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A Promise Given

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Something woke Alec up. He opened his eyes and glanced around the room. Nothing seemed to be out of place, not as far as he could see. It wasn’t his house. For all he knew, everything could be out of place.

Hearing a noise, Alec sat up, his eyes going to the door that led to Cooper’s room. There it was again. What was it? A cry? A whimper? Alec got to his feet and walked over to lean his ear against the door, listening.

Hearing the small whimper again, Alec quietly opened the bedroom door. A shaft of moonlight shone through a small slit in the curtains, bathing Cooper’s restless body. Alec could see him toss and turn in the bed.

Alec walked closer. His breath caught in his throat; Cooper was naked, the cream colored sheet pushed down to the bottom of the bed. Cooper’s long muscular legs were all tangled up in the sheet.

Another whimper came from Cooper. Alec realized that Cooper was in the middle of a nightmare. The way Cooper seemed to struggle, Alec was pretty sure he knew what the nightmare was about.

Alec sat on the side of the bed and reached over to shake Cooper’s shoulder. He wasn’t prepared for the response to his touch. Cooper started to thrash. His arms swung around in the air as he fought off an invisible opponent.

Grunting at the impact, Alec reached over and tried to hold Cooper’s hands down. “Coop,” he said loudly. When Cooper continued to fight him, Alec moved over to straddle Cooper’s body. Alec held Cooper’s hands down beside his head and leaned in close to his face.

“Cooper, wake the fuck up!” Alec said, louder this time. He still didn’t get the response he wanted. Cooper stopped fighting him but his whimpers grew louder, more heart wrenching.

Frustrated, Alec let go of Cooper’s hands and cupped his hands around the man’s face. He leaned in and claimed Cooper’s lips, demanding a response from him. For a moment, Cooper’s body stilled, then strong hands wrapped around Alec’s neck, pulling him closer.

Alec grunted when Cooper pulled him close and the man’s tongue brushed against his. Alec stroked back. He could feel his cock hardening against Cooper’s abdomen. An answering hardness grew and pushed between Alec’s legs.

He wanted to squeeze his legs together, to feel Cooper’s cock pressed tight against his balls. Alec began moving his hips. He pressed himself down on Cooper’s body. Except for the thin cotton of Alec’s boxers, nothing separated them and Alec could feel every contour of Cooper’s cock against his body.

“Alec,” Cooper groaned.

Alec experienced such relief at Cooper’s words he felt lightheaded for a moment. Cooper wasn’t dreaming anymore. He knew who was kissing him, rubbing on him, and he was kissing and rubbing back. Alec was overjoyed.

“Coop,” Alec whispered back. His lips moved away from Cooper’s and down his neck. Alec licked, nibbled, and bit the flesh under his lips. His hands caressed, stroked, and rubbed as hot skin met hot skin.

Pleasure radiated from Alec to Cooper and bounced right back. Alec’s senses reeled as if short-circuited when Cooper’s hands slid under the elastic waistband of his boxers and grabbed his ass. Cooper’s legs parted then wrapped around Alec’s hips, bringing their cocks together.

Reclaiming Cooper’s lips, Alec crushed Cooper to him. Alec’s large hands took Cooper’s face and held it gently. His tongue explored the recesses of Cooper’s mouth. Cooper kissed Alec back, sending shivers of delight burning through him.

Alec could feel the pressure building up inside of him. A warm tingle shot down his spine and settled at the base of his cock. His balls drew up tight against his body. Alec knew he was moments away from coming.

He wanted Cooper to come with him, to feel Cooper’s release against his body. Reaching between them, Alec pushed his boxers down and grabbed both their cocks in his hand. His mind swirling, Alec heard Cooper groan beneath him.

“Alec, soon,” Cooper whispered.

“Yeah, soon, Coop,” Alec murmured back. He stroked them both with his hand, his thumb moving over each head, each little slit. He could feel Cooper’s fingers digging into his hips. He knew he’d have marks from it but he didn’t care. The pleasure he experienced with Cooper was worth it.

“Now, Alec,” Cooper groaned.

“Yes, yes, now, Coop.” Alec stroked faster. His lips latched onto Cooper’s again. Alec opened his eyes and watched Cooper as he let out a loud groan. Oh damn, Cooper was breathtaking. His eyes were wide, his breathing rapid, his face flushed.

He could feel Cooper’s release spew over him. He stroked faster. A moment later, Alec let out a loud cry as he followed Cooper over the edge. Lightening shot through his body, hitting every nerve ending until his entire body trembled.

Dropping his head into the crook of Cooper’s neck, Alec tried to catch his breath. He could feel Cooper’s chest rising and falling rapidly under him. The only sound in the room came from their breathing.

Finally, Alec lifted his head and looked down at Cooper. It took a moment for Cooper to raise his eyes, and when he did, they were filled with uncertainty. He seemed confused. Alec wasn’t. He knew exactly where he was and what he wanted.

Bringing his hand up, he licked their combined seed away. Cooper’s eyes widened and his tongue came out and wet his lips as he watched. Alec cleaned his hand off then grinned at Cooper. He leaned down and kissed Cooper, sharing their combined taste with the man.

Cooper grinned when Alec lifted his head. “I thought you said we couldn’t fuck for a week?”

“That wasn’t fucking,” Alec chuckled. “That was just a rub off. Big difference.”

Cooper laughed. “Okay, you go with that.”