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My Outlaw

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Daniel wasn’t supposed to be aroused. He knew that. He was being kidnapped and held for ransom by the outlaw, Black Bart. He was supposed to be resisting, fighting back, or at the very least, trying to escape.

            But no, all he really wanted to do was feel that hard cock against his naked skin. Hell, he wanted to feel all of Black Bart against his naked skin, preferably with Black Bart just as naked. Daniel groaned. He was in so much trouble.

            Daniel tried to ignore the man holding him as they rode. He tried even harder to ignore his aching cock. Both seemed nearly impossible, especially when Black Bart grabbed the reins in one hand, the other settling on Daniel’s abdomen.

            “I think you like being held captive,” Black Bart whispered into Daniel’s ear. “I think you like being tied up and played with.”

Daniel shivered at the feel of warm breath blowing across his neck. His eyes dropped closed as he tried to concentrate on the sounds around him, the feel of the horse beneath him, anything to drown out the feel of Black Bart’s hand drawing small circles on his body.

            When Black Bart separated the edges of his shirt and pushed his hand inside to caress naked flesh, Daniel knew it was a lost cause. His entire world narrowed down to focus on strong callused hand moving closer to his hard cock.

            Daniel ached. He needed. He cried out when that hand finally touched him. His body bucked, arching towards the hand touching him. His movements were met by a low deep chuckle from the man torturing him.

Daniel felt his face burn with embarrassment. He pushed his body back from the hand touching him. His shoulders hunched as he tried to avoid Black Bart. But the man didn’t seem to even notice. He continued his exploration of Daniel’s body.

He wrapped the reins around the saddle horn then grabbed Daniel’s bound hands and brought them over his neck. Daniel was effectively trapped, his body laid open to whatever Black Bart wanted to do to him.

Part of Daniel was thrilled. He could respond without hesitation, enjoy the feeling of Black Bart’s hands on his body. He was tied up, unable to resist or protest. Another part of him was mortified that he was responding to his captor, but not enough to stop Black Bart from pulling at the buttons of his pants.

Daniel’s head fell back against the wide shoulder behind him when Black Bart pushed his hand deep into Daniel’s pants, grasping his hard cock. The pressure was unbelievable. It was just strong enough to let Daniel know Black Bart’s hand was there but light enough to keep him just on the edge of an orgasm. It was pure torture.

Daniel’s hands began clenching and unclenching in Black Bart’s jet black hair. His mouth dropped open as nearly silent whimpers of need broke free. Black Bart had one hand on Daniel’s chest, gently pinching and tugging at his nipples. The other hand stroked Daniel’s cock.

When Black Bart’s lips latched on to Daniel’s neck, Daniel couldn’t keep his cries to himself any longer. His head fell to one side, baring his neck to Black Bart’s questing lips. His body hummed with arousal.

“Please,” Daniel pleaded, not really sure what he was begging for but knowing he needed something more.

“What do you need, cowboy?”

Daniel shook his head. He bit his lip. He couldn’t say it. If he did, that would make it real. It would mean he wanted the things Black Bart was doing to him, the things Black Bart was making him feel.

The hands touching him suddenly stopped. Daniel groaned in protest. He was so very close. He pushed his hips towards the hand holding his cock but that hand fell away, taking with it the hot feeling of pleasure that had been racing through his body.

“Please, I…I…” Daniel moaned.

“Tell me what you want, cowboy, and I’ll give it to you,” Black Bart whispered into Daniel’s ear. “I won’t touch you unless you tell me what you want.”

Daniel groaned. He couldn’t tell Black Bart what he wanted. He just couldn’t. But he didn’t know if he could live without feeling the ecstasy of Black Bart’s touch another second. He just might die without it.

The feeling of Black Bart’s tongue against the shell of his ear decided Daniel. He cried out, arching his body as he gave into the feelings the outlaw provoked in him.

“Touch me,” Daniel begged, “Oh god, please touch me.”

Daniel’s plea was instantly answered. Black Bart wrapped his hand back around Daniel’s cock and stroked him. His other hand caressed Daniel’s chest, moving back and forth between his nipples to play with them both. Black Bart’s lips moved from Daniel’s ear to his neck, licking a path around to the edge of Daniel’s jaw and on to his lips.

Daniel’s body throbbed. When Black Bart’s mouth covered his, Daniel felt all of the air in his lungs escape, leaving him breathless and wanting. The feel of Black Bart’s tongue brushing against his sent Daniel into a tailspin of desire.

He dug his fingers into the hard corded muscles of Black Bart’s neck as the pressure building in his balls exploded out the top of his cock. Daniel’s groan of completion was loud in the silence surrounding them as he covered Black Bart’s hand with white pearly seed.

“That’s it, cowboy,” Black Bart murmured against Daniel’s lips. “Give it all to me.”

Daniel’s only response was the deep groan that built up in his throat and roared free as Black Bart continued to stroke him through his orgasm and beyond. His body bucked, his cock sensitive to every touch.

Black Bart just kept going, stroking Daniel’s cock with one hand, playing with his nipples with the other. Before long, Daniel had worked his way through one orgasm and was well on his way to another.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you, cowboy,” Black Bart said. Daniel knew it was more of a statement than a question. He was also afraid that it was going to happen. He might even beg for it. And that scared Daniel more than having a gun held to his head.