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Blood Lust

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"You have to drink my blood," Owen cried out in desperation as he held his wrist to the wounded man's lips.

"I can't," the dying man groaned. Owen knew his name was Constantine, but he couldn't tell the man how he knew it. There were just some things he couldn't share with strangers.

"You have to. If you don't you're going to die." Owen had seen it in his vision. His vision confused him, but Owen knew Constantine needed to drink from him or he would die. No matter what else his vision told him, Owen couldn't let that happen.

"Then I'll die!" Constantine grunted.


"You don't understand. I'm not in control of myself. If I bite you, I won't be able to stop myself from..." the man started to say before looking away.

"From what?" The look Owen received from the blond haired man was meaningful. He blushed as an image of the two of them pressed skin to skin flashed through his head, then continued. "Do what you have to do. You can't die."

"If you insist," Constantine growled and rolled Owen over onto his back so quickly, Owen barely had time to breath. Before Owen could blink, the man was ripping off all their clothes.

Owen hurried to help because he was afraid the man was going to die if he didn't drink some blood soon. Constantine smashed his lips against Owen's, demanding his submission. Owen gladly gave it, melting into the man's hard, firm body.

"I'm not prepared," Owen panted when Constantine grabbed his knees and pushed them to his chest.

"I'm sorry, I'll try to be as gentle as I can," the man grunted as he started to push his hard cock into Owen's ass. The man must have used his own spit as some type of lube, but there hadn't been any time to loosen Owen up. He cried out at the burning and the intense bite of pain as Constantine thrust in.

"I'm okay, it just burns," he said when he realized that the man above him had froze when he cried out. "Keep going, it will fade as you move."

Constantine seemed to take Owen at his word, moving his hips gently but quickly. "My angel," he whispered before kissing Owen again. Owen wrapped his arms around the larger man's neck, loving the feel of his massive body surrounding Owen's smaller one.

"Drink," Owen said, submissively tilting his head and baring his neck to Constantine. "You need to drink. It's okay, I understand."

"Mine!" Constantine growled loudly as he started to thrust faster. "You're mine now, no one else's," he said before sinking his canines deep into Owen's throat.

Owen was still confused by the man's words as he let out a cry at the slight pain, which quickly turned into overwhelming pleasure. He came so hard he thought the top of his cock might blow off from the pressure. Wave after wave of his climax hit him, each one directly related to each suck Constantine took of blood from his neck.

What the fuck did I get myself into?