Story Excerpt
Flying High

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"You're falling behind!" Samuel Lake laughed as he lumbered ahead of his twin, the ground shaking beneath his large furry paws. A run through the forest was just what they needed after attending a training conference for the last several days. His skin had itched with the need to shift almost since the moment he and his twin had left Pacific Cove the week before.

The dirt beneath his paws gave him back some of his calm.

As a Kodiak bear, his size was beyond massive. But he was also a shifter. He stood even taller than naturally born Kodiak bears. He could follow a scent through the forest for miles, sniff out prey over two miles away, and take down foe as big as he was. He preferred fresh caught salmon over just about anything else in the world...except honey. He'd rent out his twin for a pot of honey, and his entire family knew it. He had a weakness for the sweet gooey concoction.

Which was why when he got a sudden whiff of honey in the middle of the forest, he stumbled to a stop. His brother, always keyed in to him, stopped next to him and started sniffing the air for possible signs of danger.

"What is it?" Joseph Lake asked. "Danger?"                                                           

Sam shook his head. "I thought I smelled honey."

"Out here?" Joe glanced around as if expecting a pot of honey to suddenly fall from the sky.

"Yeah, I—Oh!" Sam inhaled again, drawing in a deep lungful of air. "There it is again." It was just a hint of honey but it just might be the best smelling honey he had ever smelled. Sam wanted to roll in it, lick it. He wanted to devour whatever was making that luscious scent.

Sam inhaled again, catching a strong whiff on the gentle breeze blowing in from the west. He moved in that direction, following his nose. He just had to find out where that sweet honeyed aroma was coming from.

Moving as carefully as a he could, Sam made his way through the woods, following the luscious scent. Weighing in at almost two thousand pounds in his bear form, moving silently through the forest was nearly impossible. But years of training and experience gave him an edge. Other animals might hear him coming, but humans would not.

Which was why Sam was so shocked when he reached the edge of a clearing and spotted a human staring in his direction. He knew the trees and underbrush hid him from view but it was obvious from the way the man was staring at the trees, he had heard something.

Sam stood silently in the trees, watching the human.

He was beautiful to behold. His dark honey blond hair waved around his face in soft curls, almost as if trying to caress his high cheekbones. He had a pale gold, sensitive face with the most luscious cupid lips Sam had ever seen. They begged to be kissed and sucked on until they swelled with passion.

Someone behind him said something and the human's lips parted in a dazzling display of straight white teeth as he smiled and turned. As he walked away, Sam got a look at the sexiest bubble butt he had ever seen. His body tightened as visions of sinking his dick into that sweet ass suddenly assailed him.

"Breathe, bro."

Sam inhaled, realizing that he had been holding his breath. "That's our mate, Joe."

"Ya think?" Amusement laced Joe's voice, but so did a hint of the same arousal Sam felt. "The question is, what are we going to do about it?"

"He's beautiful."

"He's breathtaking," Joe added wistfully, letting Sam know they were on the same wavelength. They both thought the golden man was perfect. Considering they were going to be sharing the man for the rest of their lives, that was a good thing.

Sam pulled his gaze from the man he was pretty damn sure was his future and looked at the rest of the area. There were three tents situated around a small fire pit, two large ones and a smallest one. The honey blond that held Sam's interest seemed to be hanging out in front of the smaller of the three tents.

"We need to meet him," Sam said. It was imperative that they met the beauty. They had planned their entire lives for finding their mate. Having him almost literally dropped in their lap was a stroke of luck Sam wasn't about to fight.

"So..." Joe hedged as though he couldn't follow Sam's train of thought.

Sam almost rolled his eyes but that would have been quite the feat for a bear. "Go get the truck. I'll keep watch here." He didn't want to let the man out of his sight. He was afraid he might never find the beauty again if he did.

"What are you thinking?" Joe asked.

Sam shot his brother a disgruntled look. "We can make like we were hiking or something."

Joe was silent for a moment, his gaze going back to the camp. Something desperate flashed in his golden amber eyes before he looked back at Sam. "Don't let him get away."

"I won't." It was a promise Sam would fight with his last breath to keep. He didn't know who the gorgeous blond was specifically, but he knew deep down in his soul that the man belonged to him and Joe. "Just hurry."