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Blood Prince

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Zacarius smoothed his ruffled purple shirt down his chest then picked off a few pieces of lint on his shoulder. He wanted to look his absolute best for his dinner date. The handsome shifter might not know it was a date, but that’s exactly what Zacarius planned.

The whole werewolf versus vampire thing didn’t bother Zacarius. The way Devlin’s tight jeans stretched across his ass, an ass Zacarius very much wanted a piece of, bothered him a whole lot more.

So, a private candle light dinner for two in Zacarius’s quarters, a good bottle of wine to relax the tension, a roaring fire, and Zacarius hoped to get to know his guest better, a whole lot better.

“Your highness, if I may speak?”

“Certainly, Alfred,” Zacarius replied, still looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” Alfred asked. “Werewolves are dangerous. They have no restraint. He’s bound to lose control and shift, attacking you or…or worse.”

Zacarius chuckled. “Devlin is no threat to me, Alfred, but I do appreciate your concern.”

“How can you be sure, your highness?” Alfred whined. “He’s a shifter!”

Zacarius heard the horror in Alfred’s voice. He imagined Alfred believed exactly as he spoke. Alfred was too young to remember a time when vampires and werewolves coexisted together. He only knew the time of strife between the two species.

Alfred didn’t understand that the war started so long ago that most people didn’t even remember why it began. Zacarius was one of the lucky ones. He was old enough to remember.

“It will be fine, Alfred.”

“Are you sure, your highness?” Alfred asked.

“I promise. Devlin means me no harm.” Zacarius said.

“I still don’t like it, sir.”

Zacarius chuckled. “I’m sure you don’t, Alfred.”

“Please, your highness, please just promise me you’ll be careful?” Alfred asked. “I don’t trust this man.”

“Alfred, you don’t trust anyone.”

Alfred gave Zacarius one of his rare smiles. “That is true, sir.”

“Go make sure my dinner is ready, Alfred, before I forget why I hired you and feed you to the werewolf.”

“As you wish, your highness.”

Zacarius shook his head in amusement as Alfred hurried from the room. Despite what he said, Zacarius would never get rid of Alfred. He kept Zacarius’s life simple and running smoothly. He didn’t know what he’d do without him.

Zacarius walked out of his bedroom into the sitting area of his private apartment. He glanced around to insure everything met his satisfaction. Alfred grumbled the entire time he did as Zacarius ordered, but apparently he did it well.

A small intimate table for two sat by the windows overlooking the garden below. A bottle of wine chilled in an ice bucket next to the table. A roaring fire burned in the fireplace. The low lights gave the room a sensuous feel. Alfred had outdone himself.

Now, time to get his guest. Zacarius walked over to the door connecting his suite to the one next door. Originally planned for the princess’s rooms, they often used as a guest room for his special visitors.

He knocked twice then opened the door. He saw no sign of Devlin. For a brief moment, Zacarius felt his heart thunder in his chest as he considered the possibility that Devlin might have fled, until he heard the shower.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it inspired the vampire. Zacarius walked to the bathroom and eased the door open. Steam filled the room. Lust filled Zacarius’s body.

Devlin stood under the shower spray, his head thrown back, the corded muscles on his neck strained tight. Zacarius muffled his groan by biting into the heel of his hand. Devlin’s hand was wrapped around his cock as he stroked himself.

Zacarius hardened so fast he got dizzy from loss of blood to his brain. It all pooled in his pants. Devlin’s body looked like a work of art, and Zacarius wanted to study him from the top of his head to the bottoms of his perfectly formed feet.

Devlin reminded Zacarius of a Greek statue, all hard muscles and lean lines. The trail of hair going down his abdomen from the dark brown hair across his chest lent a hint to the true nature of the beast.

The muffled grunt from the shower mirrored Zacarius’s. Devlin’s body stiffened then ropes of pearly seed spurted from his cock. Zacarius would have given his entire kingdom to taste that creamy liquid. He licked his lips, just imaging how sweet and tangy the man must taste.

When Devlin finally dropped his hand from his spent cock, his body heaving, Zacarius quickly backed out of the room and closed the door as quietly as he could. He leaned his head against the cool wood, his breathing rapid as he tried to calm his ravenous lust.

He wanted Devlin Morgan, and he didn’t care if the man was a werewolf or not. He just needed to figure out how to make it happen. As interested as Zacarius knew Devlin was, he wasn’t sure the shifter could cross the invisible boundary between them. He’d have to dangle the right incentive in front of the man. Himself!