Adult Excerpt
Heavenly Scent

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Jude groaned deeply. It slowly turned into a deep rumbling purr type of noise as Jude grabbed Tripp’s shirt and yanked him closer. If Tripp hadn’t been so shocked at the strength in the little man, he would have stopped Jude from nuzzling into his neck.


By the time he felt Jude’s tongue lick up the side of his neck, it was too late. Tripp bit his lip to stifle his outcry of surprise when a flash of pain flared through his throat as something sharp tore into his flesh. It was short and quick and over before he knew exactly what happened.

And then pleasure slammed into Tripp so hard and so fast that his knees almost buckled.

His cock throbbed in his jeans, scraping against his zipper so hard that he was afraid he would have permanent zipper marks on his dick. Tripp was ready to pound nails—or someone’s sweet little ass.

When he wrapped his arms around Jude and lifted the little man up into his arms, Jude shuddered and tried to climb right up the front of him. It was like Jude couldn’t get close enough. Tripp solved that problem by wrapping one arm under Jude’s ass and the other around his back, holding Jude as close as he possibly could while they were in two separate sets of clothing.

“Bloody hell, Jude.” Tripp’s voice was dry and breathless. “What are you doing?”

Tripp’s eyes swept the room to see if Jude’s attack had been noticed by anyone in the bar. He wasn’t exactly against sexual displays in public, but he wasn’t exactly sure what was going on here and before he flipped Jude over the bar and fucked him within an inch of his life, he wanted to find out why Jude had lost his mind.

And for that, he needed privacy.

Tripp swung around and strode quickly across the bar to the men’s bathroom—not his favorite spot for a little interlude, but it would do in an emergency, and this definitely qualified as an emergency.

Two men were pressed up against the fake marble sink counter making out when Tripp walked in. Tripp growled deep in his throat. The two men sprang apart, staring at Tripp with wide eyes. “Out!”

They eyed Tripp warily as they scooted around him and Jude then ran from the bathroom. Tripp made his way down the aisle of stalls, kicking each of them open until he had assured himself that they were alone.

“Jude,” Tripp said as he tried to peel the man off his chest. Jude wasn’t budging. He grunted and tightened his arms around Tripp’s neck. Tripp rolled his eyes, not sure whether to be exasperated or aroused. “Jude, baby, you need to let go now.”

Tripp winced when Jude shook his head, the sharp little teeth embedded in flesh pulling at his sensitive skin. Tripp liked biting just as much as the next guy but this was getting ridiculous.

“Damn it, Jude, I said now!” He swatted Jude on the ass to get his point across.

Jude whimpered.

Tripp swatted him again.

Jude stilled then slowly withdrew his teeth and licked at Tripp’s skin. When he pulled back, his head was bowed but Tripp could still see Jude’s pink tongue moving across his lips as if savoring the taste lingering there.

“What in the hell was that all about, Jude?” Tripp asked as he set Jude on his feet and stepped back. When Jude followed, Tripp rolled his eyes and stuck his hand out, grabbing Jude’s shoulder and keeping him right where he was—with plenty of space between them.

Instead of answering him, Jude dropped to his knees. He had Tripp’s jeans unzipped and his dick out before Tripp even felt the brush of his fingers. And then he only felt Jude’s hot, wet mouth as it closed around his hard length.

“Oh fuck!” Tripp groaned as his fingers clenched in Jude’s curly-black hair. His hand cradled the back of Jude’s head as he slid slowly in and out of Jude’s mouth. Jude knelt in front of him, gripping Tripp’s hips and relaxing into Tripp’s touch.

“Suck it,” Tripp groaned, knowing this was a really bad idea but unable to help himself. Jude had a fantastic mouth.

And apparently, he had no gag reflex.

At. All.

Jude practically shoved his face into Tripp’s groin as he took him to the back of his throat, using his throat muscles to milk Tripp’s shaft. Jude pressed the palms of his hands into Tripp’s thighs as he leaned forward, swallowing the entire damn thing down his throat.

Not many had done that.

As Jude's throat massaged his length, Tripp felt his cock tingled, aching for release, his balls drawn and tight. He pushed his cock to the back of Jude’s throat, waiting for Jude’s reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and thrusting into him again.

 “Damn, baby, just like that.” He was so fucking close.

Tripp’s fingers trailed under Jude’s jaw and settled on his neck, feeling Jude’s throat muscles work as he sucked Tripp off. Jude began to smile around Tripp’s cock and then hummed, the vibrations making Tripp hiss.

“Jude,” Tripp moaned. His hips bucked, sending his thick cock further down Jude’s throat. Jude opened his mouth wider, accepting the girth as he let his tongue explore the length of Tripp’s shaft. He lapped at Tripp as though the man's cock were an especially tasty treat.

Jude moved further down, licking and kissing his way to the root of Tripp’s shaft and then back up to the tip. Tripp moaned as Jude swirled his tongue around Tripp’s cock before pressing the tip into the slit in the flared head of his shaft.

Tripp groaned and buried his hands in Jude's hair as the smaller man began to tongue him hard and fast. Jude’s mouth tormented him, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick.

Tripp held Jude's head as he felt his orgasm approach. His pumped his hips towards Jude's mouth, and pumping furiously. Jude sucked and swallowed until, with a loud grunt, Tripp's release flooded Jude’s welcoming mouth.