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Forever Mates: Stefan & Bay

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"Do you and your brothers always pick men up in bars?" Bay asked as he leaned against the side of the truck and looked at Stefan.

Stefan chuckled. "No, not always."

"But you do? Pick guys up in bars, I mean?"

"You're a special case."

"I don't suppose you want to explain that statement?"

"Not really," Stefan replied. He took a deep breath and did something he never did. He flirted. "Truthfully, I'd rather find out if your lips are as kissable as they look."

Bay blinked.

Stefan slowly stepped closer. He moved gradually, placing one hand on the truck on either side of Bay, giving him plenty of time to move away. The high hanging parking lamp gave off just enough light to see the shock in Bay's features.

"Can I kiss you, Bay?"

Bay's eyes were wide, the gray glint in them turning almost black as he nodded. Stefan took just a moment to grin before lowering his head. He licked the small seam of Bay's lips until the man opened his mouth then delved inside.

Stefan groaned into Bay's mouth and pressed his body against the man, trapping him between Stefan and the truck. Bay tasted amazing. He felt even better. Stefan could feel the hard press of the man's thick cock push against his own.

Small little whimpers of need seemed to come from Bay. Stefan lifted his head to be sure. He never wanted to do anything to Bay against his will. He grunted a moment later when Bay dug hands into his hair and yanked his head back, hungry lips devouring his.

Stefan took that as invitation to continue. Again, he moved slowly so that Bay could stop him if he wanted. He reached for the hem of Bay's silk shirt and started to pull it up. Bay pulled away from him.

Stefan almost whimpered in protest until Bay whipped his shirt off over his head and tossed it away then reached for the buttons on Stefan's shirt. Stefan gladly gave up his shirt, grabbing the edges and pulling it free, buttons flying in every direction.

Bay's hands pushed the material down off his shoulders. Stefan let it drop to the ground as he moved in for another taste of Bay. Lush lips eagerly met his, Bay's tongue warring for dominance then submitting.

Stefan's entire body felt like it was on fire. The smoldering flame he saw in Bay's eyes startled him. The man seemed to be as aroused as him. Stefan prayed that was true. He had a burning need to claim him forever mate.

A passionate fluttering grew in Stefan's stomach as he stroked Bay's skin moving his hands down the man's body to his waist. It felt unbelievable to be holding his forever mate in his arms and having the man respond to him.

And Bay was so damn responsive.

Stefan kissed his way down Bay's jaw line to his throat where he would soon bite the man, bonding them together. Every swipe of his tongue brought a new explosion of sensation across his tongue.

Bay's tormented groan went straight to Stefan's cock. He shuddered, his control barely there. Bay touched him, his hands caressing Stefan's body. Each touch, each skim of Bay's fingers against his skin inflamed Stefan's desire until he burned out of control.

Stefan's fingers fumbled with the buttons on Bay's slacks. Frustrated, he extended his claws and tore the buttons, yanking the pants from the man. Bay didn't even seem to notice. Stefan's own jeans took less time. He just needed to get them open and pushed down his legs.

His cock leaking copious amounts of pre cum, Stefan lifted Bay up into his arms and pressed the man's body back against the side of the truck. He grasped the man's ass cheeks and pulled them apart so that he could rub along the crack with his wet cock.

Stefan nudged his cock to the opening of Bay's body and started to push forward. Bay gripped his shoulders, his eyes wild.


Stefan immediately stopped moving and looked at Bay, waiting.


Stefan grinned. "Already taken care of, sweetness."


"That too," Stefan said as he pushed home in one thrust. Bay wailed, his head falling back against the side of the truck. Stefan struck, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of Bay's throat.

"Oh my god, you're biting me," Bay cried out.

For a moment Stefan thought Bay would protest. Then he felt the Bay's hands clench in his hair. One of Bay's hands held Stefan's head to his neck. The other stroked the strong tendons on the back of Stefan's neck.

"Oh god, that is so fucking hot!"