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Heart & Soul

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"You are playing with fire, moron. I’m not a monster like them, but you are tempting a newly turned bloodsucker." Jasper inwardly cringed at what he had just called himself, but he had to make Marc see what he was doing to Jasper. He was only hum—Crap, not anymore. Now he had something else to add to his crappy-things-that-happened-to-him-list. It seemed to be growing pretty damn fast lately.

"It's okay, Jasper. You're not taking from me or forcing me to do anything I don't want to do," Marc said as he turned his head and barred his throat to Jasper. "I'm offering."

Jasper groaned as the pulse in Marc's throat called to him. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was more than he could ignore, especially when Marc seemed so willing. Jasper leaned forward and scraped his fangs along the arch of Marc's neck.

As he sank his fangs into Marc's skin, he heard as well as felt the low moan that rolled up the man's throat. Marc's hands tightened on Jasper's arms as Jasper began to suck, hot, delicious, and soul satisfying blood splashing across his tongue.

Jasper could feel the life giving nutrients of Marc's blood sink into his cells, bringing them back to life, invigorating them. The rush to his system was overwhelming. His heart jolted and his pulse began pounding. The very air around him seemed electrified.

He could feel Marc's heart thudding against his own, the man's body tensing. Jasper froze as his senses leapt to life. He could smell Marc's blood, taste it on his tongue. But there was something else in the air, something more.

When Marc groaned and moved Jasper to the cradle of his thighs, Jasper knew, and he gloried in Marc's reaction. He had never been aroused by any vampire that fed from him. Maybe it was different for Marc since the man was offering his blood instead of having in forced from him.

Jasper could only hope so.

He reached down and palmed Marc's hard erection through the tattered material covering him. Marc groaned and flinched away. For a moment, Jasper thought he had read things wrong, that Marc wasn't turned on by being bitten, until he felt Marc's hand move his and then the man started humping against him.

Still, Jasper was confused by Marc's reaction. He quickly withdrew his teeth and licked the bite mark closed, not wanting Marc to continue bleeding. And then he raised his head to look down into Marc's face.

"Marc, what—"

"I'm a little tender down there, baby. That fucking blond vampire with the scar down his cheek tried to kick my nuts up into my throat."


"Is that his name?"

Jasper nodded and glanced down toward Marc's crotch. He was surprised to find that even with the low light, he could see Marc perfectly. And he was right. There were bruises on the skin that Jasper could see through the torn fabric. If Victor damaged Marc’s goodies, Jasper was going to hunt the man down and rip his balls from his body. He was horny, but he wasn’t a bastard. If Marc couldn’t do anything, Jasper wouldn’t force the man.

"You should have said something."

"Jasper." Marc sounded really exasperated. "I can understand you licking my cuts but I wasn't about to ask you to lick my balls."

Jasper smirked as he glanced up at Marc. "Why not? I would have enjoyed it. And I can guarantee you would have too." He hoped, considering he had never licked a nut in his life. But for Marc…yeah, buddy.

He didn't wait for Marc's reply, which he was sure would be slow in coming as Marc's jaw had dropped open. Jasper moved down so that he was kneeling between Marc's legs. He carefully removed the fabric that covered Marc's injured flesh, wincing when he saw the bruising. Damn, that had to hurt. “I think you have redefined blue balls, Marc.”

“Thanks, I think.”

Jasper leaned down and lick a long line from the bottom of Marc's balls up to the tip of his cock. Hmm, salty.

"Oh fuck, Jasper."

Jasper grinned wickedly at the man. Oh, yeah, he had put that look of total desire on Marc’s face. Jasper would have gotten up to do a happy dance if he didn’t have Marc’s nuts presently at his lips.

Jasper started his crusade to fix Marc balls, licking them several times before soaking each small globe into his mouth. He wanted to insure that every inch of abused flesh was well healed before he moved on. When Marc's sac pulled up tight against his body, Jasper knew it was time to move on.

He may not have any experience with a man, but he had plenty with his hand. He knew the signs of an impending orgasm when he saw one. Jasper hadn't a clue what he was doing, but he did have a very active imagination. He had plenty of time in the fucking dark to envision all sorts of things, even naughty thoughts at times. There just never was a face, because hell if he was imagining one of the vampires as he got himself off.

But now he had a face, and what a damn handsome face it was.

He began by licking up each side of Marc's cock, making sure he covered each inch of the massive shaft with his tongue. When Marc's cock began to pulse and jerk, Jasper sucked the tip into his mouth.

The taste of pre-cum exploded on Jasper's tongue and he knew he wanted more. Marc's seed tasted just as good as his blood. Using his tongue, Jasper licked at the tender depression beneath the mushroomed shaped head and then tongue-fucked the tiny slit at the top, licking away the salty taste of Marc’s desires. He enveloped the hard flesh and began to suck earnestly, swallowing Marc's cock until it hit the back of his throat.

Fighting his gag reflex, Jasper nuzzled in the wiry curls tickling his nose before licking his way back up the fully hard shaft and sucking at the engorged head to savor more of Marc's pre-cum. As he swallowed without trouble, Jasper felt a large hand on his head and looked up to see Marc gazing down at him.

"Baby, I—" Marc groaned as his head fell back.

Jasper felt the muscled thighs beneath his hand tense and knew what Marc was trying to tell him. He recognized the signs of Marc's approaching orgasm and was more than ready to swallow Marc's release.

He took Marc's hard cock fully into his mouth in one swift move and sucked ferociously. Marc came with an incoherent, hoarse shout, filling Jasper's mouth. Jasper swallowed greedily, savoring the salty sweet taste of Marc's seed.

Damn, he had done it!