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Julia's Knight

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Caleb carried Julia, not to the bedroom she had been assigned, but to his own bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and then went to close the door. When he came back to the bed he laid down beside her and drew her back into his arms, cradling her head on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

"I will bring Robin home to you, Julia," he whispered into her hair as he listened to her uneven breathing. "I promise, mon bébé." He grabbed her chin and raised her face up to his. "Do you believe me?" he asked softly.

Julia looked into his moss colored eyes. Caleb felt like she was looking into his soul, looking to see if he was telling the truth. Did she believe him?

His breath caught in his throat when her small delicate hands came up to frame his face. She ran her fingers softly over his face starting with his forehead, down across his eyes, and over his high cheekbones.

Caleb felt his entire body tremble when she caressed his lips with her fingers several times before leaning in to replace her fingers with her velvety lips. Her kiss was so soft, just a touch of her lips on his. Caleb let Julia take the kiss where she wanted to, letting her take the lead.

The touch of her lips was a delicious sensation. It was a kiss as tender and light as a summer breeze. It sang through his veins. Raising his mouth from hers, he gazed into her eyes. He seemed to peering at her intently, as if he were looking for something in her eyes.

"Julia," he whispered before he moved his mouth over hers, his lips hard and searching, devouring her softness. "I need you," he whispered against her skin between kisses. When he spoke again his voice was tender, almost a murmur, "Do you want this, bébé?" he asked, a huskiness lingering in his voice.

"God, yes," she said in a voice that seem to come from a long way off.

Caleb looked her over, memorizing her figure. Every time his gaze met hers, her heart turned over in response. She was entranced by the silent sadness in his face.

"Caleb?" she whispered, a gentle softness in her voice.

"I wish you were mine," he said in a low, tormented voice. His deep longing lay naked in his eyes. Julia felt Caleb shutter as he drew in a deep breath. Julia’s whole being seemed to be filled with waiting as his trembling hands unbuttoned her blouse and pushed the edges to the side, his fingers icy, but the palms fiery hot. He eased the lacy cup of her bra aside, inhaling deeply when her breasts spilled forth. Beautiful pink nipples topped her lush full breasts.

Gently his hands outlined the circle of her breasts, his fingers tracing across her nipples. His touch was light and painfully arousing. Her nipples firmed instantly under his touch.

He pulled her clothes from her body until she lay before him in all her glory. The shapely beauty of her naked body taunting him until he let out a deep groan. The smoldering flame Julia saw in Caleb’s eyes startled her. No one had ever looked at her with such desire before, such need, in her life.

He leaned down, his lips teasing a taut dusky nipple before his tongue made a path down her ribs to her stomach. His hands explored the soft lines of her abdomen, her waist, the hollow of her hips.

The stroking of his hands sent pleasure jolts through Julia as his hands moved magically over her body followed closely by his lips as Caleb whispered his love for each part of her body. His ardor was surprisingly, touchingly, restrained. Julia writhed beneath Caleb, eager for each touch. "Oh, Caleb," she moaned as she wrapped her hands in his hai "I want to know if you taste as sweet as I think you will," Caleb whispered, his hands pulling her legs apart. He lay down between her thighs and lost no time exploring her flesh with his lips, his tongue. Julia was overwhelmed by Caleb’s enthusiasm...pure, carnal pleasure. Within seconds she was gasping his name, screaming in pleasure, as she came against his mouth.

Julia suddenly sat up, pushing Caleb’s jeans down his hips, his erect cock springing free. He yearned for her touch, yearned to feel her caress his aching length. She didn't disappoint him, wrapping one delicate hand around his cock wile their lips locked together once more, the other hand pulling his shirt free.

Caleb moved his hand between her thighs, his fingers pushing deeply inside of her, moaning at how wet she was. Julia arched her body, loving the feeling of her nipples rubbing against his chest hair. He kissed her neck, gently nipping her soft skin. She put her hands in his hair as she moaned, "Caleb, oh please, Caleb." He held her by the hips as he gently pushed his swollen cock into her. He filled her up and she moaned. He locked gazes with her as he pushed in and out of her slowly. Caleb wrapped her legs around his thighs. Julia began to tremble. He pushed harder and faster, almost frantic with his need.

"Caleb," she murmured quietly against his ear. "Caleb, oh god, I'm...gonna..."

"Give it to me, bébé. I want to feel you come around my cock," he groaned against her lips.

Julia panted at each thrust his hard cock made, her hips undulating against him. Caleb pulled at her legs, lifting her higher, impaling her with his throbbing cock while she cried out, her arms tightening around his neck.

Julia’s trembling body arched and she held onto him as convulsions of pure pleasure racked her body. Squeezing him hard deep inside of her she screamed his name as she came.