Are you out of your mind?" Luca asked.

"Get off of him, Luca, now."

Luca slowly stood up and stepped away from Gregory. "What's going on here, Everson?"

Daniel looked from Luca down at the alpha wolf still lying on the floor. He sighed deeply and his shoulders slumped as the weight of the world settled on them. "He's my mate."

"He still knows something about Rowan," Luca said as he quickly masked the surprise of Daniel’s claim. "I need to know what he knows."

Daniel nodded. "I'll get your answers."

Daniel snapped his fingers and four vampire soldiers walked over and hauled Carlton to his feet. When the alpha started to struggle, Everson pulled a black gun out of his suit jacket and shot him with a red feather tipped dart. The man almost instantly slumped, his head dropping forward. Daniel hated to do it but he needed Carlton under control at the moment. It might be the only way to keep Luca from killing him.

Daniel stepped forward and plucked the dart from Carlton's neck then smoothed his hand down the alpha wolf's cheek before nodding to his men. The vampire soldiers carried the unconscious man out the front door.

  Luca turned to growl at Daniel, waving his hand toward the door. "How in the hell are you going to get any answers out of him when he's unconscious?"

Daniel arched an eyebrow and turned to look at the three wolves kneeling on the ground by the door. He snapped his fingers again then pointed to the floor. The three wolves were hauled to their feet and pushed across the room, then shoved back to their knees right in front of Daniel.

Luca's jaw dropped. "I have got to learn how to do that," he whispered to himself.

Daniel arched an eyebrow at him before turning to face the wolves. "You know who I am?"