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Honor Bound

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Ein felt so anxious his stomach twisted together in knots. He sat curled under a pile of furs on his platform in the byre waiting for Radulfr to join him. And he was butt ass naked. It didn't get anymore nerve racking than that.

He could hear people talking and laughing outside his door and knew that they would be coming in at any moment. He just wished that he had a little more time getting to know Radulfr or at least talking with him before the big show.

The very thought that not only would Radulfr be coming into the room in a moment but six other men that would watch them have sex, made Ein grip the furs in his hands so tight that his knuckles turned white.

He was scared enough about his performance during sex with Radulfr considering that he'd never had sex before. Add in the witnesses and Ein wasn't sure he was going to be able to do anything but lie there. He was terrified.

When the door opened and Radulfr stepped inside, Ein scooted up closer to the head of his bed and swallowed hard. It suddenly felt hard to breathe like there wasn't enough air in the room to take in.

"How are you doing, Ein?" Radulfr asked softly as if his words were just for Ein and not the men still standing outside. "Are you ready for this?"

Ein started shaking his head no until he realized what he was doing. He swallowed again. "I think so."

Radulfr smiled as he walked across the room to sit on the side of the bed next to Ein. He reached down and gently patted Ein's leg. Ein saw it coming but the touch of Radulfr's hand on his body, even through the furs, was still enough to make him jump. "It'll be okay, Ein, I promise. There's not much to this."

"I'm not sure that’s a good thing or not." Ein laughed nervously.

"I wanted a few minutes with you before the others came in to make sure you were ready for what is about to happen." Ein didn't jump this time when Radulfr patted his leg again and thought maybe he wasn't quite so nervous now that Radulfr was here. "Do you have any questions about what is going to happen?""

"Do they really have to watch us?" That’s the part Ein was most nervous about. "I'm not sure I can pretend they're not in the room."

"You let me worry about that. I have no doubt I'll be able to keep you plenty distracted."

Ein was dying of curiosity to know what Radulfr meant. He knew the basics of sex. He'd seen enough farm animals copulate to know what was done. He just didn't know how things were done between two people exactly.

"Will it hurt?"

"It might but I'll try to make sure there isn't too much pain. The more we come together, the less it will hurt."

"This witnessing thing, do they have to actually watch us or do they just have to be in the room? I mean, can we cover up with a fur or something?"

"Unfortunately, no. The witnesses must see me claim you in order for the requirements of the handsal to be completed. If we were hiding under the furs we could later say that we faked it and nothing really happened, thus nullifying the handsal. The witnesses wouldn't be able to say otherwise."

"So…" Ein felt his face start to pale, "they actually have to see it?"

"It?" Radulfr chuckled. "Yes, Ein, they have to actually see me fuck you in the ass."

Ein felt his face go from cold and clammy to burning hot in a split second. He gripped the fur in his hands tighter and pulled it up to his neck. He absently noticed that his hands were trembling and tried to hide them under the covers.

"Ein." Radulfr's voice was whisper soft as he reached for Ein's hands. "I promise, it won't be as bad as you think. You'll hardly even notice that they are in the room." Radulfr chuckled suddenly. "Well, at least I hope you will be too distracted to notice."

"Ho-how do we do this?"

"You mean how do two men have sex together?"

Ein shrugged, too embarrassed to put voice to what he was asking.

"You don't know?"

"Not exactly."

Ein's panic started to set in when Radulfr grabbed the furs covering his naked body and started slowly pulling on them. "What are you doing?"

Radulfr's amused smirk made Ein nervous. "I think it would be better if I showed you rather than told you."

"Sh-show me?" Ein slapped his hand over his mouth when his voice started to squeak. He felt like an idiot especially when Radulfr pulled the fur farther down and exposed him, a low growl coming from the man.

The fur down around his feet, Ein watched in rapt anticipation as Radulfr moved to kneel on the platform bed, slowly crawling up to cover him with his larger body. Ein felt the air leave his lungs when Radulfr settled over him but he couldn't seem to draw anymore back in.

"Radulfr," he panted when the man seemed to just be watching him. Radulfr didn't make any move toward him other than pressing their bodies together. He didn't touch or caress or kiss. He just stared until Ein began to grow anxious. "What's wrong?"

"Do you have any idea how truly beautiful you are?"

"Me?" He was squeaking again.

"Yes, you." Radulfr chuckled. "I know men are supposed to be manly and handsome but you are more beautiful than most women I know."

Ein frowned, not sure how he was supposed to answer that. "I'm sorry?"

"I'm not. I think I will enjoy looking at you for the next sixty years."

"Just sixty?"

"Well…" Radulfr finally moved, his hand cupping around the side of Ein's face. "I hope for more but we live in dangerous times. There's no telling what might happen to either of us. If we're lucky, we'll have many years together."

"I'd prefer it."

Radulfr grinned. "Me too."

Ein's breath caught in his throat when Radulfr leaned down and kissed him. This was only the second kiss he'd ever received in his life and it was just as earth shattering as the first one. Ein found it particularly interesting that they had both happened on the same day and came from the same man. That had to mean something.