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Dream Mate

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Saris felt so hot that his very skinned burned. He ached. He just knew that the man leaning over him could dampen the lava flowing through his veins. Saris knew that the gorgeous man was the answer to every prayer he had ever uttered.

A sense of urgency drove Saris. He wanted the man’s hands on him. He needed to feel Trajan’s hands move over his flaming skin. Saris wiggled, trying to get his body closer to Trajan’s.

He pushed the blanket down to free his legs and wrapped one around Trajan’s hips. His hands pulled at the black leather fabric separating him from the body he needed to be close to. He groaned in frustration when he didn’t immediately feel naked skin.

“Sari,” Trajan whispered huskily, sending shivers of delight racing through him. He felt his pulse beat wildly in his throat as Trajan stared intently down at him. Trajan’s large hands framed Saris’s face and held it gently.

“Sari, we can’t.”

What? No! Saris shook his head frantically. He pulled Trajan roughly, almost violently, to him. Grabbing at Trajan with his arms and arching his body, he tried to get closer to him, desperate for the feel of Trajan’s muscular body pressed against his.

“Please!” Saris begged.

Saris felt Trajan’s arms encircle him, holding him snuggly. He was pressed against the body he wanted so much but not in the way he wanted. Trajan had his arms pinned to his sides. His long legs were thrown over Saris’s pinning him to the bed. Saris couldn’t move.

“Please, oh please,” Saris pleaded. “I need—”

“Ssshhh, Sari,” Trajan crooned. “I know you’re in pain right now, and as much as I would like to accommodate you, I can’t. Your system is full of drugs. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

Saris shook his head. “No, I do know. I swear. If you’d just let me—”

Saris almost lost his mind when he felt Trajan’s hands move down his back and over his hip. He was positive he had never felt anything so good in his entire life. He tried to push his body closer to the hand moving over him.

“Trajan, please.”

Soft lips pressed against his forehead. Saris quickly tilted his head back, trying to capture those lips with his. He needed so bad. He could feel the heat in his body moving faster, almost as if he were heading towards an explosion. His heart raced. His body trembled.

Saris felt desperate. “Touch me, please, just touch me,” he begged. “I won’t ask for anything else. I promise.”

The black eyes gazing down at him told Saris that Trajan felt that same intense attraction that he did. His broad shoulders heaved. Then, amazingly, Trajan nodded. Large hands moved over Saris’s skin. His body tingled at the contact.

Any contact was welcome. The mere whisper of Trajan’s breath on his cheek sent a shiver through Saris. The brush of his long reddish blond hair along his neck made Saris crave more. It was tantalizing, erotic, and it drove Saris crazy.

Saris couldn’t help crying out, his body bucking, when Trajan’s fingers wrapped around his aching cock. His touch, firm and persuasive, almost instantly had Saris begging for more as his senses reeled.

He lay panting, his chest heaving as the pressure in his body built. Saris gasped at the sweet agony as waves of ecstasy throbbed through him. His world spun and careened on its axis, spinning until he couldn’t see or feel anything but the man pleasuring him.

“Ssshhh, Sari,” Trajan whispered. “Just close your eyes and rest.”

Saris didn’t have the energy to do anything else. He let his eyes drift close, savoring the euphoric lethargy that seemed to sweep through his body. He felt Trajan settled him back against the bed, blankets coming up to cover him from neck to toe.

He smiled, one lone hand coming up to brush against Trajan’s chest. “Thank you,” he whispered as he faded off to sleep, the soft swish of the door opening and closing the last thing he heard before his dreams took him away.