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Crank's Craving

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Crank crawled up onto the edge of the bed then slowly climbed over the circle of pillows until he knelt between Anok’s legs. His breathing became labored as he ran his hands over Anok’s legs, from ankle to knee.

“So soft,” he whispered absently. Crank was intrigued by how soft Anok’s skin felt. His fingers seemed to just skim right over it as if it was made of pure silk. But, did it taste just as nice? Crank bent over and stroked his long tongue up one of Anok’s legs.


Anok tasted just as good as he felt, just as good as he smelled. Crank wanted to consume his mate. He couldn’t seem to get enough. Crank continued to lick at Anok’s skin, trying to reach every inch of flesh his tongue could reach.

He frowned when he noticed that Anok seemed to be pulling away from him. Crank growled and jumped up to hover over Anok. He bared his teeth and growled again.

“Whoa, big guy,” Anok said as he patted Crank’s naked chest. “Just calm down. I’m not going anywhere. My legs are starting to cramp with the way you’re pushing down on them.”

Crank frowned and glanced down at Anok’s lower body. It was only then that he noticed his legs lying over the top of Anok’s, pressing him into the mattress below. Crank quickly slid his legs inward until Anok’s legs rested on the outside of his.

He rubbed his hands up and down his mate’s legs as he looked up at him, worried. He was much bigger than Anok. His job was to protect Anok, even from himself. To harm his mate would be to harm himself.

“I’m fine, Crank.”

Crank watched his mate for a moment longer until he was satisfied that Anok was telling the truth then he returned his attention to devouring Anok’s body, one silky inch at a time. He decided to start at the top this time, licking a path across Anok’s throat.

“Damn, you’re good at that,” Anok whispered as a soft tremble shook his body.

Crank ignored his words and continued to lick his way down Anok’s slim body. When he heard Anok’s breathing hitch just as his tongue stroked over the man’s brown hued nipple, Crank growled. Arousal was flooding his body like a tidal wave.

He reached under one of the pillows and grabbed the bottle of oil he kept hidden there. Popping the top, Crank liberally coated his fingers then closed the bottle and tossed it aside. He went back to licking at Anok’s nipples as he reached down between his mate’s legs and stroked his finger across the tight hole waiting for him, pressing in just a little.

Crank groaned, just catching the echo of Anok’s soft cry as his finger slid into the man’s ass. The sweet sound was music to Crank’s ears. He felt ten feet tall and phaser proof. Crank pressed in another finger then scooted down further to watch what he was doing.

Watching his finger sink into Anok’s tight ass was something he could do forever. If his cock hadn’t been so achingly hard, Crank would have done just that. But, maybe he’d save that for another time. Right now, he knew if he didn’t get balls deep into his mate’s ass, the show would be over before it began.

Once Anok was sufficiently stretched, Crank sat up on his knees. He grabbed Anok by his hips and flipped him over onto his hands and knees. The yelp of surprise that fell from Anok’s lips made Crank growl with satisfaction. Anok seemed way too calm for someone who was about to be claimed.

Crank pulled back on Anok’s hips then fit the tip of his cock into the man’s ass. He watched as he slowly sank past the first ring of muscles. It took everything in Crank to pause and give Anok a chance to adjust to his invasion as the power of being inside his mate for the first time swept through him.

Little by little, Anok’s body accepted him, and Crank slid in further until his balls rested against Anok’s ass. As soon as he felt he could fuck his mate without harming him, Crank began pounding into Anok’s ass. The sheer ecstasy of the moment overwhelmed Crank and he tossed his head back and roared his pleasure.

He could feel the spines at the end of his cock starting to extend and knew his orgasm was just moments away. He leaned over Anok, covering all of his mate’s smaller body with his own.

“Mine,” he growled low in his throat right before he struck, sinking his teeth as deep into Anok as he could get them. The deeper the mating bite, the better the mating mark would be. It would also create an instant erogenous spot for Anok.

Crank’s orgasm took him by surprise when sweet hot blood flooded his mouth. He thought he had a few more seconds. Instead, the succulent taste grabbed a hold of him and tossed him headfirst into the most intense orgasm he could ever remember having.

The spines just under the head of his cock finished extending and locked inside of Anok’s tight ass. Crank couldn’t have pulled out if he wanted to. He didn’t. He was perfectly satisfied staying right where he was.

Crank quickly extracted his teeth and licked the bite wound closed then rolled to his side, taking Anok with him. He reached for his mate’s cock, chastising himself for forgetting Anok’s pleasure until he felt the cooling spunk covering the man’s cock.

Crank smiled and still closed his hand around Anok’s cock, giving it a couple of good lengthy strokes. Anok shuddered in his arms. Crank grabbed a blanket and pulled it over the both of them then nuzzled his face into the back of Anok’s neck. A soft purr filled the room as Crank’s complete satisfaction was freed.

“Are you purring?”

Crank grinned and purred loud enough that it rumbled through his chest. Anok started laughing.

“You are purring.”

“I’m a cougar, Anok. I purr.”