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Heart Song

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Darren was mesmerized by the sensual glint in Ash’s baby blue eyes as the man slowly lowered his head. He captured Darren’s lips in a deep, spine-tingling kiss that rocked him all the way down to his toes.

Darren groaned at the strong, heady taste of the man kissing him filling his mouth. He grabbed the front of Ash’s shirt and pulled him closer, needing more contact with Ash’s body. The feeling of Ash’s hard body against his was heaven. Darren bent his leg and pressed his knee against the outer edge of Ash’s waist. His hands clenched in the fabric of Ash’s shirt as the man’s body pressed closer against him.

Darren wanted more. He tugged on Ash’s shirt, pulling on him. He groaned, the tingles shooting throughout his body at the touch of Ash’s hand moving down his body almost more than he could handle.

Ash gripped Darren’s hips and pulled him closer. Darren shuddered when he felt the thickness of Ash’s hard cock push against the apex of his thighs. He moved, crying out when his cock smashed against Ash’s.

He looked up at Ash, the heat smoldering in the man’s eyes burning into him. When Ash moved his hand and gripped his ass cheek, Darren couldn’t help but arch up into the man’s body. The sensations brought on by the man above him were just too great to ignore.

“Dean,” Ash rasped out, “why don’t you and the pups go get something to eat?”

“Yeah, it shouldn’t take us too long to find something,” Dean replied.

Darren glanced up to see Dean gathering the puppies up in his arms and carrying them out the door, shutting it behind him. He wanted the man gone so he could get busy with Ash, but he was concerned about letting the puppies out of his sight.

“Uh, he won’t—”

“The pups couldn’t be in safer hands, Dary,” Ash murmured between kisses along Darren’s neck and jaw line. “I promise.”

Darren tried to reply, to make some intelligent response other than a strangle moan, but the blood was draining from his brain and pooling in his groin with each touch of Ash’s lips on his sensitive skin.

“Ash…Ash, I—”

“Shh, Dary, I have you,” Ash whispered. Darren groaned and arched into the hand Ash cupped around his aching cock. He shuddered when he heard the soft rasp of a zipper being pulled down. Cool air hit his shaft before it was quickly covered by Ash’s hot hand. “I’ll take good care of you, love.”

“Oh, I dreamed of this,” Darren whispered raggedly. “I dreamed of your hands on me. It’s been so long, and all I’ve had is the voice in my head to jerk off to. It’s—” Darren suddenly gasped and sat up, pushing Ash’s hand away to bury his head in his hands as he groaned.

“Oh my god, I’ve been jerking off to the voice in my head.” Darren never felt more embarrassed than he did at that moment. For years, he’d been jerking off to the sexy voice in his head…and the voice was real!

“And you wouldn’t believe how sexy that was, Dary.” Darren resisted the hands that pulled him back for just a moment then cuddled into Ash’s broad chest, burying his face against the man. “And just a little bit dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” Darren frowned then tilted his head back to look up into Ash’s smiling face. “How could that be dangerous?”

“That voice thing goes both ways, Dary. I can hear you just as you hear me. I can also feel you like you feel me.” Ash’s smirk seemed to be directed more at himself than Darren. “I’d be sitting in a meeting or something, and all of a sudden I’d be horny as hell, your sweet voice murmuring to me, every aroused emotion you had hitting me like a ton of bricks. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve left a meeting right in the middle of it to go jerk off in my bathroom.”

Darren started to chuckle as the image of Ash running from a meeting to go relieve himself in the bathroom filled his head. He didn’t quite feel so bad knowing he affected Ash just as much as the big man affected him.

“So, this bond thing goes both ways then?”

“Yeah, it does,” Ash said, frowning slightly. “Does that bother you?”

“No, it’s just a little hard to get used to. I’m remembering everything I said to you, all the stuff I shared with the voice. It’s a little embarrassing, you know?”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Dary. We are bonded, we share everything.”

“Yeah?” Darren liked the sound of that. He wanted someone special to share everything with. He hated being alone, although as he looked back, he never felt truly alone as long as he had the voice in his head talking to him.

“Yeah.” One corner of Ash’s mouth lifted up in a small smile. “If you remember back, I didn’t just listen to you, I talked to you, too. I shared my deepest desires with you, even if you only thought I was a voice in your head.”

“I just can’t believe you’re real.”

Ash chuckled, the sound rumbling through his chest. Darren closed his eyes and groaned when he felt Ash’s hand move down his body to wrap around his cock again. “I’m very real, Dary.”

Darren couldn’t believe how fast the touch of Ash’s hands on his body could take him from normal to hot and horny in a matter of seconds. The man barely had to touch him and Darren felt like he was going up in flames.

“I want…I want…” Darren wasn’t sure how to ask what he wanted. He wasn’t even sure if he should ask. He wasn’t even sure what he wanted. According to Ash, they had been getting to know each other for years, shared their deepest, most intimate thoughts with each other. Yet, they’d just met in person.

Darren shuddered when Ash’s hands pushed down the back of his pants and between his ass checks, Ash’s fingers skimming over his puckered hole. “Soon, Dary, soon I will take you here and make you all mine.”

Darren wanted it now! He wanted the hard cock he could feel pressing against him to pound into his ass. His sensitive hole quivered at the mere thought. Darren started panting. He needed so bad.

“Ash, please!”