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Love, Always, Promise

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As often as he had fantasized about it, he had never actually given anyone a blow job before. He just hoped he could do the wonderful cock in his mouth justice. He didn’t want to fail Jace in any way.

            Wrapping his lips around the top, he ran his tongue over the top again before sucking Jace’s entire length into his mouth, gagging just a bit when the head hit the back of his throat. Readjusting, he moved back a little, working Jace into his mouth a little at a time.

            He continued this even as his hands moved down to gently squeeze Jace’s silky sac, massaging the two round balls in his hand. He was overjoyed when he heard Jace groaning, hoping that he was bringing him as much pleasure as he was getting.

            Just having Jace in his bed was better than any hand job he had ever given himself. If he enjoyed it this much, he wondered how he could possibly survive what he hoped was to come during the rest of the night.

            “Come here, sweetness,” Jace whispered as he reached for him. Ethan was all too eager to comply. Letting Jace’s cock plop from his mouth, he climbed up Jace’s body until he was settled over to the top of him, a leg on either side of his hips.

            “Wasn’t I doing it right?” Ethan asked anxiously.

            “Oh, sweetness, you were doing it exactly right. But if you had kept on doing it, I wouldn’t be able to get a piece of this sweet ass of yours. You have me too close to coming,” Jace grinned as he slapped Ethan on the ass.

            “Oh,” Ethan said, feeling his face heat up once again at Jace’s praise. With a wicked little smile, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube out of the drawer handing it to Jace.

            “We may need this,” he giggled.

            “I think we’re definitely going to need this,” Jace said as he pushed Ethan over onto his back. “Now, lift your legs, sweetness, and don’t let go until I tell you to.”

            Ethan quickly grabbed his legs and pulled them up to his chest, a little embarrassed to have his nether regions on display but his embarrassment fled the moment Jace pushed a lubed finger deep into his ass. Damn, that felt good.

            “Fuck, sweetness, you’re so tight,” Jace groaned as he pushed in a second finger and began moving the two carefully around the edge, stretching him as much as he could before inserting a third finger. “You’re going to feel so good when I fill you with my cock.”

            Just the thought of what Jace was saying brought Ethan closer to coming. He could feel his balls drawing up tight against his body, his cock leaking pre-cum like a faucet. “Jace, I’m so close. I want to feel you in me when I come,” he said as he pushed his hips back against Jace’s fingers.

            “Sweetness, I don’t think you’re ready yet. I need to stretch you out just a little more so that I don’t hurt you.”

            “Please, Jace?” Ethan pleaded.

            He could feel Jace’s eyes on him for several moments before he pulled his fingers free. A moment later, he felt the hard press of Jace’s cock against his entrance. He held his breath and tried to relax as much as he could as Jace slowly sank into him. There was a small pinch of pain, but the moment Jace’s body was pressed up against his, Ethan didn’t feel anything except pleasure.

            Enjoying the feeling of being claimed by his mate for the first time, Ethan was unprepared for the intense pleasure that shot through his body when Jace pulled back, the head of his cock brushing against his prostate.

            Hi cried out, rocking back and forth on Jace’s cock as fast as he could, trying to find that spot again. “Jace, fuck, do that again,” he whimpered.

            Jace chuckled, his hands grabbing onto Ethan’s hips, holding him still. “Just let me do the work, sweetness. You keep those legs of yours up next to your chest. I’ll take care of the rest.”

            Ethan nodded. His eyes drifted closed as Jace started moving, his large cock pegging his sweet spot with every deep thrust. Ethan knew he was close, oh, so close. He just needed a bit more to throw him over the top.

            He let go of one leg and reached for his cock, wanting to stroke it, only to have Jace slap his hand away. He looked up at him in surprise.

            “Uh uh, no touching,” Jace commanded.

            Ethan pressed his head back into the pillow as he groaned. “Jace, please, I’m so close.”

            Jace chuckled as he leaned down over Ethan, his body settling between his legs. His face was just inches from Ethan’s as he gazed down at him. Ethan could feel every press of his body against his, every deep thrust of his cock into his ass.

            “Oh God, Jace, harder,” he begged as he dropped his legs and wrapped them around Jace’s waist. His hands moved up to encircle Jace’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss. As he did, Jace’s body pressed against his, trapping Ethan’s hard cock between them.

            Every time Jace thrust his hips forward, Ethan’s cock rubbed through the soft hair on Jace’s abdomen. Between that wonderful stimulation, the pressure of Jace’s body pressing on his cock, and the feeling of his full cock in his ass, Ethan was lost.

            “Jace, Jace, oh, oh, ooohhh,” he cried out as he felt his cock thicken then erupt. Just as Ethan climaxed, Jace leaned forward and sank his canines into the soft skin on Ethan’s neck, his hips moving wildly into him.

            The world around Ethan faded away to be replaced with the man in his arms. Nothing outside of the two of them existed. Ethan’s body was so sensitized, every movement of Jace’s body against his, inside of him, threw him higher into his orgasm, until the world went black around him.