Adult Excerpt
Capturing Cas

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When something long and wet pressed between his ass cheeks again, Cas tried to scramble away on his hands and knees. He was simply grabbed around his hips and dragged right back. Cas tried to roll over but all that happened was that he received a hard smack on his ass for his effort.

“Hey!” Cas snapped again. He was starting to get the feeling that he was going to be objecting to a lot of stuff in the near future. When he tried to crawl away again, he received another smack on his ass, this one a little harder. “Would you knock that off?”

Cas’s eyes narrowed when he heard a low chuffing rumble. The beast was laughing at him. He just knew it. However, encouraged by the fact that he hadn’t been eaten yet, Cas tried to roll back over.

“Okay!” he growled as he slapped the ground with his hand. He wanted to smack the creature that kept smacking his ass but he was pretty sure that would just get him more of what he was already protesting. “You have got to stop doing that.”

Hands that were soft and hard at the same time moved over his skin. Cas couldn’t help but wonder just how many hands the beast had because it felt like he was being touched everywhere at the same time.

There were gentle touches to his back, his hip, the curve of his ass. He felt light, sensual caresses to his throat and down his chest to his stomach and abdomen, caresses that made him feel like rolling onto his back and begging for more.

His entire body was flipped this way and that, moved around wherever the beast wanted him to be. Large, muscular hands moved over him, touching, caressing, squeezing… there was even some sniffing and licking.

Cas almost came unglued when a line was licked from his balls to the top of his ass. The beast pressed his hands against Cas’s hips, holding him down to the ground as he continued to lick every bit of smooth skin he could reach.

“Seriously, dude, you need to—oh great gods and goddesses!” Cas felt his eyes roll to the back of his head, his skin shivering with goose bumps as something decidedly thick pushed into his ass. “That really isn’t supposed to go there.”

Cas clawed at the ground as something bigger than anything he had ever experienced before was pushed into his ass then pulled out. It felt like a tree branch, only not as hard. Whatever it was, the beast seemed to like what he was doing.

The purring grew louder.

When something even thicker started to push into his ass, Cas had had enough. The guy hadn’t even bought him dinner. “Okay, that’s enough!” he shouted as he scrambled to get away once again, digging his fingers into the dirt for leverage. “Stop!”

Cas blinked in surprise when all movement stopped. He wasn’t even sure that the beast was breathing. He glanced over his shoulder and instantly felt his jaw drop when he realized that the tree branch in his ass were the beast’s fingers.

“Friggin hell,” he whispered.

The beast arched a thick dark eyebrow and smacked Cas on the ass.

“Hey, what’d you do that for?”

Cas’s eyes rounded when the beast lightly tapped him on the mouth. He stared for a moment, and then cocked is head to one side. “Can you understand me?”

The beast nodded.

“Oh, thank the gods and goddesses.” Cas moved, trying to pull off the fingers embedded in his ass. “Hey, look, could you—oh!”

There went the fingers again, in and out, in and out. Cas’s eyes were starting to cross again. He didn’t know if it came from the fact that the beast could actually understand him or the fact that he was being fucked by something bigger than any toy he had ever used before.

Cas could feel himself getting more aroused with each passing second, his cock hardening, throbbing. He wasn’t quite sure what to do about that, or even if he should do anything about it.

The beast seemed to have other ideas, though.

Cas yelped when he once again found himself flipped around. Only this time, instead of yanking him back, the beast wound his hand in the long braid of snow-white hair that fell down the center of Cas’s back. The other hand gripped Cas’s hip—his entire hip from ass crease to groin.

When Cas was pulled back this time, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever was pushing into his ass was not a finger, no matter how damn big that it felt.

He had graduated to a freaking tree trunk.

“Whoa, okay, um…let’s…yeah, let’s just…um…sl-slow down.” Cas’s words stuttered through his throat.

He drew in a deep breath, trying to gain control. Earthy, male, pure testosterone filled his senses. Cas’s mouth watered at the heady scent. Strangely enough, he felt like he inhaled a lungful of pure masculine pheromones. He shook his head, nostrils flaring at the heady scent of the beast pressed so close to him.


 It was the only way to explain the undeniable urge he felt to press back against whatever was pushing into his ass. He was probably making a huge mistake having sex with the beast, but Cas couldn’t muster up the emotions to care right now—or the brain cells. His libido was in control, telling his mind to shut the hell up and enjoy this.