Adult Excerpt
Blood Contract

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“Please don’t kill me,” Danny whispered as he turned his head and brought Dominic’s face up to his neck. He squeezed his eyes tight and waited for the pain he knew was coming. How could it not?

Dominic had fucking fangs!

“Ahh,” Danny moaned when he didn’t feel excruciating pain instantly. Instead, he felt Dominic’s tongue stroke across his skin. A moment later, there was a small bit of pressure then all Danny felt was an overwhelming bliss as pleasure exploded through every nerve in his body.

His cock filled and exploded in a matter of seconds, giving Danny the most intense, and quickest, orgasm he had ever experienced. Danny could feel Dominic continuing to suck the blood from his neck as he sank back against the pillows, panting heavily.

He was totally freaked. It happened so fast that Danny barely had time to register the fact that he was aroused before he was coming in his pants like an untried schoolboy. That had never happened before, and it was quite embarrassing.

Danny felt his face flush when Dominic extracted his teeth and licked the bite mark on his neck. He could feel that little lick shoot through his body and settle at the base of his cock. Danny groaned and turned his face to the side when he felt his cock try and come back to life.

The contract said blood donor, not complete and utter slut. Danny had no idea what Dominic must be thinking of him but it couldn’t be good if the little growls coming from the man were any indication. When Danny tried to roll away, Dominic’s growls grew louder.

Oh fuck, he hadn’t died before but it was looking like a distinct possibility now. Danny tried to freeze, to not make a single movement that would draw Dominic’s anger. And that would have been a great plan if he could stop shaking.

“Dom–Dominic,” he whispered. He awkwardly patted Dominic’s sweat-slickened chest and prayed he wasn’t about to die. “Hey, man, are you feeling any better?”

Danny was shocked down to his toes when Dominic nuzzled into his neck and licked at the bite mark again. Those weren’t the actions of a man bent on harming him. He hoped. Danny raised his hand and smoothed back the black hair from Dominic’s face.

“Okay, now things are getting really weird,” Danny murmured when Dominic leaned into his hand and started making small purring type sounds. “One of us has lost his ever-loving mind.”