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Just A Vampire

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"You may call me Luca."

Rowan's smile wobbled. "Rowan." No last names needed, not if he wanted to get away from tall, dark, and dangerous. And he wasn't sure he did.

"Yes, I know." The skin around Luca's eyes crinkled at the corners when he grinned. "I asked for your name the moment I saw you."

Rowan blinked in surprise. "Really?" That was bad. Stalkerish bad.

"I could not let you get away from me without knowing everything about you."

Wow! Obsess much? Rowan frowned. "Do you always stalk people you just met?"

"Just you, anamchara."

"Lucky me." This was all getting a little weird.

"No, anamchara, I am the lucky one, lucky that the gods have designed to grant me with such a beautiful gift."

Rowan tried not to shy away from the fingers that slid down the side of his face but it took all of his control. Things were getting weirder by the minute. He just wanted to go out and have a good time, maybe find someone to spend the night with. Rowan only had wham-bam-thank you sir in mind when he had headed out of his apartment. He hadn't meant to find a stalker.

Maybe it was time to go.

"Stay, anamchara," Lucas said as if reading Rowan's mind, which was unnerving in itself. "Let me kiss you."

Rowan swallowed hard as his eyes dropped to Luca's full lips. Maybe not. It wasn't like he had any other offers and what could one little kiss hurt? Because kissing Luca would be like kissing the hottest man he had ever seen in his life.

And then he could go.



"Okay," Rowan whispered.

He couldn't tear his eyes away from Luca's lips as the man leaned closer. He watched them until they faded from sight then looked up into Luca's dark eyes, inhaling sharply when he noticed that they had darkened even more. Different shades of deep red seemed to swirl around their murky depths, hypnotizing Rowan until he felt Luca's lips press against his—and then he moaned.

Kissing Luca sucked every last bit of air right out of Rowan’s lungs. His lips tingled as delight filled every cell in his body. Rowan groaned against Luca's lips and moved closer, pressing his body against the bigger man's.

He needed more.

When Luca's tongue stroked over his lips, Rowan eagerly opened his mouth and allowed the man inside. A sweet musky flavor blasted across his senses when their tongues met and tangled together. Rowan couldn't have prevented the soft mewling sound that left his mouth if his life depended on it.

His cock throbbed in his pants, threatening to break through his zipper in a need to get to Luca's. Rowan couldn't ever remember being so aroused in his life. It was almost more imperative than breathing to get closer to the man.

Rowan swung his leg over Luca's thighs and pushed himself up to straddle the man's lap. When he settled down and felt Luca's hard cock press up against him through their layers of clothing, Rowan's mind fragmented. He shuddered in delight when he felt fingernails trail down over his skin.

He started moving, pressing himself down on Luca's hard length. He thought he might have offended Luca when the man suddenly growled, until he felt Luca's hands grip his ass and push him down until they were grinding against each other.

"Please," Rowan whispered against Luca's lips. The noises around him faded. The strobe lights dulled as the golden colors swirling in Luca's eyes deepened. Nothing mattered but feeling Luca's body pressed against his as the man's lips devoured him.

"That’s it, mo anamchara." Rowan heard the words whispered in his mind but was too far gone to think about why he was hearing them.

Rowan cried out in ecstasy when he felt one of Luca's hands move around his body to press against his aching cock through his leather pants. They were so tight he could feel every single touch of Luca's fingers. His head fell back on his shoulders as he humped his hips, trying to create even more friction. He was so close to blowing he could almost taste it.

Rowan was so caught up in the pleasure racing through his body that he didn't even notice his pants being unbuttoned until the hot skin of Luca's bare hand wrapped around his cock. At the same moment, Luca's other hand slid down the back of his pants, the man's thick finger moving down between the crease of his ass to lightly flutter over Rowan's sensitive opening.

Rowan started keening low in his throat, the pleasure threatening to drown him. No one had ever touched him such a manner. No one had ever made him feel such ecstasy before. Rowan felt like he was going up in flames—and Luca was adding fuel to the fire with every soft touch.


"Yes, anamchara, that’s it." Rowan heard in his mind again. "Come for me. Show your master how much you like my hands on you, how much you like me touching you."

Luca's words inflamed Rowan. He'd revisit the master comment later, much later. He was too busy at the moment going out of his mind. Every exquisite sensation flowing through his body came together in one large sudden explosion. The feeling of Luca biting into his shoulder was all Rowan needed to fall over the edge into the abyss.

Rowan's soft cry of delight filled the VIP lounge just as his spunk filled Luca's hand. Spots danced in front of his eyes as his vision floated in and out of focus before finally fading to black. The last thing Rowan saw was the satisfied look on Luca's handsome face—and fangs?