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Forever Mates: Yuri & Liam

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He scooted close to the big man, tilting his head back to look up at Yuri. “You said you cuddled?” It was sort of a question and sort of a reminder that Yuri said he cuddled.

Liam cuddled.

Well, truthfully, Liam liked to cuddle. He hadn’t found too many people in his time that liked it. Jace, Bay, and Rue would cuddle with him every once in awhile when he really needed it. He tried not to need it too often because he didn’t like coming off as…well… needy.

“I do cuddle, Liam.” Yuri seemed to serious, not a sign of a smile anywhere. “I’ve just never had anyone that wanted to cuddle with me for very long.” Yuri waved his hand down his massive muscular body. “Most people are scared of me.”

Liam’s eyes rounded. “I’m not.”

His heart stuttered in his chest when the corners of Yuri’s eyes crinkled as the man smiled. Yuri’s big beautiful green eyes smiled when he did.

Liam liked that.

He turned and climbed onto his knees, kneeling next to Yuri on the swing as he reached out and touched the small little crow’s feet wrinkles. “I like these.”

Yuri’s eyebrows rose up his forehead. “You like my wrinkles?”

“Those aren’t wrinkles.” Liam started to smile, the weightless feeling in his chest making him feel like he could float. “Those are laugh lines. You like to laugh.”

Yuri’s mouth curved up with tenderness. “I love to laugh.”

“Me too.” Liam’s smiled widened when Yuri’s arms moved around him, picking him up and settling him against the man’s broad chest. Liam laid his head down on Yuri’s shoulder, resting his hand on the soft skin above his shirt. “We should make it a practice to laugh as often as we can.”

Yuri’s soft chuckled filled his ears. The warmth of his smile echoed in his words. “I’d like that, Liam. I’d like that very much.”

Satisfied that he had gotten what he wanted without having to sound too needy, Liam closed his eyes and listened to Yuri’s heartbeat as they swayed in the swing. After a little while, he felt Yuri move, covering him with the soft cotton blanket he had brought out with him.

Liam was pretty sure he had never felt anything so wonderful as swinging on the porch with Yuri until he felt the man’s large hands slide under the hem of his shirt and start stroking his skin.

“Yuri,” he groaned.

The hands instantly stopped moving. “Do you want me to stop?”

He was asking?

Liam opened his eyes and peered up into Yuri’s serious face. “No, but thank you for asking. No one ever has before.”

Yuri’s smile faded a little as he looked down at Liam. “I’ll always ask, Liam. You’re too precious to be taken for granted.”

Liam swallowed hard. When was the last time someone had thought him precious? Had anyone ever thought it?

Liam knew his parents never had. They seemed to hate him from his very first breathe. Getting kicked out the day he turned eighteen was the nicest thing they ever did for him. They hadn’t even known he was gay. They probably would have killed him if they had.

“I like you touching me.”

Yuri’s eyes crinkled again. “Yeah?”

Liam’s breathing hitched when Yuri;s hand continued to slide under his shirt, moving up to flick his nipple. “Ye-Yeah.” Liam turned and arched, pressing his chest into Yuri’s hand. “Li-Like it a lot.”

Hell, he loved it. The calluses on Yuri’s skin created an added sensation when it rubbed against Liam’s. He sucked in his lower lip and moaned when one of his nipples was plucked between Yuri’s thumb and finger, pulled and tugged. If he didn’t know better, he’d think there was an invisible line between his nipples and his cock. Each tug made his cock pulse with need.

“Yuri,” he breathed.

“That is such a wonderful sound, Liam,” Yuri whispered against the top of Liam’s head. “So needy.” Yuri’s fingers moved to tug and squeeze the other nipple. “Are you needy, Liam?”

“Yesss,” Liam hissed as he arched again. He never suspected that his nipples could be so sensitive. Of course, that might have been because no one had really ever taken the time to play with them before.

“I’d really like to taste these, Liam,” Yuri aid as he rolled one of Liam’s nipples between his fingers. “Why don’t you take off your shirt and come up here where I can taste them?”

Liam blinked for a moment, trying to understand exactly what Yuri wanted. He was having a hard time processing anything that took brain power.

“Do you need help?”

Liam nodded.

Yuri chuckled as he drew Liam up into a sitting position. Liam grabbed onto Yuri’s shoulders when he was lifted and swung around to straddle the large man’s legs, and he had to seriously spread his legs to get them over the man’s thick thighs.

“Arms up, baby.”

Liam lifted his arms into the air. A moment later, his shirt was pulled up and over his head. As Yuri tossed the shirt aside, his eyes moved to the twin brown disks on Liam’s chest. “So pretty, baby.”

Liam glanced down, concerned about Yuri’s sanity. He was skinny, pale, and barely had any muscle definition at all. He wasn’t pretty.

When Yuri leaned forward and licked at one of his nipples, Liam forgot to be worried about how he looked and just felt. His fingers dug into Yuri’s shoulders as he hung on as his entire body buzzed.


Yuri used his tongue to circle Liam’s nipple, going around and around before moving across the taut little bud. Liam could barely breathe, his entire world centered on what Yuri was doing to him.

When Yuri’s teeth nipped at his nipple, Liam head dropped back on his shoulders as he arched and pushed into Yuri. The small bite was just enough to put Liam on edge. When Yuri’s hands slid down the back of his jeans and squeezed his ass cheeks, the last bit of control Liam had disintegrated.

“Yuri!” The man’s name was pulled from the depths of Liam’s soul as his body stiffened and then erupted, ropes of cum filling his jeans.

“Christ, baby, did you just come?”