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Patrick tried to breathe easy when Chase's eyes opened. He wasn't sure what he expected. It certainly wasn't the smile he received.

"Good morning, baby."

God, Patrick loved that.

He smiled back. "Good morning, Chase."

"How are you feeling?" Chase's fingers were gentle as they skimmed the edge of Patrick's face. "The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but you're cheek is really turning purple."

"I look better in green."

Chase's eyes widened for a moment before he chuckled. "I imagine you do."

Patrick wished he had something smart and witty to say, but nothing came immediately to mind. Instead, he went with question pounding in his brain. "Will you kiss me?"

Chase's eyebrows rose. "What?"

Patrick's face flushed. He dropped his eyes and started to roll away, horribly embarrassed. He never should have—"Chase!" Patrick cried out when he was wrenched back around. "What—"

Patrick whimpered when Chase captured his lips, stealing all thoughts from his head just as he stole the breath from Patrick’s lungs. He groaned into the kiss as Chase’s musky scent filled every pore in his body.

The kiss was hot, a savoring caress. In a matter of moments, the kiss grew more demanding, more savage. Patrick reveled in his passion, his breath catching as the sexy man kissed him even deeper.

When Chase’s lips moved away from his mouth and started moving down his jawbone to his throat, Patrick tilted his head back, giving Chase better access. The growl that rumbled through Chase’s chest set Patrick’s pulse to pounding frantically.

It was the hottest damn thing he had ever heard.

Patrick whimpered when Chase moved away. He grabbed at him only to drop his hands to the mattress when Chase stood back and started undressing. There wasn't much to lose. The man was dressed simply, just a T-shirt and a pair of sleeping pants.

Still, Patrick lifted his head to watch.

His breathing came a little faster as hard, rippled muscles were revealed. Chase looked tough, strong. He had long, sturdy legs and shoulders that looked a yard wide and molded bronze.

The more naked skin that was exposed, the less air there seemed to be in the room. Patrick was panting heavily by the time Chase grabbed the bottoms of his sleep pants and pulled them down his legs.

Chase climbed back up onto the bed. He knelt between Patrick’s thighs then leaned over the top of him. He grabbed the hem of Patrick's T-shirt and then pulled it up over his head, tossing it over his shoulder.

Naked, Patrick suddenly had the overwhelming urge to cover himself. He forgot all about being embarrassed when Chase leaned down and licked his nipple. Patrick couldn’t keep a moan of pure pleasure from escaping his lips as he arched up into the air.

“You like that, baby?”


Patrick tangled his hands in Chase’s hair and tried to pull the man closer when he felt a hand skim down his body. The pleasure rocketing through his body was intense.

Long, thick fingers wrapped around Patrick’s cock. Patrick’s heart beat rapidly in his chest. His breath moved quickly in and out of his lungs. Patrick whimpered when Chase’s fingers stroked his cock, gently squeezing. A thumb moved across the top, pressing down on the small slit.

Other fingers moved to caress Patrick’s tight sac. Patrick whimpered louder. He thrust his cock into Chase’s hand. He wasn’t going to be able to stop himself from coming. Everything Chase did to him was just too damn good.

Patrick’s body arched up as Chase stroked him, every inch of him hypersensitive and greedy for his touch. Patrick couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t hold Chase tight enough. He was desperate, aching.

Chase suddenly lifted him up and then gently laid him down on the bed. Patrick heard brief rustling. Chase’s hot breath blew across Patrick’s neck as he whispered, “Spread your legs, baby, and pull them up to your chest.”

Shivers of delight prickled Patrick’s skin. He pulled his legs up, spreading them as wide as he could. A moment later, slick fingers pressed between his ass cheeks. Patrick’s breathing hitched when one of those fingers brushed against his tight hole.

“Chase,” Patrick groaned when he felt a thick finger breach his ass. A long shiver of ecstasy rippled through his body as Chase thrust his finger in and out, over and over again. Hard. He rocked back, impaling himself on Chase’s long, lithe finger.

“Is this what you want, baby?” Chase asked as he pushed in another finger.

“Yes.” Patrick panted. “Please.”