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Call Me Sir, Too

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“I like sir.” Dante stepped around to stand in front of Daniel. He rubbed his thumb along the line of Daniel’s plush lips. “I like the way it sounds on your lips but I imagine master would sound even better.”


            The softly whispered words went straight to Dante’s cock like a gentle caress. Dante nearly groaned, nearly. It was a close call but it wouldn’t do for Daniel to know the power he held over Dante at this point. He’d know soon enough. 

            “Stand here at attention, Daniel,” Dante ordered then made his way over to the dresser. The first drawer held lube and condoms. Dante grabbed both. The next drawer held many other more interesting items.

Dante chose a black silk mask and a small butt plug. He dismissed the paddle for now. He wanted their first time together to be more intimate. His hand ached to feel the rosy red curve of Daniel’s ass without anything between them.

Dante walked back over and sat down on the side of the bed. He laid his prizes down next to him and gestured for Daniel to lie across his lap. “We need to address your disrespectful behavior before we can continue, Daniel.”

Daniel fairly vibrated as he quickly moved to lay himself across Dante’s lap. Eager boy! Dante held his smile in until Daniel faced away from him. He’d have to make spankings a regular part of Daniel’s routine. It was obvious it couldn’t be used for punishment. Daniel liked it too much.

“Count, Daniel,” Dante ordered as he brought his hand down across Daniel’s rounded ass. “And no coming until I give you permission.”


“One what, Daniel?” Dante asked, pausing with his hand in the air.

“One, master.”

“Very good, Daniel.”

“Two, master!”

Daniel wiggled just a bit when Dante’s hand came down again. By the fourth swat, his ass started looking a tad bit rosy. Dante massaged the red globes for a moment, enjoying the heat he felt beneath his hand before smacking Daniel again.

“Five, master!”

“Six, master!”

“Seven, master!”

Dante could hear a small tremble in Daniel’s voice. As much as Daniel might have wanted Dante to believe the swats weren’t affecting him, Dante knew better. He wasn’t using that much force, he didn’t want to hurt Daniel or bruise him, but he did want Daniel to remember his first spanking.

“Eight, master!”

“Nine, master!”

“Last one, Daniel.” Dante stroked his hand over Daniel’s ass again before delivering the last well placed smack to the rosy red cheeks.

“Ten, master!”

Dante massaged Daniel’s glowing ass, his fingers digging in deep to the reddened skin until Daniel squirmed. He could feel Daniel’s cock press against his legs. “Do you want to come, Daniel?”

“Yes, please, master.”

“Can you get it up again? I want your cock hard while I’m in your ass.”

Daniel shuddered. “Yes, master.”

Dante squeezed some lube out onto his fingers then slid them between Daniel’s ass cheeks, stopping at the small circle of puckered flesh. He pressed his finger against Daniel’s tight entrance, pushing in slowly.

“Then you may come, Daniel.” Dante felt Daniel’s body trembled against his. He felt the man hump his hips several times. He added a second finger, Daniel groaning as he did. “Come for me, Daniel.”

Daniel’s entire body stiffened. He cried out. Dante felt a wet spot appear in his slacks, reminding him that he was still dressed while the man over his lap was not. He’d have to fix that.

“Stand up, Daniel,” he said as he patted Daniel’s ass. “I want you to undress me.”

Daniel seemed almost eager as he jumped to his feet, waiting for Dante to stand. Dante smirked and stood. He watched Daniel unbutton his shirt and drape it carefully over the chair. His hands shook as he unbuttoned Dante’s slacks.

Before unzipping them Daniel knelt down on the floor and pulled Dante’s shoes and socks off, setting them aside, then he slowly lowered the zipper. It was almost too slow for Dante. He ached to get his hands on the man.

“Finish it, Daniel.”

Daniel gripped the edges of Dante’s pants and pulled them down Dante’s legs, his silk boxer shorts following right behind them. Dante smirked when Daniel’s eyes zeroed in on the hard shaft jutting out from his groin and widened, a soft gasp escaping from his mouth.

“Can I—can I—” Daniel stammered as he reached out with his hand, pausing a mere inch from Dante’s cock.

“You may.” Dante grinned. He knew what Daniel wanted but he wasn’t expecting it to feel so good when the man’s warm wet lips wrapped around his cock. Dante groaned, his fingers clenching in Daniel’s hair as he was given the best blow job he ever remembered receiving. This would have to be a regular part of his routine.

Between the suction power of Daniel’s mouth and the way his tongue stroked across Dante’s flesh, Dante was quickly close to losing it. He’d never gone this far this fast in his life. Daniel was a marvel.

“On the bed, Daniel,” he ordered through clenched teeth. He needed to get his cock in Daniel’s ass before he lost what little bit of control he had left. Dante couldn’t ever remember feeling this hot, this needy.

It didn’t help when Daniel got on the bed and knelt on all fours, his rosy ass right in front of Dante. He could still see his handprint on Daniel’s ass. It fueled the desire racing through his body at a breakneck speed.

Dante was glad Daniel had his head buried in his arms and his ass in the air. He didn’t want Daniel to his hands shaking as he poured more lube on them and pressed them into the man. It just wouldn’t do for a sub to find out his Dom was losing control.

Daniel groaned. Dante bit his lip. He thrust his fingers into the ass pushing back at him, stretching Daniel. With his other hand, Dante tore open the condom. He pulled his fingers from Daniel and rolled the condom down his aching cock, adding just a little more lube and spreading it over himself.

“Are you ready for me, poppet?”

“Yes, master, please,” Daniel begged. Dante groaned again. He loved the way Daniel talked to him. It aroused him, made him want to pound Daniel into the mattress. Dante eyes briefly fell on the butt plug and mask he’d pulled from the drawer. They’d have to wait for another day. He couldn’t.

Dante lined his cock up with Daniel’s ass and slowly pushed in. He wanted to feel every inch of the man’s exquisite ass swallowing him. The pleasure was agonizing, nearly painful. Dante’s fingers gripped Daniel’s hips so hard he knew he might leave bruises.

He tried to lesson his hold but when Daniel started to shake and cried out, Dante couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He thrust forward sinking into Daniel until every inch of his cock was encased in hot silk. His body froze, stiffening in place. Dante counted, he thought of anything that might keep him from coming right then and there.

“Please, master,” Daniel whimpered.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Daniel.”

“I promise to use my safe word if you do. You’ll stop.”

“I’m not sure I can, Daniel,” Dante admitted.

“I trust you.”

“Bloody hell,” Dante shouted as he gave into Daniel’s desire and began thrusting fiercely into the tight little body beneath him. He knew he was out of control, that his lust for Daniel had taken him over. He had to believe Daniel’s words that he’d safe word if needed.

The cries coming from Daniel only fueled his desire. Daniel was a moaner and Dante loved it. He knew he was pleasuring the man. It was a heady feeling.

“May I touch myself, master?” Daniel asked, his voice breathless.

Dante’s mind overloaded. He quickly pulled out of Daniel and flipped him over, shoving back inside before Daniel’s yelp even cleared the air. He could see pearls of pre-cum pooling on the head of Daniel’s cock. He knew the man was close.

Dante pulled Daniel’s legs over his shoulders, tilting the man’s ass up closer to him. When he thrust back in he knew that he’d pegged Daniel’s sweet spot. The man arched his body, his hands clenching in the sheets beside his head as he cried out.

Dante’s fingers dug into Daniel’s thighs as he watched the man squirm on the bed bellow him. Daniel was stunning in his desire. His skin glowed. His eyes were dazed. His mouth was slightly parted, small whimpers coming from them.  

“I’m going to make you come, poppet, without even touching your cock.”

Daniel’s eyes widened. He panted harder.

“After I come in your ass I’m going to put a plug in you and make you sleep in my arms all night long, the plug wiggling around every time you move. In the morning, I’m going to fuck your tight little ass again.”

“Yes, please!”

Dante moved his hands down from Daniel’s hips to grip his ass cheeks. “And then I’m going to spank you again. You need to be spanked every morning. What do you think, poppet, should I spank you every morning when we get up?”

Daniel’s eyes darkened as his back arched. Daniel wailed. White hot spunk shot out of his cock. Dante’s mouth tightened as he gritted his teeth. Daniel’s inner muscled clamped down on him so hard he could barely move. It was heaven.

Dante thrust once more, twice, then roared out his release as he rammed into Daniel as far as he could go. He dropped his head back, his eyes closing as intense pleasure unlike any he’d ever experienced shot through his body.


Dante opened his eyes and looked down at Daniel. He carefully lowered Daniel’s legs to the bed then leaned over the man to claim his lips. He kissed Daniel, devouring him for several moments before lifting his head to stare down into the prettiest pale green eyes he’d ever seen.

“I’m keeping you, poppet.”

Daniel grinned. “Okay.”