Story Excerpt
Call Me Master

flame div

"Fuck me raw!"

"Stunning , isn't he, Rafe?"

"Breathtaking," Rafael Connell whispered in awe as he watched the sexiest man he had ever laid eyes on dance his way across the top of the bar counter. His hips undulated, moving to and fro, as he swayed to the beat of the music like the tempo was created just for him.

The tight, black leather pants hugged his ass but hung low on his hips, giving the audience a glimpse of the man's tight abdomen. The low lights of the club did nothing to hide the rippled muscles on display, nor the matching silver rings in his pierced nipples.

The man wore no jewelry other than the nipple rings, no collar of ownership. He wasn't even wearing a shirt. His only accessories seemed to be a pair of black leather boots, a Celtic Sun tattoo encircling his bellybutton, and a long braid of sandy blond hair.

"Who the hell is he?" Rafe asked. He realized he had been gone from the club for several weeks, but it hadn't been that long. Could this man have suddenly appeared while he was off on a business trip?

Simon shrugged. "Don't know," he said. "We call him D but that is only because he won't give anyone his real name. He showed up here about two weeks after you left for Hong Kong. He's been coming in every Saturday since."


"Yeah, just about." Simon chuckled. "He sets the place on fire every damn weekend. It's quite the sight to see."

Rafe took a few steps closer. He had to get a better look. This man was glorious. Rafe could tell D was a submissive. His true nature showed in the way he moved, the way he lost himself to the music. Rafe bet he would lose himself the same way under the hands of his master, and Rafe wanted to be that master.

"Uh, Rafe?" Simon called out as Rafe took another step closer, his gaze riveted on the show just feet from where he stood. "He doesn't go home with anyone, ever."

Rafe glanced over his shoulder, smiling confidently. "He'll go home with me."

Simon looked doubtful. Rafe didn't share his uncertainty. He'd been dominating other men as long as he'd known what to do with his dick. If this man's whole demeanor wasn't screaming master me, Rafe would eat his hat.

If he had a hat.

The music ended just as Rafe reached the edge of the dance floor. The man moved to the edge of the bar and made ready to jump down. Rafe quickly stepped in to play, holding his hand out to help the gorgeous man to the floor.

A perfectly manicured eyebrow arched, and then D took Rafe's hand, jumping down from the bar to land next to him. A slow, sensuous grin began to played across D’s lips as he looked Rafe up and down.

"My knight in shining armor," D drawled, not letting go of Rafe's hand.

Rafe smirked. "Would you be the damsel in distress then?"

"Hardly." The man chuckled. Rafe was surprised how much the soft laughter filled up the space around them, giving off an air of raw lust to anyone lucky enough to hear it. The sound sent a shiver of anticipation up Rafe's spine. "I'm much better equipped than any damsel."

"Can I buy you a drink?" Rafe asked, and then grinned. "Or a car?"

D chuckled again, withdrawing his hand. "While I appreciate the thought, I'm afraid I have to say no." His head tilted to one side, a lock of sandy brown hair falling over his cheek. "I already have a car."

"Then how about that drink?"

"I have one of those too." D signaled the bartender, who brought him a fresh, still-sealed bottle of water. D nodded to the bartender, unscrewed the lid, breaking the seal then took a long drink.

Rafe groaned as he watched D's throat muscles move as he swallowed. Oh, he was perfect. Rafe just bet D could suck cock and swallow with the best of them. He couldn't wait to find out.

"So what can I get you then?"

"Who says I need anything?" D asked as he lowered the bottle from his lips and eyed Rafe.

"Are you saying I don't have anything you might be interested in?" Rafe asked as he stood back and let the man look his fill.

And look he did.

Rafe felt D's soft, grass green eyes move over every inch of his body, down to his toes, then slowly, slowly back up. Rafe's cock began to harden by the time the man's eyes reached his knees. At his groin, he was marble hard. By the time the D's gaze reached his chest, Rafe was afraid he'd come in his pants like an untried teenager.

The sexual tension arcing between them could have set the room on fire. Rafe was positive D felt it. His tanned skin was just a little too flushed. His eyes held a special sparkle that only a man very interested could have. And the impressive bulge in his pants screamed his need, a need Rafe desperately wanted to fill.

D smirked. "Oh, you have plenty I'd be interested in." He set his bottled water down on the counter top, reached for his shirt, and pulled it on. "Unfortunately, I think you'd end up breaking my heart, and I'm not sure you're that sexy." The man's eyes made another quick perusal of Rafe’s body, and his head cocked to one side. "Of course, I could be wrong."

Rafe's mouth dropped open as shock rocketed through him. The submissive of his dreams was turning and walking away. He couldn't believe it. Subs never left him. He did the leaving. He watched D as he worked his way through the crowd then out the door.

"Struck out, did you?"

Rafe turned to glare at Simon.

Simon chuckled, holding up his hands in surrender. "Sorry man, but I warned you. D doesn't go home with anyone."

"Who is he?"