Adult Excerpt
Beloved Fate

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“How wondrous. My mate has been truly blessed by the Gods.”

Nikos groaned and dropped his forehead against the blue wall tiles. Yannis did not listen very well. Nikos knew he would have to do something about that. Until he knew exactly what Yannis was, and where he came from, he needed to keep his distance from the sexy man.

Yannis was dangerous, not only to Nikos’s libido, but his ability to think and use his common sense as well. The strange creature simply touched him and Nikos lost all of his good judgment, practically begging for more.

He couldn’t allow that to—“Yannis!”

Nikos tried to spin around when he felt large callused hands move over his skin in a gentle caress. Instead of allowing him to turn, his hands were grabbed and pressed against the shower tile. If he had been a cat, he’d be dead right now because his curiosity was through the roof.

“So perfect,” Yannis murmured against the nape of Nikos’s neck as he began kissing a small trail over his skin as he moved down his back and the soft curve of his ass. “I must have you again, Beloved. I cannot help myself. I ache for you, burn for you.”

Holy fuck!

Yannis could do with simple words what Nikos’s previous lovers hadn’t been able to do with their bodies. Nikos was so hard and aching so fast that his cock actually hurt and his head swirled as the blood drained from his brain.

He moaned in satisfaction as Yannis stroked his legs. Yannis's tongue ran the length of his leg from ankle to knee then along the inner thigh of first one leg then the other. Nikos gasped when he felt Yannis’s tongue move between his ass cheeks, the man’s hands holding them apart.

“I would love you again, Beloved.” Yannis’s words were punctuated with more heated kisses and soft licks along his aching entrance. Yannis seemed to know just where to touch Nikos, to kiss him, to caress him to drive him insane.

Nikos moaned in ecstasy as Yannis licked his ass, his tongue running wet circles around his hole until the muscles relaxed. Yannis pressed a finger into the wet ring of muscles, gently working his finger in until Nikos's body sucked the finger back into his body. Nikos was already pretty stretched so it didn’t take long.

“Yannis,” Nikos hissed when he felt something brush against his groin. Just as Nikos felt the bulbous head of Yannis’s cock nudge between his ass cheeks, he felt something else wrap around his cock. It was hard and unyielding, yet soft at the same time.

It wrapped around the full length of Nikos’s cock, moving and undulating as it tightened and loosened over and over again. Nikos cried out and shuddered when the narrowed tip moved down to rub against his balls.

And it felt almost as good as the cock slowly filling his ass. The power of that first thrust took Nikos's breath away as his body stretched to accommodate Yannis’s thick shaft. No matter how stretched he was, he couldn’t be prepared for the man’s massive cock. There was just no way. Yannis was hung like a fucking horse.

Nikos was on sensory overload.

Yannis was pounding into his ass from behind with such force that it shoved Nikos forward with each thrust. If the wall hadn’t been in front of him, and Yannis’s hands gripping his hips, Nikos was pretty sure he would have been fucked right through the wall.

Nikos wasn’t quite ready to acknowledge the thing wrapped around his dick, no matter how fantastic it felt. That was just a little too much for him at the moment. He just wanted it to continue what it was doing.

Nikos’s orgasm shot toward him at an alarming rate. One touch of Yannis’s hand, one thrust of his massively thick cock, one gentle kiss along his skin…and Nikos was ready to explode.

His stamina sucked.

“Yannis,” Nikos hissed again when he felt sharp teeth scrape along the soft skin between his shoulder and neck. He knew what the beast needed. And as much as he knew it was wrong, he found he couldn’t deny that need. Nikos tilted his head to one side, barring his throat for his lover’s bite.

His body tensed as sharp teeth bore down, piercing his flesh and sending shivers running down his body. The pain was instantaneous but gone just as quickly, replaced by an ecstasy that made Nikos’s knees weak. He clutched at the wall, his grip slipping along the wet tile.

“Yannis!” Nikos shouted when he felt himself start to fall, his legs no longer having the strength to hold him up. Before he could fall to the floor, Nikos felt the hands gripping his hips tighten and lift him up, then move to his thighs.

Nikos was swung around until the built in bench seat was directly in front of him, allowing him to rest his hands and brace himself, which was good because Yannis didn’t seem to have any plan on letting go of his hips.

If anything, Yannis tilted them up more. Nikos felt like his world was turning on its end as his ass was lifted higher into the air. His feet were practically waving in the air.

“Yannis, I can’t—” Nikos’s eyes crossed as Yannis started pounding into him like he was trying to crawl inside of Nikos through his ass, using his dick as a guide. By the time Nikos realized that the man had pulled out, Yannis was ramming back in.

“Yannis… I… I can’t… I need…” Nikos's body moved mindlessly, fucking himself on Yannis's engorged cock.

“Come for me, Beloved.”

“I'm coming!” Nikos screamed. “Yannis!”

His muscles clamped down on Yannis’s thick cock as his entire body exploded, spurt after spurt of come shooting from his cock, getting squeezed from his cock as his hard length was milked, caressed, his balls massaged until they were empty.

Nikos panted heavily, unsure if his world would ever right itself as he felt Yannis tremble, then thrust hard into his aching depths one last time, his hands digging into Nikos’s hips to tightly that Nikos felt the skin break.


Nikos felt like a wet noodle as he was gently lowered down to the bench seat where he could lean back against the shower wall. He knew he needed to get up and finish showering, get dressed, and go downstairs. He just didn’t want to. He didn’t want to move.

A nap sounded nice.