Adult Excerpt
Dangerous Desires

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“Oh, baby, have I got a surprise for you.”

Yuri’s eyes dropped to the erection pushing against Siro’s jeans. “I’ve seen that surprise before.”

Oh, the poor man. He had no clue.

“Come with me.” Siro grabbed Yuri’s hand and pulled him to the edge of the bed they had been sharing for the last few nights. While nothing too intimate had occurred between them, Siro hadn’t been able to deny Yuri’s need to cuddle at night. He even put up with finding Yuri curled around him every morning.

It made Yuri happy.

And that made Siro happy.

Who knew?

Siro pulled Yuri to a stop at the edge of the bed and reached for the buttons on his shirt. He was actually a couple of inches taller than Yuri, which brought the man’s forehead about to Siro’s chin. Still, the man was no slouch. Yuri had muscles to spare, and miles of golden tanned skin that Siro had the urge to lick.

Siro took the time to explore Yuri’s silky skin as he pushed the shirt from the man’s wide shoulders. Once the shirt dropped to the floor, Siro stroked his hands down over Yuri’s thick shoulders to his muscled chest.

“I like this,” he said as he pushed his fingers through the short curly hair on the man’s pectoral muscles. There was just a smattering of small curly hairs spread out over his chest and then trailing down to a narrow arrow that led under the edge of the man’s waistband.

Two lightly brown hued round disks nestled in all of that dark hair caught Siro’s attention. He kept his eyes locked with Yuri’s as he leaned down and nipped at one. Yuri’s nostrils flared but not a sound escaped the man’s tight lips.

That would change.

Siro leaned over and nipped at the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth between his teeth. Yuri stiffened but yet again, not a sound escaped his mouth. Siro mentally shrugged. Maybe Yuri wasn’t a nipple man. Not everyone was.

But he didn’t know a man on the planet that would turn down a set of warm lips wrapped around his cock. Siro slid down to the floor and reached for Yuri’s boots. He heard Yuri chuckle when he pulled one boot off and tossed it over his shoulder, and then the other one.

Yuri’s laughter stopped when Siro reached for the zipper on the man’s jeans. The bulge in his pants pulsed and grew as Siro slowly pulled the zipper down to reveal one of the prettiest cocks he had ever seen. It was thick, long, and dripping.

He had not faired bad in the mate department. Yuri was a golden god with dark jet black hair that curled lightly around his head and fell to his shoulders in gentle waves. His azure blue eyes dominated his face, making his square jaw and strong cheekbones stand out.

He was stunning.

Siro pushed himself to his feet and pointed to the bed. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Yuri arched an eyebrow. “Seriously?”

Siro grinned and reached for the edge of his cotton shirt. He pulled it over his head and dropped it to the floor, unconcerned with where it fell. Yuri just stood there and stared until Siro paused.


Yuri’s eyes widened for a moment and then his face flushed as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Siro smirked as the man scrambled to get on the bed.  Yuri was in for more than a few surprises. He had plans for his mate–a lot of plans.

Siro waited until Yuri got settled on his back in the middle of the bed then pushed his boots off his feet, kicking them away. He could feel the full weight of his mate’s intense stare as he shimmed out of his jeans.

Once he was naked, Siro raised his eyes to meet Yuri’s lust filled ones. The heat in his mate’s eyes warmed Siro as nothing ever had. His breath hitched in his throat, stealing the words he had been about to speak.

He went with action instead.

Siro grabbed his hard cock and gave it a long slow stroke. He saw the intense Yuri became aware of what he was doing. The man’s eyes dropped to his cock and a soft flush filled his face. But it was the way that Yuri’s cock pulsed and jerked that drew Siro’s attention.

“Do you like what you see, Yuri?” Siro gave his cock another long stroke from root to tip and then back down again. His balls felt heavy, achy. The need to sink his shaft into Yuri’s welcoming body was almost overwhelming.

But he had to take it slow, no matter how much control it took. Yuri had never been on the receiving end and Siro would curl up and die if he made this experience uncomfortable for his mate.

Yuri’s breathing seemed to stutter in his chest the more he watched Siro caressing himself, which told Siro a lot of things. Yuri enjoyed watching. It would be good if they were ever able to settle things with their other mate.

The other thing that Yuri’s erratic breathing told Siro was that the man was not unaffected as he wanted to appear. And considering what Siro had in store for the man, that was a really good thing.

Siro dropped his hand from around his cock and climbed onto the end of the bed, tossing a tube of lube down next to the man. He slowly climbed his way up until he hovered over the top of Yuri, his hands planted on either side of the man’s head and his body nestled between Yuri’s thighs.

“You’re going to like this,” Siro whispered. “Promise.”