Adult Excerpt
Beyond the Darkness

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The passion flaming over every inch of his body was burning him alive. He needed more— more touching, more kissing, more everything. Every caress made him crave another. Zack had never desired another person like this in his life.

When the beautiful man above him licked at his nipples, Zack felt like flames licked at his body. He squirmed, trying to get those luscious lips on his other nipple, groaning gratefully when the man complied.

He could feel his hard cock pressing between the man's ass cheeks, a place he wanted to be more than he wanted his next breath. He wanted to feel the hot silk he knew waited for him wrapped around his aching shaft, pumping against him until he passed into oblivion.

"Please," Zack begged when the man's mouth continued to tease him. He'd beg, plead, whimper . . . do whatever he needed to do to get him what he needed.

The man pulled back, grinning down at him before he settled more closely over Zack's groin. A tight hand suddenly grasped Zack's cock, making him suck in his breath. He just might come from that alone.

When the man slowly lowered himself, impaling himself on Zack's cock, Zack didn't know if he would last more than a few minutes. He was so close to orgasm he could almost taste it.

"Oh fuck!" Zack cried out when the man finally bottomed out. His cock was so far inside the man, Zack wasn't sure where he ended and his mysterious lover began. The man moved, slowly at first, then with more speed. Zack rolled his eyes back in his head, overcome with elation unlike anything he'd ever felt with any of his previous sexual partners.

Each thrust felt like he was being squeezed in molten lava. Strong muscles gripped Zack's cock and he doubted he'd have to move at all. The man could just massage him to orgasm. The feeling was exquisite.

Suddenly, the man leaned over him until they were nose to nose. Vivid blue eyes stared down at him. Zack couldn't look away, not even when the man lowered his mouth and kissed him.

Lost in the sweetest flavor he'd ever tasted, Zack barely felt the small nip of teeth until he tasted a light, coppery taste. His eyes widened in shock as he heard the man's voice in his head while their mouths were still connected.

"My leannan," the man whispered into his mind, "come for me, my beautiful leannan. Give me your life, your love, your forever, as I give you mine."

Instantly, Zack stiffened as every nerve ending in his body exploded at the same time. Pleasure shot through him and erupted inside of him. Zack roared as he came, filling the man above him with every last drop he had to give.

He distantly heard the man cry out and felt a hot wetness splatter across his abdomen but he was too far gone to acknowledge it. He floated in a euphoric haze of lust and desire. Zack opened his eyes and looked up at the flushed face of the man who'd just rocked his world.

Sad, azure blue eyes stared back at him as two little words filtered into his mind right before he faded off . . . .

"I'm sorry."