Story Excerpt
Call Me Sir

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Logan James glanced up when the bell over the main door chimed. Normally, the music was so loud that the bell couldn’t be heard over the thundering beat. Whoever was walking in was there before the evening crowd had arrived and the music was merely background noise for the early birds in the bar.

Logan had been pissed when Mack called in sick. He had already worked since early in the morning going over the books, putting in orders, and generally making sure the bar was running smoothly. The last thing he wanted to do was man the bar for his sick bartender. But there were things he had to do as owner of Club Refectory, and filling in for his sick bartender was one of them.

And then Logan got his first good look at the handsome man that walked into the bar, his eyes darting around the large room as he scanned the place. Logan didn’t know if the man was looking for potential danger or a potential hookup.

He knew what he hoped for.

“What can I get you?” he called out to get the gorgeous man’s eyes on him. The little cutie didn’t need to be looking anywhere else. –The man’s eyes sparkled with delight as he sauntered over to the counter and slid onto one of the barstools.

“What’s cold?”

Logan winked. The man shouldn’t be surprised. He was in a gay bar after all. “Everything but me.”

–Arctic blue eyebrows perked up, and then the sweetest, hottest little smile Logan had ever seen in his life slid across the man’s gorgeous plump lips. The guy held out his hand. “Joey Macintyre.”

So that was the name of the love of his life… Joey Macintyre.

Logan shook Joey’s hand, smiling at the tingle that shot up his arm when their palms met. Yep, Joey was the one. Logan could feel it in his bones. Call it intuition. Call it love at first sight. Call it an overactive libido. Whatever it was, Logan just knew Joey was the one he had been waiting for.

“So, what can I get you, handsome?”

Joey’s cheeks reddened as he grinned. “Just a beer.”


Logan could barely hold his amusement in as Joey dug out his wallet and then handed over his identification card. Logan was pretty sure that Joey was old enough to be in the bar and drinking. He just wanted to be sure.

He also wanted an address. He smiled when he realized Joey didn’t actually live that far away. It was a little more than walking distance but close enough that he could see Joey on a regular basis without seeming like a stalker.

He handed the ID back and then went to get Joey a beer, choosing his favorite brand. If Joey was going to become a part of his life, the man needed to know what Logan liked to drink. Now was as good a time to start Joey’s training as any other.

Logan handed over the beer, watching Joey bring the bottle to his lips and tilt it back. His throat muscles moved as he swallowed. It was such an erotic motion that Logan’s cock started to ache with need. He had an insane urge to jump he man right there and then.

And yet he knew he couldn’t.

The uncertainty and hesitation Logan could see just under the surface of Joey’s demeanor said the man was innocent of the ways of the world—at least Logan’s world.

And that meant Logan needed to wait before claiming the gorgeous man until they knew each other better and Logan could introduce Joey to his world slowly.

Logan sighed as he watched Joey sip his drink, his arctic-blue eyes dancing as they darted around the room.

This so sucks.