Adult Excerpt
Imlay's Cure

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There was something akin to wonder in Livewire’s eyes as Imlay looked up at him. It was shadowed by need, a need Imlay could feel pressing against his thigh. Imlay reached down and gave the gentlest of pressure against the bulge raging behind Livewire’s gown.

“Can I?”

Livewire swallowed hard then nodded.

Imlay scooted down then lifted the fabric covering Livewire. His breath caught in his throat when he got his first real look at what Livewire had been hiding this entire time. “Damn!”


Imlay quickly glanced up. He could see the worry in Livewire’s grey eyes. “You didn’t mention you were hung like a horse.”

A slow smile started moving across Livewire’s lips. “You didn’t ask. You were always too busy running from me.”

“I’m not running anymore.”

“No,” Livewire whispered. “You’re not.”

Imlay looked back down at the more than impressive cock jutting up from Livewire’s groin. He licked his lips. “When you’re feeling up to it, I’d really like to get to know this guy a little better. For now…”

Imlay leaned forward and licked away the drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of Livewire’s cock. Livewire hissed and bucked. Imlay looked up, afraid he had done something wrong. Didn’t guys like blow jobs?


“Jes—don’t stop,” Livewire groaned. “Take all of it.”

Imlay blinked as he looked at the cock in his hands. He was supposed to swallow all of that? Was it even possible? When Livewire’s hands tangled in his hair, Imlay decided that if it wasn’t he’d find a way to make it possible.

He experimented at first, allowing just the head in his mouth. It wasn’t an easy fit. Livewire filled so much of his mouth. Imlay swiped his tongue along the edges of the head then up over the top when more drops of pre-cum shot out.

He was absently surprised at how good Livewire tasted. He was under the impression that cum tasted sour. It didn’t. He couldn’t quite place what it did taste like, but he liked it.

“More,” Livewire pleaded.

Imlay tried to breathe through his nose as he sucked more of the man’s cock into his mouth. If Livewire wanted him to take more, he’d give it his best shot. He swallowed hard and swallowed more and more until curly hairs tickled his nose.

Imlay blinked in shock. He’d taken all of Livewire. He had swallowed down all of the man’s massive cock. He must have done it right because Livewire was groaning, his lower body grinding up against Imlay.

Imlay started getting caught up in Livewire’s need. He sucked the cock in his mouth as he pulled back, letting his tongue work up the heavily veined sides. Livewire suddenly spread his legs. Imlay glanced up to find Livewire watching him. There was so much want and desire sparkling in the man’s grey eyes that Imlay paused for a moment to take it all in.

“Imlay, please,” Livewire whispered.

Imlay jerked, realizing that he had stopped moving. He kept his eyes locked with Livewire’s and sucked the man back into his mouth until he felt the man's cock hit the back of his throat.

“My balls,” Livewire begged, “touch my balls.”

Imlay arched an eyebrow.


Imlay reached down and grabbed Livewire’s balls, gently rolling them around in his hand. He started bobbing his head up and down on Livewire’s cock, moving faster and faster as he watched Livewire begin to pant. There seemed to be a direct connection to how fast he moved and how loud Livewire became.

He wanted the man to scream.

“I’m close, Imlay,” Livewire groaned. “Gods, I’m so close.”

Livewire’s legs bent as he drew his knees up, cradling Imlay between them. His hands moved down to cup Imlay’s face. “Let me fuck your mouth.”

Imlay climbed onto his knees and nodded, giving Livewire the go ahead. Livewire bucked up, his cock driving deep into Imlay’s mouth. Imlay gagged and pulled back a little until he could swallow again.

Livewire’s hands tightened in his hair. “Imlay,” panted heavily, “gonna…”

Imlay nodded his head that he understood then tightened his lips around the cock in his mouth. When Livewire bucked up, he dove down and started bobbing his head again, moving his mouth up and down the thick shaft.

Livewire suddenly stiffened, his body going taut as a bow string. “Imlay,” he roared as he came.

Imlay’s eyes widened as shot after shot of spunk filled his mouth. He swallowed down as much as he could then licked the sides of Livewire’s cock where some had escaped and trickled down.

Overwhelmed, Imlay scooted up and laid his head on Livewire’s abdomen. He didn’t remember that Livewire didn’t like touching until he felt the man’s fingers stroke through his hair.

Imlay glanced up to see a small smile on Livewire’s face. “My first blow job.”

“You’re very good at it.”

Imlay smiled and closed his eyes, resting his head on Livewire since the man didn’t seem to mind. Livewire had given him no indication that he should move, so he wasn’t going to. He liked it right where he was.

“You’re my mate, you know.”

“I know.” Imlay laid a soft kiss on Livewire belly. “You think I went this bonkers over a mechanic?”

Livewire smiled as he ran his hand over Imlay’s hair, making him sigh.