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Forever Mates: Zus & Rue

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    Deciding he’d waited long enough, Zus got to his feet. Without a word to his brothers, he crossed the room to stand in front of the man he desired. Zus knew he wasn’t as gentle or charming as his brothers. The pulse beating rapidly in the little man’s throat said he didn’t have to be.

“Come,” he ordered before turning to walk away. He knew the man would follow before he even heard the soft tread of his feet on the hard tiled floor. Zus tried the utility closet door and found it locked. The scent of Mikhail, the other man, and sex filled his nostrils.

Zus ignored it, and the ache it brought him. He walked further down the hallway to the man’s restroom and walked in, the door swishing closed behind him. A moment later, the door opened and a smaller figure pushed in.

Zus stepped right up to the man, pushing him into the wall even as he grabbed the man by the hair and tugged his head back. The man’s mocha-brown eyes were wide open. There was a hint of fear, but it was nearly overridden by desire blazing in their depths.

“You’re mine.” It wasn’t a question. Zus had every intention of making this man his. The sudden flash of liquid brown told him the man wasn’t adverse to his attentions. The hard bulge in his pants told him the man liked Zus’s charming words.

“Get rid of the clothes,” Zus ordered. He stepped back, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched. The man was made for him. He followed Zus’s orders eagerly, quickly pulling his shirt off then his jeans and the rest of his clothes until he stood naked.

“Fucking perfect!” Zus hissed.

The man’s face flamed, but his jutting cock jerked in response to Zus’s praise. It was the ideal response from a man he would soon dominate. Praise and censure were excellent tools for training, and Rue seemed susceptible to both.

Zus seized the man, hauling him into his arms. He grabbed his hair again, yanking his head back. Huge brown eyes blinked up at him. Zus knew he would continue to drown in those big mocha-brown eyes for the rest of his days.

“Your name.”

“Rue, uh, Rueben, I mean,” the man stammered as his eyelashes fluttered. “Rueben Tasquer.”

“You know you’re mine now, don’t you, Rue?” Zus asked. It would be the last time he asked. Once he claimed the man, and he would, there would be no turning back. Rueben Tasquer would belong to him until he took his very last breath.


That was all Zus needed to know. He lowered his lips and claimed Rue’s. The instant molding of the man’s body against his made Zus growl into Rue’s mouth. The man had just melted. It made Zus harder then he thought possible.

He ached.

Pulling his lips away, Zus swung Rue around and pushed him down to lean against the bathroom countertop. He tapped the man’s legs apart until he spread them. It was only then that he spotted the ring of silver on the man’s perineum glinting in the soft bathroom light.

Zus groaned. Fate had a way of picking the most perfect mate for each individual even if they didn’t agree at the time. Zus did. Rue seemed to be everything he had ever wanted even if he hadn’t known he wanted it until the man stood before him.

Squatting down behind the man, he grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart to get a better look. Hard, heavy balls hung just beyond the piercing. A tight pink hole twinkled at Zus just above.

Zus leaned forward and caught the small ring with his tongue, tugging on it. Rue cried out. His body trembled under Zus’s hands. Zus tugged harder. He stuck his finger in his mouth and got it all wet before pushing it against the pink puckered hole above the guiche piercing.

His finger got sucked right in as if Rue’s body needed to be filled. Zus knew his saliva, much like his pre-cum, would loosen Rue’s tight body naturally so that he felt no pain, only exquisite pleasure.

He still wanted to be sure because he knew he couldn’t go easy on the man. He wanted him too much. With that in mind, Zus pushed another finger into Rue’s ass. The man squirmed, wiggling his ass and silently begging for more.

Zus leaned back and brought his other hand down hard on the man’s ass cheek. Rue’s legs trembled so much he was afraid the man might collapse. Zus started to pull his fingers free to grab Rue before he fell to the ground, but the man pushed back with his hips.

“No, please,” Rue begged.

Zus thrust his fingers back in.

Rue cried out.

Zus stood to his feet and looked down at the man he had bent over the countertop. From behind Rue was gorgeous. His long, lean back dipped at the bottom, inviting Zus to lick along the sleek lines. A nicely rounded ass fell below the dip.

It begged to be paddled.

Zus couldn’t stop himself from bringing his hand down on Rue’s ass. He wouldn’t have been able to stop himself if it meant the world would come to an end. The soft pale skin begged to be reddened.

“Oh yes,” Rue cried out, “please.”