Story Excerpt
Heart & Soul

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After checking for noise, Marc pushed the door open and stepped inside. He had been expecting another storage room.

He was wrong.

The room was surrounded on three sides by couches, and they were fancy looking couches. The cushions were as white as snow but the actual frames were gilded in gold. Marc had seen something like this in a museum in France. There wasn't enough money in the world to make him sit in one of the fragile couches. He didn't want to end up on the floor on his ass.

The third wall was covered in a deep crimson red curtain that fell all of the way to the floor. It drew Marc like a beacon. He didn't know what he would find behind the curtain, and he was almost afraid to find out. But he had to know.

Marc stepped over to the deep bloodred cloth and parted it just enough to see inside the small room attached. There was light but it seemed to be coming from a room beyond the curtained room. The room he was staring into was dark enough that Marc felt safe stepping through the crimson veil. He made sure that the curtain was closed behind him and didn't cast any light into the small closed off room.

When he turned, he marveled at what he was seeing. It was a viewing room or some sort. A chair sat central in the room, a small table next to it with a small console with a big black button in the middle of it.

The far wall was made of glass from about midpoint up the wall all of the way to the ceiling. Through the glass, Marc could see at least five other windows such as his, even if he could not see the occupants. In the center of all the viewing rooms was what looked like some sort of raised platform, like a stage.

Marc crouched down on the floor and searched his backpack for his night vision goggles. Peaking just over the edge of the partition, he looked at the other rooms. Three of the five rooms were vacant. The other two had men sitting in the chairs in the middle of the rooms.

He really hoped whoever was in them couldn't see him.

Marc winced when the ceiling light in the middle of the viewing rooms suddenly came on. He quickly dropped his night vision goggles and dropped back down behind the partition. He took a moment to rub his aching eyeballs and then peeked back over the edge and through the glass again.

What he saw sent shivers of rage through Marc. It was obvious from one look that the two men entering the room were vastly different. One was a guard and one was not. The guard was dressed in black leather with an automatic rifle in his hands.

The young man, however, was dressed in a long flowing crimson red cape, about the same color as the curtains behind Marc. Marc didn't understand why the man just stood there when the guard pulled his hood back and then pulled the cloak from his body until he saw the man's bound hands.

And holy fuck, the man was stark ass naked.

He was rather slim but Marc could see a few muscles here and there. His skin was alabaster white, as if he had never seen sunlight before. Marc wasn't able to make out the man's eye color but he did notice the collar length mocha-brown hair.

Marc didn't even want to look any further than that considering that the man was obviously a prisoner, but he couldn't help himself. His jaw dropped when he caught sight of the very nice flaccid cock hanging from the man's hairless groin. Oh hell, did they shave the man before putting him on display?

Who were these fuckers?

He clenched his teeth as the man's bound hands were drawn above his head and placed over a hook hanging from the ceiling. The guard stepped back into the shadows and the small platform began to slowly spin. It was no doubt meant to give each viewer time to peruse the merchandise.

Marc blinked in shock as a voice came over the loud speaker and began presenting the merchandise for the viewers.

"Jasper is AB negative due to the absence of his proteins A, B, and Rh. As only 1% of the human population has an AB Negative blood type, Jasper is considered quite a rare find. To add to his resume, Jasper has no human chemicals in his system. He does not smoke, drink, or do drugs of any kind. As he has been kept in virtual isolation by his former master, his system is clean of any human influence."

Well, hell!

"The bidding will begin at one hundred thousand dollars."

Whoever was in control of this place was auctioning the man hanging from a hook in the middle of the ceiling off to the highest bidder. And two things were readily apparent. One, Jasper was human. Two, he was being auctioned off as a blood slave.

"The biding is now at one hundred and fifty thousand. Do I hear one seventy five?"

Marc couldn't allow this to happen. No matter what his mission was, he couldn't just stand by and watch some poor man being sold off. It went against everything he fought for, everything he believed in.

There had to be a way for Marc to rescue Jasper, and if not continue his mission, at least escape with his life intact, and hopefully Jasper's, too. He just had to figure out exactly how to accomplish both objectives without getting either of them killed.

"The bidding is now at two hundred thousand," the voice over the loud speaker stated. "Do I hear two hundred and fifty thousand?"

Marc was really starting to hate that voice.

He dropped down behind the partition wall again and grabbed for his backpack. He had packed light when he went on this mission, assuming it would only involve reconnaissance. But he wasn't stupid.

He always brought a few toys from home.