Adult Excerpt
Cowboy Courage

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Brody drew Neason into the bathroom then turned to get the shower going. When he turned back, Neason was shaking. Brody winced and pulled Neason to him. He rested his chin on the top of Neason's head as the man burrowed into him.

"It's going to be okay, love," Brody whispered to the top of Neason's head. "I promise."

"You can't promise that."

"I can promise anything I want."

Neason's husky laugh broke free as he tilted his head back. Neason's mossy green eyes had turned pale milky green. It wasn't a bad color on the man considering his light strawberry blond hair. It made Neason seem even more exotic. But Brody couldn't help but wonder if they would always be that way or if they would darken back to their normal green.

"Let's get you cleaned up," Brody said as he pushed Neason's jogging pants down to his feet then lifted each foot and pulled the pants off. He tossed them into the laundry hamper to be washed later. He had something much better for Neason to wear.

Brody quickly pulled off his own clothes, smirking at himself when he realized his body was reacting to Neason's nearness. His cock was certainly taking interest, standing at half mast and threatening to harden the rest of the way.

He grabbed Neason's hands and pulled him toward the shower. "Foot up, Neason. There's a lip on the edge of the shower."

"I remember."

Neason stepped carefully, lifting his foot high up as he stepped over the edge of the shower stall. Brody pulled him into the shower a little further than directed him under the hot shower spray.

He quickly grabbed a clean washcloth off the shelf next to the shower then stepped into the shower, closing the door behind him. Brody watched Neason soak under the water as he soaped up the washcloth.

The marks on his back had healed nicely. There were fainted scars but nothing hugely visible. Brody would have been very upset if Neason's former indiscretions marred his beautiful tanned skin.

And Neason really did have beautiful skin. That was one of the things that fascinated Brody so much about the man. Neason was all tanned skin and lean muscle. Brody could actually see each muscle ripple when Neason moved.

Brody felt Neason jerk beneath his hand as he started washing his body. He smoothed his free hand down Neason's side as he whispered in his ear. "Ssshhh, love, I'm just getting you soaped up. The lingering scent of the hospital is all over you and I prefer that you smell like you."

Brody proceeded to wash Neason from head to toe, starting at his shoulders and slowly working his way down Neason's backside. Neason shuddered when Brody reached his ass and carefully washed between his cheeks. He even lifted up on his toes and pushed his ass out as if begging for more.

Brody smirked as he simply washed the man, not staying in any one place too long. He might want to tease Neason a bit but not too much. They weren't to the intimate stage of their relationship yet, despite having been together once before. Brody refused to head in that direction until he had Neason's trust, and he knew he didn't yet despite how accepting Neason seemed to be at the moment.

There was another blow up coming and Brody knew it. As much as he hated the idea, he needed Neason to lose control before he could start gaining it back. Neason had yet to accept his new life. Right now, he was just floating through it. Brody wanted him to live it.

When he reached Neason's feet, he lifted each one and washed it thoroughly, including between each toe, before setting it back down on the shower floor. Brody sat back on his knees and patted Neason's thigh.

"Okay, love, turn around so I can get the front."

Neason hesitated for a moment then slowly turned around. His reason for hesitating was obvious when his hard cock bounced in front of Brody's face. Brody inhaled deeply and tried his best to see the thick shaft as simply a part of Neason's body and not something he wanted to wrap his lips around. It wasn't easy, especially when he had to wash that area.

Brody's hand trembled a little as he lifted hard cock out of the way and washed between Neason's thighs and over his balls. Brody glanced up quickly when he heard a small whimper fall from Neason's lips.

Neason had his lower lip caught between his teeth, a look of extreme concentration on his face. He looked like he was doing everything in his power not to come. A quick glance back down told Brody that Neason was on the very edge. The cock in his hand throbbed, turning an angry purple color.

Brody stood to his feet, keeping his hand firmly wrapped around Neason's cock. He stepped as close as he could get to Neason while keeping his hand wrapped around his hard erection. Brody used his strongest, most commanding voice when spoke.


He squeezed Neason's cock at the same time and gently bit the skin just below Neason's ear. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin but just enough to give Neason a little pain with his pleasure, just enough to send the man over the edge.

Neason cried out, his entire body shuddering as he came all over Brody's hand. Brody stroked Neason a couple of times while biting his lip to keep his own orgasm from taking over. He wanted to come. He needed to come. But he wouldn't until Neason accepted him.

So much for not being intimate.