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Just Bob

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I had never failed to get my mark.

Until now.


I shoved a hand through my hair. This was not going to look good on my record. Obviously, I couldn't kill Bob and keep my perfect record. And I couldn't let anyone else kill him either. It was the rest of it I wasn't sure about.

"You're here."

I blinked down at Bob in surprise. One, I was shocked that he remembered me. I thought I had blended in pretty well. Most people didn't remember me even when I was stupid enough to sit across from them and drink coffee.

I hadn't been able to resist after getting my first smell of my mate.

And two, I was shocked—and a bit intrigued...and maybe confused—that he seemed so happy to see me. If the smile crossing his plump little lips was anything to go by, he was practically ecstatic.

"I didn't think you'd come," Bob said.

He was expecting me?

"I'm here," I said because Bob seemed to waiting for me to say something.

My eyebrows rose when Bob reached for me.

Was I ready for this? I knew if I touched him, I would claim him and it would be the end of my life as I knew it. I would no longer have just myself to worry about. There would be someone else more important than me.

While most panthers didn't form familial bonds, those that found their mates did, and those bonds remained unbroken even in death. Once a mate was claimed, no other would do. Bob would become everything to me and I would protect him with my life.

"Please?" he whispered as he held out his arms.

Oh hell.

I stretched out beside Bob, pulling the man beneath me.

"You smell fucking fantastic, baby," I murmured as I rubbed my nose against the warm skin along Bob's throat. "Right here, you smell like heaven."

"N–No one's ever thought of me as heaven before," Bob whispered.

"I do." I started alternating between sniffing Bob's skin and licking it. Bob tasted as good as he smelled. I really did want to eat the little man up. I wanted to start at the top and lick my way down to the bottom.

And then maybe lick my way back up.

I gently edged Bob down onto his back and started pulling his cotton shirt up his stomach. I wanted more skin. When Bob's shirt was up around his armpits, I moved from the man's neck to his chest. I latched my lips onto one of Bob's dark-hued nipples.

The cry that fell from Bob's lips made my cock rock hard. Had anything ever sounded so erotic? I needed more skin.

"Arms up, baby," I said as I tugged the shirt up. I definitely needed more skin, preferably naked skin from head to toe. Once Bob lifted his arms, I whipped the shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor.

I started to reach for the hem of Bob's pajama bottoms when I noticed the lower lip caught between the man's pearly white teeth. I instantly stopped what I was doing and cupped the side of Bob's pale face.

"Bob, you're okay with this, aren't you?" I asked. My arousal took a nosedive at the nervousness displayed on Bob's face. "I'm afraid."

My eyebrows rose quickly. "of me?"

"No, of not being good enough." The pale skin quickly flushed.

"Bob, this isn't a contest. Just do what comes naturally."

Moving over to stand next to the side of the bed, I grabbed the legs of Bob's pajama pants and pulled them down his legs. For a man that was so damn short, he had some damn long legs. I could just imagine them wrapped around my waist as I pounded into the man.


I could feel Bob watching me as I stripped my clothes off. I slowed down, taking my time. I was horny as hell and just wanted to get to the claiming part of things, but knowing Bob was watching me made me want to put on a little show for him. I knew I was good physical shape, but approval from my mate meant the world to me.

Once I was naked—and Bob was panting from watching me—I climbed up on the end of the bed between Bob's legs. I stroked my hand down one of Bob's legs, awed at how smooth it was. The smooth skin covering Bob's cock and balls was a work of art.

I pushed myself up Bob's body until I reached the hard cock jutting out from Bob's shaved groin. I grabbed Bob's thighs and pushed them up so I could get a better angle then made one long lick with my tongue from Bob's perineum to the top of his cock.

"Oh, oh...!" Bob shouted as he thrust his hips into the air.

The man really did taste fantastic. I could lick Bob all day long and be a very happy panther. I used my tongue to bathe Bob's body, moving back and forth between his ass and his cock.

After a few moments, I licked my fingers then started applying pressure, slowly inserting them into Bob's ass, one at a time. By the time Bob was humping into the air, his head thrashing about on the bed, I was about ready to explode.

I couldn't for the life of me understand how Bob was single. He was the most responsive man I had ever met. I knew exactly when I hit a sensitive spot and when I didn't. Bob's cries and moans, and the shivers that racked his body, told me everything.

Bob was a dream.