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Man in the Middle

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Just beyond the edge of the moonlight he could see a pair of glowing golden eyes staring intently at him and Taylor. It sent a tingle of excitement down his back to know Chase watched them.

He loved giving Chase a show, but Justin wished the man would join them. Gods, how he wished Chase would join them. Justin had never been with two men at the same time before, but he was pretty positive he would be able to handle the two.

The moment Taylor's tongue stroked across his quivering hole, Justin forgot all about their audience and centered on the sensations igniting in his body into flames. Taylor knew how to play his body like a master, just what part to touch or caress, what noise to make, everything to send Justin right out of his mind and over to edge into insanity.

When Taylor's hand lightly gripped his ball sac, Justin groaned out his pleasure. The noises escaping his mouth grew louder as his balls were gently massaged in the palm of Taylor’s skillful hand.

They reached a fever pitch when Taylor grabbed his cock and stroked it. Justin couldn't keep from pushing himself in and out of Taylor's tight grip, fucking the man’s tight fingers with enthusiasm.

Justin curled his fingers into the couch cushions with a tight grip to keep from reaching for Taylor and demanding that the man fuck him silly. He knew that they were trying to entice Chase, to give him a good show but damn, he wanted to feel Taylor's thick cock in his ass. He wanted the man to let go and show him just how talented a lover Taylor truly was.

And Taylor was talented as hell. He always left Justin a satiated, boneless mess when they had sex. But this had to be slow, seductive, and enticing. Justin wanted to scream he was so damn revved up and raring to go.

Justin jerked a little when the tongue in his ass was replaced by two lubed fingers. He hadn't even heard Taylor slick them up.

"Easy, baby," Taylor said softly as he started moving his fingers in and out of Justin's ass.

"Cold." Justin chuckled.

"It'll warm up in just a moment."

Justin nodded, too far gone to complete a sentence at that point. He loved feeling Taylor in his body, either his fingers or his dick. Justin was a bottom boy through and through and he knew it.

While he'd tried topping Taylor a few times, he was a dismal failure. He really preferred the bottom. He liked Taylor’s thick cock in his ass, making him go crazy as his lover fucked him into unconsciousness. The man was a god when it came to sex and he loved having his ass pounded. Being on the bottom was somewhere Justin loved to be.

It also sent him over the edge faster than almost anything. Justin got off faster from the feel of a cock in his ass than he did from a blow job or a hand. There was nothing in the world like the feeling of a good hard shaft sinking into his ass.

Even now Justin could feel himself getting close to a mind blowing orgasm. Luckily, Taylor had experience with his quick trigger. Justin felt a third finger enter his ass and quickly stretch him out. A moment later, they slid free and Taylor grabbed Justin's hips.

Justin bit his lip in eager anticipation.

"Ready for me, honey?"

"Fuck, yes!" Justin shouted as he felt the bulbous head of Taylor's cock press against his puckered and well lubed entrance. There was a slight burn as Taylor pushed forward. Not enough to hurt, just enough for Justin to feel every inch of Taylor's glorious cock pushing into him inch by slow inch.

Justin shuddered as he felt Taylor bottom out. He knew without looking what Taylor would look like in that moment. He always paused for a moment once he was balls deep into Justin's ass, almost as if he needed to savor the connection. His hands gripped Justin's hips and his head would be arched back as he let out a long groan of pleasure.

Justin gloried in the fact that he had that effect on his lover. It stroked his ego and heightened his eagerness up a notch to be fucked.

Justin gripped the couch tighter and just waited, knowing what would come next. He was right. Suddenly, without warning, Taylor began a quick series of thrusts that nailed Justin's kill zone every damn time the man pulled back. Taylor's cock seemed to have a GPS for that particular spot. He knew right where it was and went after it with enthusiasm.

Justin cried out loudly as his orgasm suddenly swept over him in a tidal wave of electric currents and crashed against his balls and cock. His legs trembled violently and almost collapsed under him. Only Taylor's grip on his hips kept him from falling to the floor as his cock erupted and ropes of pearly white cream shot out all over the side of the couch, the floor, and anywhere else it landed as Taylor plunged deep inside of him, drawing his orgasm out like an experienced lover would. Justin pushed to the balls of his feet as his nuts emptied and Taylor crooned softly behind him.

Taylor continued to drive into his pulsating hole, his thrusts becoming slower and longer. He pulled out until just the head of his cock remained in Justin's ass, and then pushed all the way in until he couldn't fit anymore in.

Justin was shaky and jerky, but grinned when Taylor's fingers dug into his hips. He sucked in his lower lip, biting down on it as he squeezed his ass muscles around Taylor's cock. Taylor thrust into Justin a couple of more times and then froze, as his body stiffened and his loud groan echoed throughout the room.

Justin curled his fingers into the couch as his ass was filled with Taylor's hot cum. He felt warmed from the inside out, and warn out. Taylor could be very… aggressive in the sack, or over the side of the couch. All Justin wanted to do now was curl up with his lover and go to sleep.