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His To Bear

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This was insane. His bear was so close to the surface, George was surprised he didn't have fur. The intensity of the emotions rushing through him made him shudder. He felt as if he was seconds away from crawling out of his skin.

He was never this out of control. Never. It was one of the things his parents had used against him. They believed it meant he was even tempered. He knew it was because he didn't want to make waves.

George got up and walked to the sink to splash some cold water on his face. If he didn't get himself under control, he'd never be able to leave the bathroom.

"You okay in there, George?"

George jumped.

"Ye—" He cleared his throat and tried again. "Yeah, I'm good. I'll be out in just a moment."

He inhaled a shaky breath then pulled the bathroom door open. The moment he stepped out into the bedroom and the bathroom light shone on the man across the room taking his shirt off, George knew he was in bigger trouble than he thought.

Twin glints of gold twinkled from the small rings in Leon's nipples. A kaleidoscope of color splashed across the man's muscular chest in the form of a red dragon tattoo and a dark tribal pattern amid thick dark hair.

George hissed at the pain that went through his shaft as he hardened to a steel rod. He could practically hear the seams of his jeans threatening to split wide open as his pants tightened unbearably.

"I...uh...I need to take a shower."

George grabbed a clean pair of boxers off his dresser then spun and raced back into the bathroom, slamming the door closed. He leaned back against the solid wood and tried to drag life giving oxygen into his lungs. He was positive he was dying.

When he heard Leon moving around in the bedroom, he hurried over to the shower and turned it on. He stripped his clothes off and dropped them in the hamper then climbed into the shower.

George leaned his head down under the steaming hot shower spray. He was never going to survive this. Maybe he just needed to tell Leon he'd be fine and didn't need the man's protective services.

George blinked at the instant rage that ripped through his bear at the mere thought of sending Leon away. Where in the hell had that come from? And why was his bear so damn upset at the thought of never seeing Leon again.

He was pretty in tune with his bear, always had been, but this new aggressive nature wasn't something he was used to. He didn't quite know what to make of it. Leon was sexy as hell, but that didn't explain this strange obsession his bear had for the man.

George just didn't understand it.

Of course, Leon really was gorgeous. He'd only gotten a glimpse of the man's shirtless chest before running back into the bathroom, but it was enough to fuel George's fantasies for years to come.

It was obvious Leon kept in shape. George supposed he had to for his job. But those rippling muscles...damn. Just damn. He wanted to lick every inch. From seeing how toned his chest was, George could just imagine what the rest of him looked like, and he had a great imagination.

He reached down and palmed his cock, giving it a hardy squeeze before slowly stroking down the full length then back up. He bet Leon had a tight compact ass. His jeans certainly seemed to hug those round globes tight enough.

George stroked himself a little faster as he imagined having Leon on his knees and separating those twin globes and sliding his cock between them, pushing in until his balls pressed up against Leon's ass.

He'd fuck him slow at first, enjoying the slide against each inch of tight muscles as they squeezed his cock. Then he'd go a little faster, slamming into the man until Leon groaned and maybe begged for more.

George's breath caught, his chest moving up and down at a rapid pace as his body tightened. He wanted to fuck that perfect little ass so much. He'd cover Leon's body with his own, body pressed against body, skin to skin.

His cock deep in Leon's ass. Thrusting. Withdrawing. Thrusting. Withdrawing. A fistful of hair. A needy moan. Lips on hot skin. Teeth embedded in the skin of Leon's shoulder.


George groaned as his body erupted, overwhelmed by the pleasure of his fantasy. He slammed his hand against the shower wall. Ropes of pearly white cum shot out of his dick and splattered against the wall before going down the drain with the hot water.

 George dropped his head back under the shower spray as he tried to drag enough air into his lungs to breath. He gave his cock a couple more strokes before leaning both hands against the wall.

That had been unreal. He wasn't a virgin, but close enough. He didn't have a lot of experience simply because he wanted a connection with whoever he was with and not just some back alley hook-up. Still, he was pretty damn sure that was the best sexual experience of his life. It was sad that it had taken place in the shower while he was all alone.

He really needed to get a life.