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Davi's Salvation

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Davi had his head tilted back under the shower spray rinsing his hair when he heard the shower door open. For a brief second, his heart fluttered in fear, and then he felt strong muscular arms wrap around him and deep growl vibrated through the air. Davi melted against the large man that held him, content in the knowledge that he was safe.

Davi turned his head submissively as he felt Salvador’s erection brush against him. Salvador leaned closer and sniffed at Davi’s neck. The tip of fangs appeared through his lips when he leaned back. Those dark eyes looked at him like he was prey, ready to be devoured.

“My mate,” Salvador whispered as he leaned in and rubbed his face against Davi’s bare shoulder.

Davi’s wolf wanted to bare its belly and let the more powerful wolf take a bite. Taking a deep breath, Davi tilted his head back, exposing his throat. He shivered as he felt Salvador sniffing and pressing his nose into the crease of his neck, licking and growling as he pressed closer.

Salvador nipped the skin of Davi's neck with his teeth before plunging his fangs in. Davi cried out, pure pleasure combined with a bit of pain flooding every nerve ending in his body. His cock hardened to molten steel in a millisecond.

When Salvador withdrew his teeth and raised his head, he rubbed his thumb over the base of Davi's neck, seemingly pleased with himself. Davi yelped as Salvador suddenly picked him up and pinned him against the shower wall. Salvador reached down and grabbed Davi’s ass, pressing his fingers into Davi’s tight hole.

“Are you going to fuck me in the shower, Salvador?” Davi asked when he felt a finger rim around his asshole.

“There’s something else you need to know about magi, Davi.”

“Yeah?” Davi panted softly. A sudden warmth filled him and he felt a slight pressure around his tight ring of muscles. Davi cried out, his eyes rolling back as he was suddenly stretched out.  He panted, wanting to feel more but needing a minute to adjust to the unusual sensation. He had never felt anything like it in his life.

“That was…that was…” Davi licked his lips. “How...?”

Salvador chuckled. “Being magi does have its advantages, gatito.”


Davi reached up and grabbed Salvador’s shoulders as he felt the blunt head of the man’s cock pushing at his entrance. Davi was wired so tight that he plunged back, impaling his body on Salvador’s cock.

Shivers broke out all over Davi’s body when Salvador’s hand snaked up his neck and over his scalp, Salvador grabbing a fistful of Davi’s hair and giving a light tug. Davi lifted his ass higher as he shouted out his pleasure.

“Salvador,” Davi groaned as he started riding Salvador’s cock hard and fast.

Salvador gripped Davi’s ass tightly in his hands and pounded into him. Davi’s head fell back against the shower wall and loud groans filled the enclosed space. Davi wasn’t sure if they came from him or from his mate, and he didn’t really care. The pleasure Salvador was giving him was beyond anything he had ever experienced except when he was in this man’s arms.

Davi wrapped his legs around Salvador’s waist. It changed the angle of Salvador thrusts, the man’s cock hitting Davi’s sweet spot every time. Davi went crazy, crying out as his cock exploded, pulling his balls tight to his body.

That seemed to be all Salvador was waiting for. He groaned and shoved his cock deep into Davi’s ass. He stiffened and his cock pulsed out his release, flooding Davi with his scent and reinforcing his mating claim.

He was in awe of the pleasure clearly displayed on Salvador’s face. He couldn’t look away. He doubted there was another soul on the earth that was as sexy as his mate when the man was aroused.

“Mine,” Salvador whispered harshly.

Davi whimpered when he felt the knot extend and take hold inside of him. That was something he wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to.

“Yours,” Davi murmured. The connection between them jolted him. He’d heard of shifters who bonded together on a deeper soul bonding level but he never thought he’d be one of them.

Davi leaned in and claimed Salvador’s lips. He was hungry for every taste of the man he could get, every feel. The alpha was perfect for him. He was strong and fierce, but gentle and loving. He was everything Davi could have even dreamed of in a mate and more.

“I love you, Salvador.”

“Love you, gatito.”