Story Excerpt
Bad Dog, No Biscuit

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Stefan White’s chest heaved with exhaustion as he undid his bowtie, leaving the ends dangling around his neck, and then unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt. He unbuttoned the gold cufflinks at his wrists then folded his sleeves back one at a time.

The only thing that would make this night any better was a really big glass of very old scotch. Stefan settled for a small glass. As much as he would have preferred something bigger, the loss of control from drinking too much wasn’t something he was willing to allow.

He would permit himself two small glasses, however. Stefan poured two fingers of his best scotch, the stuff he only used on the rarest of occasions, and then tossed it back. He coughed, smacking his chest with his other hand.

Damn shit burned all of the way down.

A small smirk curved one side of Stefan’s mouth as he poured himself another glass. The scotch burned like hell but it was a hell he was willing to endure. It was better than letting loose with his temper and punching a wall—something he had felt like doing a lot lately.

“Why do you drink that stuff if you hate it so much?”

Stefan stiffened.

And that right there would be why he needed a drink.

Stefan finished pouring himself another scotch, adding just a bit more than normal, and then put the lid back on the decanter. He picked up his glass and walked over to his desk as if there wasn’t a breathtakingly beautiful man standing in his doorway.

Maybe if he ignored him long enough, Benny would go away.

“I tasted that stuff and it’s horrible.”

And maybe not.

Stefan lifted the lid of the small humidor he kept on the sideboard behind his desk and grabbed one of his cigars—Cuban, of course. Stefan liked to think they were rolled on the abs of really hot guys rather than the thighs of virgins as the legends said.

He snipped the end and lit it up, and then grabbed his glass again and walked over to gaze out the long floor-to-ceiling window that went the length of one wall of his office. Buildings could be seen off in the distance, a soft hue brightening the horizon from the thousands of lights still on in skyscrapers across the city.

“Why do you pretend I’m not here?”

Stefan’s eyes slide closed. Benny was right behind him. He could feel the heat of the man’s body. The same frustration Stefan had been trying to master for the last three months exploded in a long deep groan.

“I’m not trying to pretend you’re not here, Benny.” Not all of the time, anyway. “I’m just tired and not in the mood for company. I’ve had a very long day.”

“It doesn’t look like your night is going any better.”

Stefan chuckled as he opened his eyes and glanced to the side, knowing Benny would be there. Benny was always there. He had been tracking Stefan’s every move since the second the man came home with Kitty.

“Is it true that animals understand human speech?”

Benny nodded as he turned to stare out the window. “Yeah, it’s true. We understand a lot more than humans think. It doesn’t always make it easier knowing what you all are saying though. Humans are just plain crazy.”

“I can’t say I disagree with you there.” It had only been three months since Stefan’s brother, Dr. Ambrose White had an accident in his lab that turned his house cat into a human. Through a calamity of errors and disbelief, plus the insanity of a couple of research scientists, two other men had soon joined Kitty in human form.

Benny the beagle and Bugsy the bunny.

Bugsy tended to stay to his room or the arboretum built on the side of the large mansion Stefan had purchased with his brother. Benny seemed to be underfoot every time Stefan was there.

Like now…

“Benny, shouldn’t you be in bed or something?”

Benny shrugged. “I slept earlier.”

“You know humans sleep a little differently than dogs do, right?”

“Duh,” Benny snorted.

“Don’t you have a car to go chase or something?”

Benny’s head tilted. “Why are you so afraid of me?”

“I’m not afraid of you!” Stefan’s nostrils flared as a little voice in his head called him a liar. He turned back to the window, wishing Benny would go back to wherever he came from…or bend over the desk. Either would do but Stefan knew which one he was hoping for.

Benny had been driving him crazy since the moment the man had arrived. Stefan tried to remind himself that the gorgeous man that stood beside him used to be a beagle, but his libido just wouldn’t accept it. He wanted Benny with a deep need that made him ache.

He just couldn’t have Benny, and he knew it.

“I’m not afraid of you, Benny, I just—”

“Good,” Benny said, “because I’ve decided I want you to be my human.”

Stefan swallowed, but his mouth had gone bone-dry as instinctive fear skittered up his spine. There was no way he could have heard what he thought he heard. It just wasn’t possible, and he had to keep on believing that if he wanted to breathe.


“But I want you to be my human like the Doc is Kitty’s human.”

Stefan damn near swallowed his tongue as lust swamped him. It didn’t help any when Benny pushed up against him and he could feel the man’s hard cock pressing against his thigh as Benny humped his leg.

“Benny, you need to—Benny!” He groaned when Benny palmed Stefan's cock through his slacks. He felt like he had been hard for months, and Benny’s hand on any part of him was glorious.

It took a great deal of strength not to give in and let Benny bring Stefan off. His mind was arguing that he needed to take a step back. His cock however was all for what Benny was doing. With gritted teeth and a steel will, Stephan pushed Benny away from him.

"What's wrong?" Benny appeared confused as he gazed up at Stefan. "Don’t you want to be my human?"