Story Excerpt
Doby's Lessons

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“No!” Doby smacked the computer monitor, horrified at what he had just done. He was going to be fired. There was no two ways about it. And Doby would deserve it for trying to take care of something this personal on company time.  “Jessica, get in here.”

Doby's stomach rolled. He felt like he was going to be sick.

“What is it?” Jessica quickly walked into Doby’s cubicle as he bounced from foot to foot, biting his nails to the quick. As soon as she was inside the small space, Doby grabbed her arm and pointed toward his computer.

“Get it back!” Oh god, he was so screwed. If anyone received that email, he was going to be the laughing stock of the office. It was bad enough that he wasn’t the most popular guy around, but this would seal his fate as being the biggest loser to work at Michelson’s Inc. in like, forever.

“Are you referring to your email?” Jessica asked as she dropped into Doby’s seat and began to click away on the keyboard.

“Yes. Get it back, hurry.” Smacking his forehead with the palm of his hand continuously, Doby began to pace again in the small confines of his work space, stopping every few seconds to peer over Jessica’s shoulder. “Did you get it?”

How could he have done something this stupid?

“Hang on, sweetie.” Jessica clicked the mouse a few times, sighing as she looked up at him with hesitation in her big brown eyes. “I recalled it, now we have to wait and see. What did you send this time?”

Doby rolled his eyes. Jessica had taught him how to recall emails but he could never remember the proper steps. This one had to be recalled. His worst nightmare was that a CEO would get the damn email. Then he wouldn’t be just a laughingstock of the office, but fired as well. Maybe they would bring charges against him, too.

This was so not his day.

“I meant to cut and paste into the little box for my personal ad in the paper but put it in an email instead.” Doby wailed the last part. He may not be the most popular guy here, but he did like his job.  He didn’t want to get fired over something like this. His mother would kill him.

“Who did I send it to?” Please don’t let it be the president or any other big wig in the company. He crossed his fingers as he waited for Jessica to answer him.

Jessica turned back around and clicked again, shaking her head ominously. Doby could feel his heart squeezing in his chest at her reaction. “The recall was unsuccessful, honey,” she said as she spun around to look at him. She snickered as she tapped the screen. “You sent it to Taylor McKinley. What was in it?”

Doby ignored Jessica’s repeated request to know the emails contents. It had been something he was curious about and thought he would try.  But Taylor McKinley? God no, not his supervisor! This just wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. All of the sudden there wasn’t enough oxygen in the place as Doby felt his lungs burning to inhale a large lungful of air.

“I can always open it up and see, if you aren’t willing to spill the beans to me.” Jessica raised a finely arched brow in challenge.

“Fine.” Doby waved his hand at the computer. He had more pressing things to worry about then Jessica finding out about his little fantasy—like Taylor finding out. Maybe he could send out another email saying it was a gag or something. Would that work? Would Taylor believe him? 

He had to think.

Think damn it!