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Eastern Embrace

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Rubbing his eyes, Isei yawned before turning his focus toward the still sleeping dragon next to him.

Without the covers over his body, Isei had the perfect view – Akihiro was sprawled out on his back. The man was huge. Even sleeping with his vibrant emerald green eyes hidden, he was intimidating. Isei had seen dragons before, but mostly at a distance since their lands intersected, but up close the seven foot, five inch man was more than Isei ever expected.

Isei's eyes slowly moved up Akihiro’s massive body, past the man's flat abdomen to his well- defined stomach, and then his muscled chest that seemed to ripple in the morning sunlight. He gloried at the way Akihiro was built. His mate was cut, chiseled, and was erotic as hell to look at. The man was well tanned all over, and had a well-defined V that started on either side of his stomach and ran down between his legs.

With the way Akihiro’s body was displayed with such abandon, Isei had an unobstructed view of the dragon’s soft cock nestled between his powerful thighs. Even soft the thing was nearly as long as Isei’s arm from elbow to wrist, and just as thick around as his wrist.

But it was the tantalizing ridges that went the length of Akihiro’s cock that offered such a sensation-filled ride that truly intrigued Isei. He remembered how the frills along the ridged tip and the small nubs that lined the length had rubbed against him, stimulating him until he thought he would lose his mind. Even the ridges that ran from the root of Akihiro’s shaft up to his bellybutton, going from large to small, had offered exquisite pleasure.

Isei knew he was looking at a true work of art.

He sucked in his bottom lip, chewing aimlessly on it as he cast a quick glance up his mate’s face. Akihiro’s eyes were still closed, his chest rising and falling in slow session as if the man was still asleep.

His curiosity got the better of him and Isei reached out and ran a single fingertip over one of the numbs that lined Akihiro’s shaft. When the dragon didn’t move, Isei got a little more courageous and ran the same finger along a ridge. The man’s cock flexed, rising from between Akihiro’s thighs as if it were alive. 

Swallowing hard, Isei’s eyes stayed glued to the dick as it hardened. He quickly glanced at Akihiro, but the man was still asleep. Unbelievable. Looking at his new toy, Isei noticed a pearl of pre-cum bubbling up from the tip. His mouth watered and he wondered how much courage he really had. Should he do it? Should he taste the man while he slept?

Before he could talk himself out of it, Isei leaned forward. He glanced at Akihiro stuck his tongue out, and licked the drop. Tasty.

Without warning, Akihiro flipped Isei over onto his back. He grabbed a handful of Isei's hair with one hand and hiked his leg up to his chest with the other. Isei felt like a pretzel. His knees were almost touching his ears. The dragon was staring down at him with a feral heat in his eyes. It startled him, knowing that Akihiro wanted him that much, and it was all there in his emerald-green eyes to see.

 “Mine!” Akihiro growled right before he struck, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh between Isei's shoulder and his neck. Isei’s world suddenly tilted. The dragon pressed both hands into the mattress on either side of Isei’s head, and slammed his cock into Isei’s ass. There was a bit of an ache, but it only seemed to heighten the intensity of what he was feeling.

Akihiro’s cock seemed to know right where that hot spot was inside of Isei’s ass and dragged across it every single time the dragon thrust in and out of him. It was driving Isei out of his ever-loving mind.

He arched into the dragon’s body as Akihiro drove his cock in and out of his ass, every inch of him hypersensitive and greedy for the dragon’s touch. Isei couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t hold Akihiro tight enough. He was desperate, a coil of need tightening inside of him.

Akihiro’s thrust started turning forceful, harder. He lifted Isei higher then drove his studded cock deeper into Isei’s swollen hole. The dragon snarled as his hips moved faster, his cock grazing over sensitive nerve endings.

Isei felt a tingle begin in the base of his spine and work its way around to his balls and his cock. He arched his head back as his loud cry filled the room, his release taking a hold of him and tossed him over the edge into bliss. His climax was like a tidal wave, tearing through him with a powerful thrust.

Just as he started to go under, he felt Akihiro’s cock thicken inside of him, swelling to the point of trapping the man’s cock inside his ass. Akihiro’s loud roar shook the windows, filling Isei with the knowledge that he had pleased his mate. He could feel Akihiro’s cock pulse with his release as he lay there desperately trying to catch his breath. Seed as hot as lava shot into his ass in ever increasing spurts until Isei doubted his ass could hold anymore.

When Akihiro finally settled down over the top of him, Isei took the opportunity to study his mate up close. The dragon’s eyes were closed but the strength in his features couldn’t be hidden.

Daimyo Akihiro Shimada was a powerful dragon. Isei just hoped he measured up to being the man’s mate.