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Love Sexy

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"Yes, dick head. His name is Mick Red. You know, Mick Red… Dick Head… pretty much the same thing. Besides, I had to call him something." Love stroked his hands over the broad chest in front of him and gazed up at the tall muscular man. "So, what should I call you? Delicious comes immediately to mind."

Love watched the stunned expression on the man in front of him with amusement. He would bet his mother's purple poodle that no one had ever talked to the powerful man in such a manner. And yes, the damn poodle was purple. Love's mother had a sense of humor and a dye kit.

He knew the man standing in front of him was strong, powerful, and dominant. Love could feel it in the tingling of his skin. He could see it in every tight muscle, every thick limb. Love wondered just how powerful the large man was.

Love hoped that the sexy man was top material. He loved strong possessive tops. While they were very high maintenance, they were also very domineering. Love liked feeling that he belonged to someone and it had been a long time since he'd felt that way.

"Delicious sounds pretty good, but can you back up what comes out of that pretty little mouth of yours?" Logan asked. His arms wrapped around Love's waist and pulled him tight up against his body.

Oh yes, the big man wanted to play. Love allowed softer lines to take over his body as he leaned into the man. He could feel the heat of arousal roll off him. It warmed Love like nothing ever had.

"I would never say anything I couldn't back up, sexy," Love purred. He laid his hand on the man's wide chest, groaning softly at the hard muscles he felt through the black cotton shirt he wore.


"Huh?" Love said as he glanced up into the deepest golden eyes he ever encountered. They were pure amber in color, mesmerizing. Love could drown in their deep shimmering depths.

"My name is Logan," the man said. "Logan Stone."

Love laughed. "I prefer sexy."

Love heard a small growl come from Logan as he leaned down and inhaled the scent at Love's neck. Logan's breath blew against Love's neck then rubbed his head against him. Love giggled and dipped his head. "That tickles."

"Does it? Are you ticklish anywhere else?"

Love tipped his head back and sent Logan his sexiest lust filled look. "I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise." Love giggled again when Logan's golden eyes darkened and he growled low in his throat. "So, tell me," Love drawled, "what's a big bad sexy toppy man like you doing at a party like this?"

"Hunting." Logan grinned. "What else?"

Love chuckled. "I think you found what you're hunting for."

He watched, fascinated, as one dark eyebrow on Logan's face shot up. "Are you sure of that?"


"It could be just a simple adrenaline rush," Logan countered, grinning. "We did just go through a dangerous situation."

"Pheromones and all that?" Love asked. "In that case, you shouldn't mind if I go home with someone else, should you?"

Love pushed himself away from the large man and started to turn away. As hands reached for him and lifted him off the ground, Love let out a loud laugh. He was gently tossed over Logan's shoulder, one hand wrapping around his waist, the other slapping him on the ass.

"You're not going home with anyone except me ever again," Logan growled as he carried Love through the crowd towards the edge of one of the buildings. Love nearly came in his pants when he felt Logan's large hands caress his ass through his jeans.

He couldn't wait to get rid of his jeans and feel those hands against his bare skin. Hell, he couldn't wait to feel all of Logan against his bare skin. As big as Logan was, Love had no doubt that he could cover his smaller body from head to toe, and then some.

Love yelped in surprise as he was suddenly lowered to the ground. He barely had time to steady himself on his feet before hands were pulling at his clothes. Within moments, Love found himself standing before Logan naked as the day he was born.

The low rough rumble emanating from Logan told Love that the man liked what he saw. It vibrated through Love's body, energizing him, arousing him. He looked up into Logan's eyes and his breath caught in his throat.

Logan's amber eyes had gone deep golden brown. His lip curled back showing off his perfect white teeth. But it was the savage snarl on Logan's face as he gazed down at his naked body that really set Love off.

Love held his arms out to his sides. "If you plan on just staring at me this relationship is going to take more work than I thought."

The moment the words were out of Love's mouth he wished he could take them back. Logan's eyes flashed to his as a slow wicked grin crossed his lips. Some intuitive gut feeling told Love that he had just become the prey to a Logan.

Going purely on instinct, Love turned and ran. He didn't get two steps before two large arms encircled him from behind and pulled him back against Logan's hard body. Love's felt a shudder shoot through his body as long teeth scrapped across the back of his neck.

"Logan," Love groaned. "That is so fucking hot!"

His hands moved back behind his head to wrap around Logan's neck. He tilted his head to one side giving Logan unobstructed access to the side of his throat. It was a submissive gesture. Love knew that but he was helpless to stop it. Something in him demanded that he submit. Love could no more deny that powerful demand then he could have stopped breathing.

Long fingers encircled Love's hard cock, stroking him furiously just as sharp teeth bit into the soft flesh between his neck and shoulder. Shock rocked through him as he realized Logan bit him but he still cried out as the combination of pleasure and pain overwhelmed him.

A thick thigh moved between Love's legs and pressed tightly against him from behind. Small keening sounds escaped from his lips. Every touch of Logan's hands and body against his was like a burning flame. Love wanted to be consumed. He wanted to burn for Logan.

His hands clenched in Logan's sunlight blond hair, pulling at the long locks in desperation. He could feel Logan sucking on his neck, marking him, claiming him, but he needed more. He needed…he needed…

"Logan!" Love begged. "Fuck me!"