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His Gentle Touch

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Micah trembled when Gideon’s hands touched him. His long fingers wrapped around Micah’s ankles and pulled until Micah was lying in the middle of the bed. Gideon slowly climbed up the bed until he lay between Micah’s thighs, his body covering Micah’s.

The groan that had been building up in Micah since Gideon had started taking his clothes off rushed from his mouth. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back as Gideon began planting little kisses along his jaw and bare throat.

“Mmm, you taste as good as I remember, libeling,” Gideon murmured. He licked at the soft skin beneath Micah’s chin. Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!

“I’m going to eat you up.” Okay!

Large hands covered Micah’s skin, caressing him, arousing him. Micah thought his head might blow off. His hands clenched against Gideon’s broad shoulders. He widened his thighs, Gideon settling closer to him. Micah could feel his hard cock pressing against Gideon’s abdomen leaving a trail of pre-cum as he humped his hips.

The pressure building inside of him was so intense Micah didn’t know how long he was going to last. He had wanted this for so long, dreamed of it. Now that it was actually happening, Micah thought he just might up and die. But not before he felt Gideon inside of him.

“Gideon,” Micah pleaded. He thrust his hips against Gideon again. “I need, Gideon.”

“I have you, libeling,” Gideon replied. God, yes, he did.

Micah’s mind went blank when he felt Gideon’s fingers move against him. He distantly heard a drawer open, felt movement as Gideon grabbed at something then settled back between his legs. He didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was Gideon’s body pressed against his and the soft pressure of fingers pushing inside of him.

Micah had never thought to feel this again. He also knew he would have to remember every last second of it for future fantasies. His body soaked up every last touch, every single soft breath against his skin.

A small part of Micah’s soul rebelled at the thought that he would never have Gideon like this again. He knew he should be protesting, something. He shouldn’t give into Gideon’s seduction just because he ached so much. Gideon didn’t love him, not like Micah deserved, not like Micah dreamed about.

Micah knew when Gideon left he would be devastated. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to live through it. The time before had been hard enough. This time would be even harder because now he would have a much clearer memory. But it would be so much more than he had before today.

A long tortured groan fell from Micah’s lips as long thick fingers pressed into him. Even if there was a slight tinge of pain, Micah was glad that he hadn’t brought anyone home since meeting Gideon. It made it all that much sweeter to know he hadn’t been unfaithful to his husband, even if Gideon denied that status.

Gideon sat up and knelt between Micah’s thighs. Micah tried to reach for Gideon needing to touch him, to hold him, but Gideon grabbed his ankles and placed them over his strong shoulders. He grabbed Micah’s hips.

Micah’s body vibrated. He knew what was coming. He craved it. Micah’s hands fisted in the blanket on each side of his body. He felt Gideon’s hard cock press against him. He was ready, oh, so very ready, but Gideon seemed to hesitate.

Micah’s heart began to beat frantically in his chest. Had Gideon changed his mind? And at this late point in things? Micah knew he would do anything to have Gideon one last time. Micah tilted his hips and pushed back until the head of Gideon’s cock pushed past the first ring of muscles.

He heard Gideon groan above him. He felt Gideon’s hands dig into his hips to the point of bruising. It was a kind of pleasurable pain. It told Micah that Gideon was really here, that the thick cock thrusting into him was not made up from his desperate imagination.

“Oh God, libeling,” Gideon moaned, “I missed this so much.”

Micah would have voiced his agreement if Gideon hadn’t pushed into his ass the last few inches at that exact moment. His head arched back, his mouth falling open. Micah couldn’t do anything except feel.

Slow even thrusts began as Gideon impaled Micah over and over again. Micah groaned. Gideon was moving so slow. He was so controlled. Micah wanted him out of control. He wanted Gideon to be as frantic as he felt.

Micah reached up and plucked at Gideon’s nipples. He squeezed his inner muscles around Gideon’s cock. When Gideon’s body settled over the top of him Micah latched onto the soft skin of Gideon’s neck with his lips and teeth.

He felt Gideon’s body press him down into the mattress as the powerful thrust of his hips increased. He could hear the breath in Gideon’s throat escape in a raged moan. The hands that held Micah’s hips trembled.

Micah felt a tingle start at the base of his spine and move up through his body. He knew he was about to come and Gideon hadn’t even touched his cock. He wanted Gideon to come with him. He wanted this memory.

Micah framed Gideon’s face with his hands and looked up into his eyes. What he saw shocked him. Gideon’s grey eyes were filled with bewilderment, desire. Most importantly, they seemed to be filled with adoration.

“Come for me, love,” Micah commanded.

Gideon’s loud roar filled the room and shook the windows as his sudden release overtook him. The ferocity of it sent Micah over the edge and he joined Gideon, filling the space between them with his seed.

Micah felt Gideon thrust into him once, twice, then slump down on top of him. His hands slid around Gideon’s neck holding him close, not wanting to let him go. If he could just hold onto Gideon for a few more minutes…

It was Micah’s last thought before exhaustion took him.