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Call Me Master

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"Do you like my touch, angel?"

"Yes!" Denny hissed as his head fell back against Rafe's chest. Rafe tweaked Denny's nipples with his fingers, pulling on the small rings gently then harder and harder with each tug until the man started pushing his chest out as if reaching for Rafe's touch.

Rafe vaguely remembered being in such a pose with Denny once before on the dance floor. He could even feel Denny's tight ass pushing back against his hard cock and almost moaned at the exquisite pleasure it brought him.

He wanted more than anything in the world to sink his cock into the ass pressed up against him. He couldn't believe he'd agreed to a contract that forbade him that pleasure. And Rafe was positive it would be an exquisite pleasure.

"So, you're saving this ass for your permanent Dom, huh?"

"Ye -- yes, sir."

"That’s too bad, angel. I would have enjoyed fucking this tight little ass."

When Rafe reached down and trailed his fingers between Denny's ass cheeks, he felt the man go up on his tiptoes, his legs shaking. Rafe licked a line along the soft curve of Denny's ear before whispering to him.

"Do you like that, angel?"

"Please, master."

Rafe closed his eyes for a moment, Denny's soft plea washing over him like a tidal wave. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere close to teaching Denny what he liked tonight. The need to fuck the man was almost overwhelming. Rafe had to remember that it wasn't part of the deal.

Denny whimpered when he stepped away and grinned. "I told you that I like to watch, angel. Do you?" Rafe smirked at the small whimper that fell from Denny's lips. It sounded like need, a need Rafe had every intention of filling. "No, I think I'll keep you blindfolded. Maybe I will keep you blindfolded for the entire week, let you wonder what I am going to do to you next. Does that idea excite you, angel?"

He kicked his shoes to one side then reached for the buttons on his pants and undid them, lowering his pants down his legs. Rafe watched Denny as folded his pants and set them on top of his shoes. He moved closer to Denny and trailed his hand over the man's abdomen as he stepped around him.

"I'm just as naked as you are now, angel," Rafe whispered into Denny's hair as he stepped up behind the man and pushed his hard cock against Denny's backside. "Can you feel how much I want you?"

Rafe grabbed his cock and dragged it down the crease of Denny's ass before stepping back. Despite Denny's insistence that there be no penetration, the man was practically begging for it.

"Do your rules about no penetration mean everything or am I allowed to play with you a bit?"

Denny whimpered. "Everything, master."

Rafe was disappointed but he had never broken the rules of a contract and he wasn't about to start now. However, the rules said nothing about playing with Denny's cock. Rafe grinned as he reached down and wrapped his fingers around the hard shaft. Denny whimpered and thrust against his hand.

"Do I need to tie you down to keep you still, angel?" Rafe's eyebrows shot up when he felt Denny shudder against him. "I think you like that idea, don't you, angel?"

As much as he wanted to be balls deep inside of Denny in the next few seconds, the thought of having Denny bound while he fucked his mouth sent Rafe into a frenzy of need.

Both ideas drove Rafe out of his mind, especially when Denny groaned and thrust against him. The man was begging to be fucked and Rafe was dying to give him what he wanted. It nearly killed him not to be able to do exactly that.  

Denny needed to know right from the beginning who was the Dom and who was the sub. Rafe dropped his fingers from around Denny's cock and walked across the room to the remote.

"Hold on, angel." Rafe hit the remote and watched Denny being lowered to the floor by the hook in the ceiling. By the time Rafe hit the stop button with one hand, he had the other one wrapped around his cock to keep himself from coming before he could fuck Denny.

The sight of his angel bound with his hands in the air and kneeling on the floor was nearly too much for him. It would be too much for any man. Just another picture Rafe needed taken of the man. He decided he was buying a camera first thing in the morning. Right now, Rafe had a sub that needed his undivided attention.

Rafe walked back over to Denny and stood between the man's spread thighs. He grabbed his cock and nudged the head against Denny's lips until the man opened up and took him in.

Rafe liked having his hands free. As soon as Denny took him in, Rafe reached up and grabbed the chains holding Denny's hands above his head. He watched as his cock slowly breached the man's lips. Inch by slow inch Rafe pushed in until he felt his balls press up against Denny's chin.

"You are so fucking good at this, angel," Rafe hissed as he took a moment to savor the feeling of his cock being sucked. He wasn't sure he'd ever felt anything so good in his life and he'd been with a lot of subs.

Rafe watched again as he pulled out until just the head of his cock remained inside Denny's mouth. It was almost as fascinating to watch as it was to feel.

Rafe pushed back in slowly, not wanting things to be over too soon, not this time, this first time. He imagined he'd be fucking Denny's mouth many times over the next week but there was only one first time with a new sub.

"Fuck, angel," Rafe groaned. He wrapped one of his hands around Denny's shoulder to keep himself on his feet. His head was swimming. It was heaven on earth in a sub's mouth.

"Make me come, angel," Rafe ordered harshly. "Make your master come."

Rafe grabbed Denny's head with both of his hands, thrusting himself into the man's mouth over and over again until he felt like he exploded into a million glowing stars.

The room faded around Rafe, narrowing down to the man in his arms and the connection of their bodies together. He could hear his own heavy breathing and Denny's quick short pants.

His body still shaking, Rafe pulled away from Denny and sank down to his knees. His legs just wouldn't seem to work right and hold him up. He sat back and looked up at the man still suspended from the ceiling, wonder filling him at the lust that shot through him even though he'd just fucked Denny.

Denny's head hung back, his hair trailing across the floor. Sweat made Denny's body glisten until he almost sparkled. Denny simply looked beautiful. The man's cock was so hard it throbbed.

"Come, angel."

Denny's entire body went stiff as a low moan filled the room. Rafe's jaw dropped open in shock as he watched ropes of pearly white seed shoot out of Denny's cock to splatter on the floor.

He was mesmerized. Denny had been aroused, even Rafe knew that. It was hard to miss considering the man's heavy breathing and the hardness of his cock, but to come from just a Dom's demand? Rafe was stunned.

Rafe groaned as he realized he was also more intrigued than he could ever remember being. His obsession with the little sub hadn't abated after taking the man's mouth or watching him come at a simple command. It grew stronger until Rafe wondered how in the hell he was ever going to give Denny up once their week was over.

Rafe knew he was screwed!