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Doby's Lessons

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"Now, for your next punishment, Doby," Taylor said as he waved his hand at his jutting cock. "I want you to suck my cock without coming. If you do come, you won't be allowed to suck my cock again for the entire weekend."

Doby's eyes rounded as they snapped up to meet Taylor's. Taylor knew he had tapped into one of Doby's kinks. He had suspected that Doby was very oral while feeding him dinner. The man took every opportunity to lick Taylor's fingers as Taylor was feeding him.

Doby loved to suck cock.

Taylor just wondered if he was any good at it.

"Yes, sir," Doby said as he leaned forward. But he stopped just as his breath blew out over Taylor's naked cock. "Sir?"

"Yes, pet?"

"How am I supposed to suck you off with my hands cuffed?"

Taylor smirked. "With your mouth."

Taylor spread his legs a little wider when Doby leaned forward. There really wasn’t much room between his legs for Doby to be comfortable with handcuffs on, but Taylor knew his sub would manage.

Doby made an attempt at leaning forward, and almost fell directly into Taylor’s cock, but caught himself just in time. He glanced up at Taylor for the briefest second, and then his eyes shot back down at Taylor’s hardness, as if trying to work the problem with sucking cock while handcuffed out in his mind.

“You can take your time, Doby,” Taylor said when he saw a frown forming between Doby’s eyebrows. “This isn’t a test.”

“I know, sir. It’s just—” Doby attempted to lean forward again, this time catching the tip of Taylor’s cock between his lips.

“Use your hands.”

Doby brought the bound hands up, placing the cool metal of the cuffs on Taylor’s inner thighs. Taylor hissed softly, his cock jerking just seeing the handcuffs attached to Doby’s wrists. Oh yeah, that flat-out did it for him.

Telling Doby he could use his hands seemed to relax his sub. Doby opened his mouth wider, taking a little more length between his lips. Taylor’s arm slid from the arm of the chair, his fingers casually playing in Doby’s silky brown hair.

Taylor felt Doby's tongue lick up the side of his cock, the cuffs softly jingling together. Taylor was going to come just from the sound alone. Doby’s wet and warm mouth was only the icing on the cake.

“Open wider, Doby.”

Doby obeyed, his tongue licking around the crown of Taylor’s cock eagerly as Taylor slid a few more inches inside. When Doby reached up to grab Taylor’s erection, the metal of the cuffs brushed against the edge of Taylor's cock.

He took in a long breath, staving off his orgasm for as long as he possibly could. It had been too long since Taylor had played with a sub, even longer since he had cuffed one. He was not going to let this moment end too soon.

Taylor curled his fingers around the base of his erection, squeezing tightly as Doby licked and moaned at the pre-cum that was dripping, seeming to work entirely off of instinct. His cock filled Doby’s mouth as Taylor slid forward in the chair. His other hand gripped the back of Doby’s hair, holding the man in place as he began a slow and leisurely thrusting motion. Doby’s mouth was so fucking perfect that Taylor could have kept his cock inside the hot mouth all night.

Small noises escaped from the back of Doby’s throat, and for a moment Taylor thought that Doby was choking. But when he looked down, Doby’s eyes were wonderfully glazed and there was a slight curve on either side of his mouth.

The man was actually smiling!

Taylor knew Doby would be the perfect sub.

Doby began to bob his head, taking Taylor in and out of his mouth in earnest. As badly as Taylor wanted this to last, the man was too damn good at sucking him off. Taylor tensed, feeling his balls draw up to his body as his fingers tightened in Doby’s hair.

“Get ready,” Taylor said as his orgasm exploded and his seed splashed down Doby’s throat. The handcuffs rubbed over Taylor’s cock, and he could have sworn he saw stars as he gritted his teeth and let go of Doby’s hair.