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End of the Line

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"Are you playing with yourself under the table?"

Remy froze. That’s exactly what he had been doing and hearing Gigi talking about it was edging him ever closer to an orgasm of epic proportions. He squeezed his cock tightly to keep from shooting.


"I can see your hand moving and I know you're naked. I saw you in the kitchen. You were hard as a rock." Gigi shrugged just as Remy glanced up. "It's no matter to me. I mean, if you want to play with yourself, that’s your business. I just wondered."

"Uh…" Remy frowned. "Thank you?"

Gigi took another bite of his food. He looked up as he chewed. When he started waving his fork around, Remy knew he was in trouble.

"Of course, if you're going to fuck me, I'd prefer that you waited. I saw how hard you were in the kitchen and I'd rather have a hard dick in my ass than a soft one, you know?" Gigi waved his fork some more. "It just kind of adds something to it when the fucker is hard when fucking the fuckee."

Remy blinked. His head was starting to hurt—both of them. One from denying himself the bliss that was Gigi's body and the other because Gigi was speaking and confusing the hell out of him.

The only thing he really understood from all of that was hard dick and fucking. Maybe the trick was to keep Gigi occupied so he couldn't talk while getting what he wanted at the same time. "I plan to eat every last bit of this steak so if you want me to keep my hands off my cock then I suggest you play with it, suck it, or ride it. Hell, I’m not that picky."

Remy started coughing roughly when Gigi grinned and slid under the table. A moment later, wet hot silk enveloped the head of his cock. Remy dropped his fork and gripped the edges of the metal table as Gigi began licking him. He spread his legs and Gigi scooted closer.

Oh hell, he was going to die, right here in the mess hall of his very own ship. And he couldn't have cared less. His arm swung out, the dishes flying across the room, shattering against the wall as Remy reached under the table and grabbed Gigi by his arms.

“Get your ass up here.”

Gigi giggled as he climbed up Remy’s lap and then onto the tabletop. He wiggled his beautifully shaped ass in Remy’s face. Remy growled as he curled his fingers into Gigi’s waistband and yanked, the material shredding under his sharp claws.

Remy shook his right hand, concentrating on making the claws retract, at least slightly. He was anxious to sink deep inside of Gigi, but he didn’t want to purposely scar the man for life. Remy leaned back, allowing a string of saliva to escape his mouth and fall between the crease of the little man’s ass.

His saliva would act as a relaxant and prepare the human for his very large cock. Remy thanked the gods that his species had this ability because if they hadn't, he would have had to find another way and at the moment, patience wasn’t a virtue in his book.

“Holy hell, what is that?” Gigi panted as he looked over his shoulder.

“Natural lube. Just relax, Gigi.” Remy wasn’t sure how he could be telling the little man this when he was far from relaxed himself. The need to strike quickly, to claim, and to dominate where riding him hard. Remy had to take a deep breath to tamp down those urges so he wouldn’t hurt the human.

His canines extended further when Remy grabbed the base of his cock and slowly sank in. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he had an urge to howl. Although Gigi seemed to be all for the sex, he wasn’t trying to scare the man.

Remy laid his hands on Gigi’s sides, careful of his claws, as his hips began to rock in and out. His body quivered from the restraint he was using to be gentle. He was trying to fuck the little man, not put him through the table. His legs began to shake as his wolf instincts demanded he take Gigi harder.

“Harder, Remy. Fuck me like you mean it,” Gigi begged.

Remy had to shake his head. The lust was building into a blinding fog that would soon make him forget he was holding a fragile human under him. He needed to concentrate on going slow and easy, even if his angel just asked for what his wolf form wanted.

Remy pushed forward slowly. He hadn't even sunk all the way in. Fear of hurting Gigi made him hold back. Sweat began to break out all over his body as his hands shook. His race was used to fucking like madmen. Using the amount of control he was forcing his body to use was taking its toll.

“Damn it,” Gigi growled as he slammed back onto Remy’s cock, taking all ten inches into his ass.

A howl of pleasure ripped from Remy's chest as Gigi shouted out his name. If the little human could take it, Remy wasn’t one to deny. His wolf howled in agreement, the sound echoing throughout the mess hall. He pulled his hips back and slammed into Gigi, a growl climbing up his chest and making his lips pull back in a snarled curl. Remy picked Gigi up, the little human’s arms circling back around his neck as he bounced Gigi on his cock.

“Hell, yeah," Gigi screamed. "Harder, faster.”

Remy wrapped an arm around the little angel as his hips snapped, giving Gigi exactly what he was crying out for. He could feel the tingling clawing its way up his spine as Gigi pulled at his neck.

“You’re mine!” Remy declared as his balls drew tight to his body. “Mine, do you understand me?”

“Whatever you want, just don’t stop fucking me,” Gigi cried out.

Remy leaned forward, putting Gigi back onto his hands and knees as he blanketed his back and sank his canines into soft flesh. He shocked himself with the move. To bite someone while having sex was to claim them as your mate.