Story Excerpt
Love Sexy

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"Someone stole my tail again," Love Star grumbled as he flopped down in the seat across from where his friends sat. He crossed his arms over his chest and stuck his lower lip out. He was pissed. That was the third time this week that someone had taken his tail.

He liked that tail too. It was one of his favorite—long and black and it had just the right amount of swing in it to match the sway of his hips. Love had spent hours in front of his full length mirror perfecting the sway of his hips until he had it just right.

"Have you ever thought of not wearing a tail, Love?" Matt asked.

Love rolled his eyes. "Oh please, I would look ridiculous without my tail."

"Well," Matt said as he waved his hand toward Love's butt, "if you won't leave the tail at home, you have to expect people to try and take it."

"Why can't they just leave it alone?" Love asked.

"Love, you don't want them to leave it alone, remember?" Drea smirked. "That’s why you started wearing the ears and tail in the first place."

"I wanted them to look, not take."

"Maybe you should attach the tail to your pants then."

Love rolled his eyes. "Really?"

Drea chuckled. "I'm just saying, Love. If you don't want people to steal your tail then you need to secure it to your ass a little better."

"It would just be better if it was real," Love grumbled, "and then no one could steal it from me. I could bite them if they tried."

"Yeah, I don't see that happening anytime soon, Love."

"It could happen!" Love insisted, frowning at Matt. Neither of his friends seemed to understand the fascination Love had for all things wolf. And Love wasn't sure he wanted them to know. It was a little weird and a lot obsessive.

"Hey, I have a great idea," Matt said. "My family is having this little get together later tonight back at the house. There's going be food, dancing, everything. Do you want to go?"

Love glanced around the bar. It was supposed to be a happening place only nothing was happening. He was bored out of his mind. Anything had to be better than hanging out in a bar that was almost empty. The place was dead.

"Sure," Love said, "I'm in."

Love reached up and checked the placement of the black furry wolf ears on the top of his head. Satisfied that they were right where they were supposed to be, he held out his hand. A lollipop was slapped into his hand, a deep chuckle coming from Drea.

Love ripped off the wrapping and shoved the sweet tasting treat into his mouth. The fruity flavor of cherry exploded across Love's tongue. He groaned and closed his eyes, loving the taste and the texture of the little round lollipop in his mouth.

"Damn, boy," crooned a voice right over Love's shoulder, "I'll bet you'd moan just as loud with something else in your mouth."

Love didn't even open his eyes. He was enjoying his lollipop too much. He just held up his hand and lifted his middle finger.

"Is that an invitation, boy?"

Love opened his eyes and looked across the table at Drea and Matt. He rolled his eyes then plastered a sexy little smile on his face. Turning in his seat, he peered up at the man standing beside his chair.

The tight leather pants really did nothing for the man. Neither did the black leather vest, which was the only covering the man had on the upper half of his body. Love knew the man thought he was drop dead gorgeous but he didn't have a tail or ears which put him at the bottom of Love's attraction list.

"I don't know. Can you give me what I want?"

"The name is Mick Red." The man palmed his crotch. "And I have more than enough to give you exactly what you want."

Love seriously doubted it. "Then show me your tail."

"My what?"

"No tail?" Love pouted. "Ah, too bad. How about some ears then. Personally, I prefer black furry ears but I suppose any type of cat ears would do."

A disgusted look came over the man's less than handsome face. "Are you one of those guys that like to fuck animals?"

"No, which is why I won't be fucking you."

Satisfied that he had said his peace, Love stuck the lollipop back into his mouth and turned around in his seat. This guy, whoever he was, didn't hold any interest for him. He liked dominant men but he liked ones that were naturally dominant. Not ones that had to prove it to other people.

"You little freak!"

Love had just enough time to process the angry words before the man's hands landed on his shoulder. Love cringed and yelped as he was yanked out of his seat. He dropped his lollipop on the floor as he was tossed across the floor.

Love skidded to a stop several feet away. He shook his head to clear it then pushed himself up. His eyes widened when he looked back across the floor and saw his friends attacking the man in leather. He chuckled when the man dropped to his knees under the assault.

Go them!

Love checked to make sure his ears were still perched on his head then jumped to his feet and raced back across the room. He hopped onto the man's back and started pulling on his hair. He had the deep satisfaction of hearing the man grunt in pain right before someone grabbed his and tore him away.

"Hey!" Love shouted.

"That’s enough!" a rather large man shouted.

Love glared up into the face of the big blond haired man that held him. He stuck out his lower lip and pointing to the man on the floor. "He started it!"

"I don't care who started it," the man growled as he set Love on his feet. "I'm stopping it."

Love realized that he had to crane his neck back to look up into the man's face. While that wasn't unusual for him, he didn't like the way it made his ears start to slip off his head. Love growled and kicked the man in the shin.

"Ouch!" the man shouted as he grabbed his shin and started hopping around. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"You made my ears slip."


"Ears? What ears?"

Love glared. He reached up and repositioned his ears on the top of his head. By the time he was done, the man had stopped hoping, which was good because a man as big as he was shouldn't be hopping. It just made him look odd. He was still glaring at Love as he rubbed his shin, though.

"You're fucking nuts."

Love stuck his tongue out at the man. He wished he had his tail as he turned and flounced away. It would have made his exit more memorable. As it was, Love had to make do with swaying his hips enough to get a few whistles and one smack on his ass as he walked out the front door.

Love realized he had left the building without his friends the moment the door closed behind him. He rolled his eyes, wishing he could gain control of his temper. It was a battle he'd been fighting since he was in diapers. It was a losing battle.

Love walked over to the car he'd ridden in with his friends and leaned back against the hood. He would have to wait until his friends come out of the bar before he could leave. Matt had the keys. Worse yet, Matt had all his lollipops.