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Faery Me

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“Very nice.” The fae’s hand trailed seductively over Cass’s chest. “Do you work out?”

Cass started to open his mouth until he remembered his promise to himself to keep his it shut for the evening. He shook his head instead.

The fae grinned. “Well, then, maybe I can help you work up a sweat.”

Oh hell, yes! Cass wanted to shout to the heavens as he followed the sweetest ass in the universe down the hallway to his bedroom. He didn’t even realize he hadn’t needed to give the man directions until they reached his bedroom and he was pushed to sit on the end of the bed.

“Keep your eyes on me, handsome,” the fae said as he took a step back and began stripping his clothes off.

Cass almost snorted. Like there was any possibility that he would look somewhere else. He was pretty sure it would take a lightning bolt from the heavens to tear his eyes away from the gorgeous body being slowly revealed to his hungry eyes.

The fae's skin was milky-white and so beautiful that Cass couldn't stop himself. He yanked the man to him, their lips colliding. He tasted honey and something wild as he licked past the succulent flavor, delving his tongue deeper. Cass needed like he'd never needed before. He couldn't understand the powerful pull. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before.

"Mmm," the fae pulled back, winking at Cass. "Someone is wants a piece of me."

Cass chuckled, feeling his cheeks heat. "That would be me."

He became mesmerized when the fae tilted his head back and laughed. The sound was riveting, sultry, and just this side of wildly delicious. He wanted to hear that sound again. Cass stood there wondering what it was about this man that made his brain tilt sideways.

Although not egotistical in the least, Cass knew that men fawned over him, not the other way around. But he had a feeling things would be different with this fae.

"Come on, big boy." The fae pressed his hands into Cass's chest, his slim fingers running over Cass's skin like warm water on a hot summer's day. "I want to see if I was right."

Cass frowned. "About what?"

The grin on the guy's face grew. "I had a dream about you. In that dream, you took me to heights I never thought possible."

Talk about performance anxiety. Cass was a beast in bed, but knowing this man just pulled out a mental scorecard was a bit intimidating. He glanced back at the bed and then a wide smile spread across his face. "Challenge accepted."

The fae's green eyes burst with excitement as Cass lifted the guy off of his feet and tossed him on the mattress. The fae laughed even harder, which in turn, made Cass's cock pulse with the need to be buried inside the man.

He strutted around the bed, peacocking for the fae. "So, tell me in detail about this dream of yours."

The fae wiggled his brows. "I'd rather show you."

Oh yeah. Cass wanted that as well. He palmed his cock, squeezing the base before giving it a few pumps. "First, my sweetness, you have to taste the rainbow."

Cass winced, wondering if he was about to be slapped. His hand faltered on his cock, waiting for the blow. But it didn’t come. Instead, the fae laughed even harder. His ego was being battered and Cass wondered if maybe he should just call this off when the fae's eyes landed on him. There was no mistaking the lust shimmering in them.

"I love your way with words."


"You do?"

"Original," the fae said as he crawled across the bed on his hands and knees. Cass nearly swallowed his tongue as the evocative way the man displayed himself. He wasn’t sure if he should continue to stand there for a blow job or go behind the guy and fuck him into unconsciousness.

Decisions. Decisions.

"My, my." The fae's breath tickled over the head of Cass's cock. "You are very well endowed indeed. It's better than my dream. How did you get so big?"

"I grew it myself." Cass winced. Now that was a stupid reply. Maybe he should go back to keeping quiet. His witty comebacks, replies, and pick-up lines had always sounded so snappy in his mind. But for some reason, around this fae, Cass felt twenty points dumber.

"I can see," the fae teased before he flicked his tongue out and licked the pre-cum that was dripping from the head of Cass's cock. "And I can't wait to feast on the harvest of your labor."

Cass hissed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head when the fae engulfed him. Holy shit! Cass's legs began to tremble and his hips jerked forward. He feared his knees would buckle and give out as the fae sucked Cass's cock down the man's throat. Those glorious muscles worked Cass's shaft with expertise.

When the fae flipped to his back—Cass's cock still in the man's mouth—and began to stroke his long erection, Cass just knew this had to be a dream. There was no way he had someone this erotic in his bed. The man was kinky with a capital kinky. It wasn't a capital K because the guy needed all five letters.

That's how hot he looked as his hand jerked up and down.

And those noises. The fae was moaning, whimpering, and then he began to hum.

That was it. The trigger Cass didn’t even know he had. He shot to his toes and shouted, his neck muscles growing taunt as his cum spurted down the fae's throat.

Cass was in danger of passing out.  He became so lightheaded that swayed a little. What was this guy doing to him? "Honey, where have you been all my life?" Cass couldn’t help the question.

The fae rolled to his knees and shot straight up, pressing his palms into Cass's chest. "Waiting for you to come along, Mr. Sexy. Now get your ass in bed before I shrivel away to nothing."