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Bad Dog, No Biscuit

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"What is so bad about you being my human?" Benny whispered.

Benny's hand slid up Stephan's back, setting Stephan's blood on fire. He ground his teeth, telling himself not to give in to the temptation. Putting some distance between them, Stephan turned and his jaw dropped.

Benny was standing there in the middle of his room, naked. How the hell had the guy gotten undressed so quickly? More to the point, why in the hell did he have to look so damn gorgeous? Regardless of his resolve that he wasn’t going to entertain the idea of being with Benny, Stephan's cock became ramrod straight.

"Don’t you want me, Stephan?" Benny asked, palming his erection. Stephan knew that Benny wasn’t worldly, that he was too innocent in all of this. The man was fumbling with his cock like he didn’t know what to do with it.

Stephan had plenty of ideas—No, he wasn't going to go there.

Benny began to walk seductively toward Stephan, his slim hips rocking from side to side. Stephan's mouth went dry as his pulse sped up. He didn’t want to corrupt Benny, but Stephan was only human. A man could only take so much temptation.

"Please, Stephan," Benny's lower lip slid forward and Stephan had an image of what those lush lips could do. His cock jerked at the thought of Benny sucking his dick.

"Benny," Stephan said in warning, but his words lacked any real heat. He wanted to send the man away. Oh how he wanted to. But his cock had a mind of its own.

When Benny moved into Stephan's space, rubbing his erection against Stephan's hip, all bets were off. Stefan wrapped his hand around the back of Benny's neck, grabbing a large handful of hair and pulling the man's head back until it tilted up to his.

He traced the soft fullness of Benny’s lips with his tongue. His lips feather-touched Benny’s with tantalizing persuasion until the man opened for him, and then Stefan’s tongue dived in and explored.

An anxious whine fell from Benny’s lips, and Stefan ate it up as his cock pulsed at the sound. God, he never had a lover who felt so right in his arms. He had never felt this level of want or need.

His body was aching for Benny’s.

As he kissed Benny, Stefan stroked his fingers over his back, feeling the gentle fire growing between them. It grew until he felt the flames of desire sweep through his body, setting him on fire.

“Spread your legs, baby.”

Benny complied, his knees falling apart. Stefan could see goose bumps race up Benny’s body as he caressed the man, his hands skimming up Benny’s thighs then down between his legs, fondling Benny’s sac.

Stefan’s hand pushed downward, wrapping around Benny’s cock. He could feel the clear liquid spilling onto his hand as he stared down into Benny’s pretty face. He felt Benny shudder in his arms, a long low groan falling from the man's lips.

“I want to taste you.” Stefan lifted Benny up into his arms, laying him gently on the carpet. He leaned back on his knees, in awe of the beauty lying open before him, for his feast. “You’re the most breathtaking creature I have ever laid eyes on.”

Benny blushed and Stefan’s heart clenched at the display of emotion. Benny was gorgeous and wasn’t even aware of it. That only added to his charm. Benny’s body was trembling as he spread his legs wider for Stefan.

Stefan’s hands skated down Benny’s sides, cupping his hips as he lowered himself to nestle between his lover’s thighs. He felt gooseflesh once again under his palms. This was exquisite torture, to have an effect on someone like this.

Stefan stole a glance up to see Benny watching him. Keeping his eyes locked onto Benny’s, Stefan flicked his tongue out, licking the moisture from the tip of the throbbing cock at his mouth.

The taste exploded onto his taste buds.

Stefan would never get enough of Benny, never. He wanted to taste Benny’s seed surging down his throat. Stefan parted his lips, allowing the head to enter, and then he sucked and twirled with his tongue, enjoying the spongy head pressed against the roof of his mouth.

Benny bucked, grabbing handfuls of Stefan’s hair in his hands. “Suck it, Stefan. Please,” Benny hissed between clenched teeth.

Stefan worked Benny’s cock in his mouth, feeling as though he were one exposed, raw nerve. His cock was beating out a rhythm of pure ecstasy, and Stefan wanted more, so much more.

Stefan hollowed his cheeks, creating suction with his lips as he took Benny’s cock to the back of his throat. He hummed as he reached down, cupping his lover’s balls, rolling them in his hand.

Benny whimpered and lifted himself up against Stefan. Stefan had to throw his left arm over Benny’s hips to stop the man from withering all over the damn place. He smiled to himself as Benny went wild under him.

Seconds later, Benny cried out as hot, tangy cum spurted into Stefan’s mouth. He sucked until the last of Benny’s seed emptied from the slit in Benny’s dick. Stefan released the softening cock, peppering kisses all over Benny’s groin and thighs.