Story Excerpt
Julia's Knight

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Julia Spencer McKenzie watched out the window as the car she was in pulled into a long driveway. Her husband of two months, Samuel McKenzie, was driving them to a ranch in the countryside of Southern Oregon. It was about as far away from the bustling city of Boston, Massachusetts as she figured she could get.

Sam said that she would be safe here, safe from her father, Douglas Spencer, and Sam’s father, Arthur McKenzie. Sam’s father had tried to rape her a few hours ago. Sam had stopped him in time but not before he had beaten her black and blue. Arthur McKenzie did not take the word no very well. He had been very angry when she hadn’t gone along with his and Douglas’s plans for her.

Julia couldn’t believe what a mess her life was in. She was a newlywed married to a man in love with another man, pregnant with his child. Arthur and Douglas had both wanted her to agree to have sex with whomever they said, including Arthur. To top it all off, she was so nauseous she just might not make it all the way up the driveway.

Julia wiped a weary hand over her bruised face. Crazy acres, the damn ranch was called Crazy Acres. It couldn’t have been more perfect if she had tried. This whole situation was crazy.

Two months ago when her father had forced her to marry Sam, she never thought that she would be running for her life and that of her unborn child. Julia didn’t think things could get worse, but she had been wrong before.

Sam brought the car to a halt and turned off the ignition before turning to look over at Julia. "You okay, honey?"

Julia nodded, which made her wince. Her head ached much like the rest of her body. She just wanted to lay down and sleep—for an entire month.

Sam climbed out of the car and came around to help Julia out. Ethane Thomas, Sam’s lawyer climbed out of the back and grabbed their bags, following them into the house. Sam didn’t knock, just pushed the door open and started on in.

Julia saw several of the tallest men she had ever seen in her life jump to their feet rushing towards the door. She huddled into Sam’s embrace, afraid.

"Sshh, it’s okay. They won’t hurt you, I promise. These are my friends and they’re here to help us. Let’s just get you to a room where you can lay down and I will explain everything to them, okay?" Sam whispered into Julia’s ear and he led her away.

Julia nodded as she followed. She reached the bedroom door when a noise across the room suddenly made her look up and into the most incredible soft green eyes she had ever seen. They were breathtaking. Soft green eyes the color of summer grass. Julia had never seen that particular color in someone’s eyes before.

She looked beyond the eyes and saw that the rest of him went right along with the eyes. Everything about him was breathtaking. His short wavy hair was almost a blue black that caressed his face like a lover. His jaw was strong and square and his cheekbones were high elegant ridges. He had a generous mouth, an aquiline nose. There were touches of humor around his mouth and near his eyes.

Julia’s gaze slowly swept down his tall powerful body. He had to be at least six foot five and two hundred and eighty five pounds. Every inch of him was pure lean muscle. He had wide, strong shoulders that narrowed to an incredible six-pack abdomen wrapped in a white short sleeved shirt and lean hips encased in skintight blue jeans. His stance emphasized the force of his thighs and the strength of his legs. He was perfection and Julia wanted to wrap herself around him.

He seemed to be just as stunned as she was as he looked at her, his eyes staring into hers intently, eating her up. Julia was scared and aroused at the same time. She started to take a step towards him when Sam caught her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.

She looked into the room and then back at the man. He gave her a brief hopeful smile as he nodded to her. Julia returned his smile with a small one of her own and let Sam lead her into the room. Hopefully she would see him again.